Two for One Mopars: 1952 Plymouth Concord, Chrysler 5th Avenue

Somehow it seems that Plymouth, Chrysler, and Dodge, made a myriad or cars all similar but different, and I will say I am always surprised by the Mopars that turn up for sale like this ’52 Concord. Stored in a West Virginia barn for an undetermined amount of time, it is clear this Plymouth hasn’t been driven in quite a while. With two doors, and a cheap bid price, this Concord is being sold off with a Chrysler 5th Avenue making this a two for one package. With little time remaining, bidding has reached $623.00. Take a look at them here on eBay out of Charleston, West Virginia.

Despite the homely appearance, the seller has apparently cleaned out the interior, and evicted the mice that once lived in this old Plymouth. The interior isn’t too rough, but certainly needs some cleaning and attention. Much of the hardware is still in place, and the keys are still in the ignition. There are no pictures of the drive train, but I assume this car to have been a runner when parked.

Although this is a two door, the styling is a bit odd with its rounded hatchback styling and slim lights. Well worn, the paint is still in place but has several thin spots. In this above photo the rocker panel trim is in place, but there are other photos that show the trim removed showing evidence of rot along the rockers. The seller mentions that there is some rust in the floors and rockers, but extra floors and rockers are included in the sale along with many trim pieces, and brake hardware items. The Chrysler 5th Avenue that is included with the auction seems a bit random, but I am guessing the seller is looking to unload everything that he has at once. I would re-home the 5th Avenue, and keep the Concord as it is s a rather odd car, but has a simple yet pleasing appearance. With little time remaining in the auction, these two Mopars could potentially be scored for a great deal! Are you a fan of this ’52 Concord?

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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    By ’52, the fastback design was considered passe, which makes this one a rare bird, indeed.

    While I’m guessing that this would be a fairly major restoration project, the Plymouth is saveable – I hope someone steps up to do so.

    I’m with you, Brian, rehome the 5th Avenue and use the proceeds to fund the Plymouth’s rebirth.

    • Miguel Member

      During those years Chrysler was always the last to change direction.

    • bob

      That body style Plymouth was called “slickback”,’49 thru ’52.

  2. Rock On!

    Perhaps the Fifth Avenue was purchased to donate its drivetrain to the old Plymouth.

    • moosie Craig Bryda Member

      My thoughts too .I would transplant that drivetrain

  3. John D.

    A gentleman can wear his hat in it. This is the first time I have seen this body.

  4. Crash

    It would nicely complement my family’s 1978 AMC Concord fastback…

  5. Chuck Cobb

    Of course the 5th Avenue is going with the 52 for it’s drive train. Almost a bolt in. Put a Volare front end under the 52 and you would have a really nice car. V8/auto, tilt, use the wheels and maybe even the rear end. Cheap rest-o-rod, COOL too.!

  6. George

    Although the tranny in the 5th Avenue needs work.

  7. canadainmarkseh Member

    As one of my favorite era of Mopar I certainly hope that it gets restored. On this car I perticularly like the fast back body. My Canadian built dodge Mayfairs is similar to this and I look forward to the day it’s road worthy. The flat head engine under the hood is no tire burner so I can see the logic in transplanting the engine out of the fifth ave. into this car. For me I’m leaveing the flatty in my car at least to start with. This is a nice restorable car but not that popular. So it should sell cheep and it will be pretty cheep to restore. As with mine this car needs someone that in it for the love of the hobby because this will never be an investment car. If I had the means for a second hobby car I’d by one like this.

  8. Chuck Cobb

    Was just looking to see what other comments were about this Plymouth. Squint a little while looking at the grille and if you removed the front bumper over riders, picture a multi tooth Corvette grille in place of the original, remove the Plymouth badge from the front, cleans up pretty good. Much like early 50’s Chevy’s. Squint!!!. 5th Ave trans rebuild?, find another for next to nothing. Still cheap ride project.

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