Under-The-Hood Surprise! 1977 Ford F-100 Custom

As far as the 2wd custom truck scene goes, the mid-70s Chevrolet is much more popular than their Ford counterparts. However, custom Fords are becoming more popular and have started to be supported pretty well by the aftermarket. This 1977 Ford F100 sits on a full custom chassis and features a surprise under the hood! It can be found here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $17,000. Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania this one looks like a fun cruiser that can be driven as-is or customized further if the new owner chooses to. Have a look for yourself and see what powers this beast!

The entire truck sits on a Mercury Marauder chassis and is outfitted with a 4.6L supercharged engine and Tremec T-6 6 speed manual transmission. There are only 41,600 miles on the drivetrain, so it should have a lot of life left. The supercharged engine breathes through an Off-Road H-pipe and Flowmaster 40 mufflers.

The interior features Mustang SVT Cobra gauges along with an aftermarket steering wheel and shifter. As you can see, the dash pad has been removed and the interior is pretty basic. This leaves the new owner some opportunities to customize it the way they want or drive it as-is.

The Cobra theme is continued into the bed. You can tell the floor has been raised almost to the top of the wheel wells. The bed is covered by a Covertec bed cover and the wood features a laser printed Cobra emblem. Overall, this truck looks like a fun cruiser. What do you think?

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  1. Maraudster

    Many 03-04 Marauder owners would by superchargers from a wrecked Cobra or when a Cobra owner upgraded and sold their Eaton. I almost did.

  2. Junior Samples

    What do I think? I think I would have chosen a different steering wheel..

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  3. Mark Toomey

    The wheel is an interesting choice, maybe going for the rat rod look. However, someone trying to figure out how well done this build was will wonder when seeing it if corners have been cut elsewhere..

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  4. Bob_in_TN Member

    I’d like to like this truck, but I’m not sure. The idea is intriguing, with the Marauder chassis and engine underneath. But the execution leaves me cold. I’m not a fan of the patina look, so that is the first thing I would want to change. But there are other areas which give me an “unfinished” feeling. The steering wheel, obviously. The oval-shaped SVT Mustang gauges look out of place in the squared-off instrument binnacle. The interior overall (what we can see of it) just looks sad. The Cobra in the bed looks neat, but the overall condition of the bed sides detracts from its presentation.

    I note the truck was built by a rod shop. There must be an audience for a truck which looks like this, but it seems to me it might have been a project which stopped due to lack of funds… ?? …

    That said, the price seems steep for what one is getting. It very well could be what the seller has invested in the project.

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  5. CCFisher

    Probably a Lincoln Town Car chassis underneath. The 117.7″ wheelbase lines up better with the F100’s 118″ wheelbase than the 114.7 Marauder chassis.

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  6. Joe Haska

    Bob, I totally disagree with everything you said. The builder of this truck probably did it ,to see if he could get a reaction like yours. It fooled you and you don’t understand why? If I had this truck ,I would be very tempted to start tweeklng it, for a better cosmetic look. It would be allot of fun to just start playing with it over time, until it was at the point where ,I felt it was my truck. I have built several trucks similar to this one and they always draw allot of attention. I think the main reason is, people assume they will be less money and they have a vision of what they could do with it. If I wasn’t in the final stages of a 53 Ford F -100 build, I would buy this truck at the asking price. It’s a bargain and could peg the fun meter.

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    • Moose

      This truck is pretty sweet, but it’s more of a 13K truck. I know West Atlanta Hot Rods built this. I looked at it before the current owner bought it. It had black rims. It’s been on eBay at least twice. The owner really wants a bigger piece of his $ back. He’s only put about 1K miles on it. I dont blame him, but toys like this are about to go way down due to CV-19. Seriously, best of luck to him. I do hope he gets what he needs out of it. I’d be a buyer at 13K. Sweet ride. Reminds me of the 64 D100 Gas Monkey did.

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  7. misterlou Member

    Aaron Kaufman, formerly of Fast N Loud now with Arclight Fabricators, really pushed the early Ford truck, lowered with the Crown Vic front end thing.

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  8. CS

    Laser Cobra: Because you’re disappointed that Ford doesn’t make the Corvette.
    Laser Cobra: Who needs to repad the seat?
    Laser Cobra: Nicely-finished gauges are for sissies.
    Laser Cobra: To match your new calf tattoo.
    Laser Cobra: You call your forklift “Babe”.
    Laser Cobra: Because you once drank snakeblood in a cocktail in Mexico.
    Laser Cobra: Because you got Hep C from that snakeblood cocktail in Mexico.
    Laser Cobra: You tell everyone you charred the bed wood yourself with a torch even though you didn’t but nobody questions you about it because nobody really cares.

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  9. Bmac Member

    This looks like a truck that was featured on Fast&Loud

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  10. Jwinters

    I lost interest at 4.6. a coyote would have been a much better choice

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  11. CS

    The Marauder used an advanced, DOHC, 4-valve variant of the Modular V8. The same one that was used in the last of the Mark 8s. So it was good for more than 300hp before the supercharger went in. Far from a pedestrian 4.6.

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  12. CVPanther Member

    What a waste of a Marauder.

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