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Uncut Original: 1977 Ford Bronco 302 V8

By 1977, time was catching up with the 1st Generation Bronco. Its styling was looking dated when compared to its competition. The result was sales that were slipping as potential buyers looked at more modern alternatives. However, the tables have now turned, and those same vehicles that were largely ignored when new have now become highly sought. This 1977 Bronco is a great example, and it is a vehicle that would seem to want for nothing. It is located in Smithfield, North Carolina, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The auction has been set to open at $35,000, and there has only been a single bid at this stage. One hundred people are currently watching the listing, which indicates that interest is high for this Ford.


The owner talks a lot about this Bronco’s originality, but there are some interesting things to note about the vehicle. The first is that while the Green paint that it wears looks nice, I don’t believe it is original. The tag indicates Paint Code “V.” This suggests that the Bronco rolled off the line wearing Silver Metallic, and I think that I can see evidence of this in a couple of spots around the Ford. However, this one is a vehicle with a few vital plus points. These include the fact that the wheel arches haven’t been cut to accommodate larger wheels, and apart from a dusting of surface rust on the underside, it does appear to be completely rust-free. The panels look to be clean and straight, while I can’t spot any trim or glass problems. The Bronco rolls on larger wheels, but the originals and their hubcaps are included in the sale.

The interior of the Bronco presents well for a vehicle of this type and age. The front seats show no issues, while a blanket has been thrown over the rear seat. The carpet in the rear looks dirty, but I think that a professional cleaner would be able to revive it. The carpet in the front has been protected by a full-width mat, which is a smart move. All of the painted surfaces are in good condition and won’t require any repainting work. An aftermarket steering wheel has been fitted, but the original is included in the sale.

When you lift the Bronco’s hood, you can see evidence of the original paint color. You can also see that the Ford is powered by a 302ci V8, which is backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission. Power steering and power front disc brakes are also a part of this package. This combination delivers 133hp and 246 ft/lbs of torque. With 4-wheel-drive capabilities, the Bronco should be a competent vehicle when the going gets tough. The owner says that the rear end is a Detroit Locker, while the front is a Tru Tracker. Surprisingly, the owner offers no insight into how well the Bronco runs or drives. However, if appearances count for anything, then the news should potentially be quite positive.

The desire to own the “latest and greatest” meant that many potential buyers in 1977 turned their backs on the Bronco in favor of the Blazer, the Cherokee, and the Scout II. The result was that Ford only managed to sell 14,546 Broncos in that year. However, people have been drawn back to these because they are rugged and straightforward and because their appearance has a retro-cool look to it. I tend to think that the opening bid is probably in the ballpark, but completely unmodified examples will manage to pull much higher prices. Returning this Bronco to its original specifications and color would not be a difficult task. When you consider that vehicles in that state can easily sell for more than $50,000, it could also be money well spent. It’s something that might be worth considering if the Ford is to be treated as an enjoyable long-term investment.


  1. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Petition to change this website’s name to “Bronco Finds”

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  2. Sherminator

    Be honest, no sane person will be taking this Bronco off-road anymore

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    • MorganW MorganW

      I think I would take it off-road, very carefully…but I don’t have that kind of money…and I may not qualify as “sane”!

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  3. JerryDeeWrench

    At least your honest.

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  4. nlpnt

    One of my “what if” scenarios would’ve been a facelift for the original Bronco for ’78. Square-headlight plastic grille similar to what the vans got for ’79, standard wide-arch flares, fiberglass roof with bigger quarter windows, dash and seats from the new Fox Fairmont…add a 2.3 four as a new standard engine for ’79 just in time for the second gas crunch.

    Wouldn’t have sold as well as the full size, but would’ve been much cheaper to actually build than the two-year-only original one, and that may have penciled out even.

    • Steve R

      They produced pretty much what you describe starting in 1983, it was called the Bronco II.

      Steve R

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  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking Ford Bronco. I’ve always loved 1st generation Broncos. I hope whoever buys this keeps it as stock original as possible.

  6. Desert Rat

    I always said if I was to buy a first gen. Bronco 1977 was the one, only year for disk brakes. Love it has uncut fenders, I don’t think I would change a thing, but none of this matters because the price is way too high for this old boy.

    • half cab

      ’76 had power disc brakes as well

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  7. Desert Rat

    Yep, I always had it in my mind that 77 was the first year for disk brakes on a Bronco but I did some research and you are correct my friend they came out in 76, good call.

  8. Mike Brown

    I’ve never cared for the small Broncos (or Jeeps or Scouts) but if someone else does, who am I to judge? All of them are bringing crazy money these days. If I was in the market, I’d much prefer a ’78 up Bronco, ANY full size Blazer/Jimmy, full size (2 door) Cherokee or a later model Scout. That’s just my preference though, to each their own.

  9. chrlsful

    like the ’66 – the ’76/7 had more’n one odd, off model change…

    “…no sane person will be taking this Bronco off-road…”
    yet that’s what most owners do with them. Some even mod beyond its mild multipurpose (not good at any thing, OK at several) format and use exclusively off road (purpose built). Mine was an off rd (woods income) producer for years (mid ’80s – 2008). Now w/a 40% larger motor and a 5 speed will be back to multi purpose…

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