Two 20th Anniversary 1986 Oldsmobile Toronados!

It’s still hard for me to believe that the mid-1980s was three and a half decades ago. Some of you weren’t born yet and some of you may have been thinking about retiring around that time. The mid-80s is when Oldsmobile brought out their fourth-generation Toronado and the eBay auction found here is for not one but two 1986 Oldsmobile Toronados. These aren’t just regular Toronados, they’re both 20th Anniversary special edition cars. They’re located in New Castle, Pennsylvania and there is a buy-it-now price of $3,500 for both cars or you can make an offer!

Two Toronado special edition cars for $3,500 or offer?! For anyone lamenting that there aren’t any deals out there anymore, here you go. I admit that the fourth-gen Toronado is a car that doesn’t have a huge following among classic car fans, but they’re really interesting cars. They may not be what most of us think of when we think of a Toronado, but they were the first of the breed to be unibody construction and the first in 17 years to have hidden headlights, not to mention the first to use a transverse-mounted V6 engine. In reality, none of those things will help to sway classic car lovers into even remotely caring about the fourth-generation Toronado if they aren’t already on board.

The storage conditions here are really unfortunate, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such nice cars stored so poorly. For $1,275, buyers could get the 20th Anniversary package for their 1986 Toronados. It consisted of a jeweled ignition key, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with a 20th Anniversary emblem on the horn button, and other things, but no power upgrades were available. The seller says that they have only one title and it’s for the car that his uncle bought new – the other car doesn’t have one. The seller is apparently the nephew of the original owner, his uncle, who has unfortunately passed away. He says that they have keys for both cars but these Toronados have been sitting for years, as you can tell from the photos, so they don’t know the mechanical condition at all.

They mention that there doesn’t appear to be any rodent damage or infestation which is good news. Even though the 1986 to 1992 Toronado – the last generation – was 18-inches shorter and 500-pounds lighter than the previous generation cars, they were still luxurious. Both cars have good looking interiors, for the most part, other than what looks like some mildew. There are also some odd and scary things happening with the headliner, or headliners. I’m not quite sure which car is which from the photos because they’re both exactly the same.

The seller doesn’t know the mileage of either car and they don’t know if either of them runs. The engine is a transverse-mounted 231 cubic-inch Buick V6 with 140 hp and 200 ft-lb of torque. The new Toronado for 1986 was a second faster from 0-60 than the previous year Toronado was. For the record, Hagerty is at $7,920 for a #4 fair condition 1986 Olds Toronado, as in for each one! I don’t think these are even remotely in fair condition because they haven’t been started in years, but for the seller’s asking price it seems like a reasonable gamble for anyone who is into special edition cars and is a fourth-gen Toronado fan. Any thoughts on these Toronados? Good buy or good-bye?


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  1. Andrew M Pappas

    I like the tufted a pillars.

    I always felt that Oldsmobile was Gene Roddenberry’s inspiration when styling the interior of the Enterprise “D”

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  2. BarnfindyCollins

    That engine compartment looks like a biohazard zone of rodent urine and droppings. It’s a shame as they were decent cars. Not my father’s Oldsmobile.

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    • Walter

      First thought: Tyvek suit and breathing apparatus. Two parts cars period.

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  3. Keith

    “For the record, Hagerty is at $7,920 for a #4 fair condition 1986 Olds Toronado”

    Seriously? Find me that guy, with cash in hand. I dare you.

    A couple months ago I looked at an ’86 Toronado, with just shy of 100K miles, and a dented hood, good condition otherwise (garage-kept car and all that). I was considering it as basic transportation for a younger member of the family. Seller wanted $1000, I was at $750. We couldn’t get it done.

    Several weeks later said car turned up in a local junkyard, much to my dismay. But as much as I was disappointed to see it there, it wasn’t as though the world had lost a rare treasure, just a better-than-average example of something that was never very common.

    The only way that one would have been worth $7,920 was if there’d been $7,000 cash in the glovebox.

    Even a Trofeo in flawless condition, with low miles, the right color scheme, etc… if I had such a car and wanted to sell it, I’d expect to ask $5K and get $4K. Nice enough cars, but they’re just not there (and I’m in the camp that actually *likes* them).

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  4. Michael Dawson

    From a cursory glance at the corrosion in the engine compartment, the “ruffled” headliner/A pillar trim, and the appearance of the building, I’d say these cars sat in a highly damp environment for a very long time. I bet those interiors smell quite bad! These might be a good buy ONLY if one could rid the soft trim of odors.

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  5. Kelly Waldrop

    My father bought one new. 24 grand. He did the up keep on but
    passed away and brother got it. Now in a junk yard.

  6. chrlsful

    2.3 motor? not turboed?
    The 3.8 fit? I hear they R durable…
    heavy smoker? mold? 2, 3 daze in the sun, windows opened – all ways made’em sale-able 4 me…

    • Ralph

      The 231 is a 3.8 V6.

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  7. DN

    If the engine compartment looks like THAT, I would be afraid to see what shape the undercarriage is in

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  8. Bobby Longshot

    Yeah they are moldy, but you get twice as much mold with two of them!

    With a ton of elbow grease and not too much money, one could probably make at least one nice car out of these. It’s a fair deal, these days.

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  9. ShaneH Shane Michael Hiers

    I remember selling the central power supply for these e bodies at the dealer all the time… part number if I remember right 16048406..if not pretty close. I was at a Buick dealer in omaha.
    I still love these cars!

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  10. Andrew Franks Member

    The cars I’m sorry to say, vague descendents of their prior manifestations, I
    know, I have a 1966 and it’s still a monster car, these will never reflect the funds invested in them except to make an interesting ride. And yes, the interiors are wonderful. And I think Hagerty’s values aren’t realistic in this case.
    Happy Holidays to Barn Finders

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  11. mark houseman

    ….and this is why Oldsmobile is gone forever…..coming from a person who’s owned thirty eight 1966-70 Tornado’s…..

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  12. Steve

    I like these cars, anything with hide away headlights is cool. These two however, are garbage.

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  13. YooperMike

    Please note that it comes with the two quart sized ash trays.

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