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Two For One: 1962 and 1965 Jeep FC170

Two, two, two Jeeps in one! The only thing better than one Jeep Forward Control would be having two of them and that’s exactly what this seller has listed here on eBay: a 1962 and a 1965 Jeep FC170. They’re located in Morristown, Tennessee and the current bid price is just over $2,300.

If there’s a cooler and more interesting pickup shape than having the cab as far forward as possible I can’t think of it. Throw out a few and let’s chat about what you think the most unusual pickups are. There are similar designs such as the Dodge A100, Ford’s Econoline forward-control pickups, and Corvair even had a great pickup with this configuration that had a ramp on the side for loading.

These trucks are both FC170 pickups which look humongous compared to the FC150 Jeeps that were the first to come out in this configuration. The FC170 has a 103-inch wheelbase and a 108-inch bed length. I know, crazy. As a comparison, the FC150 had a mere 81-inch wheelbase. The gold truck looks like it’s in nice condition whereas the green one needs more work.

I’m surprised at how good the interior looks on the gold truck. They mention that the gold truck which is listed as a 1965 actually VINs out to be a 1964 but the title says 1965. With our messed up DMV system here in Minnesota I can easily see how that could happen and hopefully it isn’t a problem for the next owner. I can’t imagine that it would be.

The engine should be a Super Hurricane 226 cubic-inch inline-six which would have had around 105 hp. The seller says that it runs and drives but there’s a knock when it’s under load. Any ideas?

The green truck is for parts they say. The engine had no spark plugs when they got it which isn’t a good sign. There’s more rust and it’s generally rougher but it would be nice to have a parts truck if a person had the room for one. Could any of you use one or two FC170s? What would you pay for both of these trucks?


  1. Howard A Member

    Here’s another great submission by BF’s greatest author, yeah, I’m partial to Scotty’s posts, but for good reason, “THEY’RE GRRRREAT” ( in my best Tony the Tiger voice) This can’t be right, FC’s are so rare, and at this price, 21 bids and going up in $25 dollar increments, means nobody really wants these, and that’s a shame. Probably the most unusual 4×4 created, but were perfect for plowing with their “cabover” styling. Brooks Stevens even admitted, he got the idea from bigger trucks. And as with any plow truck, they rusted terribly, to the point of the cabs falling off. Fact is, I don’t remember a FC that wasn’t rusted to pieces. You generally just don’t see FC’s north of the Mason-Dixon line.( and why would you have one south of that line?) They were a chore to drive, and wouldn’t want to go any farther than a long driveway with one, but an unusual find, for sure.

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    • CapNemo

      Nice response, Howard! I love these things and have two in my collection. I wonder if a loose wristpin isn’t the cause of noise here, I’d have to hear it up close and in person. Best wishes!

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Howard, thanks much, that’s nice to hear! Like most internet-based enterprises, we rarely if ever hear compliments, but boy do we hear it when we make errors and honest mistakes. Thanks for taking the time to say that, it’s super nice of you, sir.

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      • DLM Member

        I agree with Howard, you are my favorite writer! I joined Barn Finds for the pure pleasure of the “find”! Don’t sweat the errors and mistakes, keep it coming!
        Dave M

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    • PaulG

      Up to 6K w/ 4 days to go. They’re getting there.
      I too enjoy Scotty’s work!

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    • DougB

      I love these, too, and secretly still hold out hope that Jeep will finally build a production version of the FC Mighty concept.

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  2. local_sheriff

    It’s such a cool feature that the unmistakingly Jeep face is present even on this boxy unusual design. Love them and hoping at least one will have a second lease of life

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  3. Dave

    Knock under load is usually pre ignition or piston slap…usually. The gold one looks good enough to invest in and restore. If you had the room and time a frame off restoration is worthwhile.

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  4. Dave

    Elizabeth Auto Sales has a Corvair pickup that needs restoration and there’s a Greenbriar van for sale on Ohio Route 14 a few miles west of the Pennsylvania line.

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  5. Tom Henderson

    Vehicle production starts in July for the upcoming year, so a 1964 VIN would actually be a 1965 car on the title 50% or the time. Nowadays the 4 digit production date is on the door tag VIN sticker so you know which fiscal year it was built.

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  6. Redwagon

    Do I need 2 of these? No. Of course I don’t. Heck I don’t even need one.

    But don’t ask me if I want one. ;-0

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  7. Brian Snyder

    I don’t click on every Barn Find story, only the vehicles that interest me. Nine times out of ten I discover the article that interests me was written by Scotty. I admit I don’t have the average car interests that others in the hobby have, and I appreciate knowing that even if I’m in a minority, I’m not alone.

    It only follows that the pickups I like are oddballs too, like the Jeep FC, especially the 170 with the longer bed. I could also go for a VW single cab pickup, T1, T2, or T3, the Corvair Rampside, or the Dodge A100 pickup. Or the Fargo version since I’m in Canada, if there was a Fargo version of the pickup. Anyone know? I did drive a Fargo A100 van in my younger days.

    Thank you Scotty, and keep the oddball, marginalized, and maligned vehicles coming, especially the microcars. And thanks Josh for joining in a few days ago with the Yugo.

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  8. emeltz Member

    I’ve had a few of these over the years, both FC150s and FC170s. Plowing with them is a workout with no power – armstrong – steering, manual transmission, and all the weight over the front wheels turning in tight spots is all muscle. And make sure the counterweight is still in back on the FC150 with a plow up front! Fun trucks for local driving and cruise nights but no mistaking they come from an era long gone when trucks were meant to work and not much else.

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  9. chrlsful

    FC not alota fun 2 drive (leg rm, beats U up as ur over the wheels/axel). Made 4 short turn radius.
    Pull the plow equp’n put on the gold, find SWB bed’n shorten.

    When these were bout 10 y/o a bud had 1. The gas tank must B a rust issue cuz he put an alu beer keg on the side for a tank. He could do the nose stands & pulled that s4!+ to show off.

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  10. Dan B.

    Awesome pair of FCs. The lucky buyer might consider heading over to OldWillysForum. Great, helpful group over there.

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  11. TimM

    You got to love this truck it is quirky and a really cool design I might be a player on one of these!!!!

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  12. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: these FC170s sold for $7,100!

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