Unrestored SE: 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

The owner of this 1977 Trans Am is a man of few words, but thankfully he redeems himself by supplying a decent number of clear photos of his car, and he supplies his phone number and appears to be willing to talk to any individual who is serious about buying the car. Listed for sale here on eBay, this Trans Am is located in Windham, Maine, and is offered with a clear title. The seller has set a BIN price of $49,500 for this Pontiac.

The seller claims that this Trans Am has traveled 40,000 miles. This is not the first Trans Am that he has owned, and this one is claimed to be unrestored, well cared for and comes with PHS documentation. While the car may not be perfect, it certainly looks to be in good condition, and would certainly reflect the mileage claims for an unrestored car. There are a couple of small stone-chips and some minor light scratches to be seen, but I suspect that the scratches could be polished out of the paint.

The underside of the car certainly looks clean and indicative of a car that has seen few if any wet roads. The only negative thing that I can really notice may either be an issue or a trick of the light. Looking at the bottom edge of the bumper it is hard to determine whether there is some form of deterioration there, or if it’s just a trick of the light.

The preconception with the Y82 Trans Am is that the interior is going to be black (and the majority of them are), so this interior is certainly different. It does look to be in really good condition. The thing about both white upholstery and black paintwork is that neither can hide sins. If there are any problems they certainly stand out. Well, these seats and door trims are virtually perfect. There is some minor compression of the cushion of the driver’s seat, but the rest of the interior looks to be in first-class condition. It appears that all of the original items are present in the dash and that the carpet also looks virtually new.

Under the hood, things aren’t perfect, but then this is a 41-year-old car and nobody has gone berserk under the hood with sprays and detailing. This is the 400ci engine backed by the automatic transmission. The seller doesn’t give any indication of the state of the drive-line of the Trans Am, but if the mileage claims are correct then I would expect the car to run and drive at something approaching that of a new car. At least with the engine bay in this state, maybe it will give the new owner something to do by bringing it up to the standard of the rest of the car!

The Trans Am Y82 is currently a rather interesting subject when we come to the topic of value. There appears to have been a slight spike in the price following the recent passing of Burt Reynolds. Whether this spike continues or prices return to normal is something that we will only know with time. This particular Trans Am is not the cheapest Y82 that is on the market today, but it is by no means the most expensive. I have located some that are significantly cheaper but are extremely rough. I even located a partially restored one that has a very second-rate paint job and requires re-assembly that you can own for $35,000. I’ve also located low mileage PHS documented cars pushing over $100,000. I honestly won’t be at all surprised if the seller achieves his asking price for this one.

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  1. Joseph

    Looks ok. I do have a couple of concerns; Condition of engine compartment and rear valiance do not seem to match condition of paint. Undercarriage (esp leaf springs and tank) also looks like a quick spray undercoating was just applied. It may just be my eye.

  2. KawiVulc

    Nice. Always preferred that style chicken to the version my ’78 and the ’79 I had later on had. So, then, here’s a question for the well versed Pontiac types. Did this version not have the chrome turndown exhaust tips? And the underside does show some cause for concern so a close up & personal examination would be in order.

    • Robbie R.

      Yes, this version should have what’s known as splitter exhaust tips. All 76-81 TAs came equipped that way. This one obviously has had exhaust work. The distinctive tips are part of the identity and should have been kept on.

      • KawiVulc

        Thanks! I thought so. Agreed, they should be there, the car looks a bit off without them. I suppose it’s possible somebody helped themselves to them in a parking lot or something but the pipes appear to have an angle cut so it does look like they were simply left off.

      • Robbie R.

        One of two things, either the shop where the work was done didn’t have ability (or materials) to construct the splitters, or the owner cheaper out and let them put on regular tips. These are what was seen on pre-76 birds. Even if the owner preferred the pre-76 look, they did a disservice to the original look (and value).

  3. Metoo

    I think barn finds is reaching the limit on “Bandit” trans ams. It was a okay movie, but still just a movie.

    • Crash

      Star Wars was “just a movie”, too. What’s your point?

      • Steve R

        Fan boys of both movies trend to the crazy side of the spectrum.

        I’d rather get either a brand new “muscle car” or something older with more gravitas for this kind of money.

        Buying into the market right now, while prices have temporarily spiked due to Burt Reynolds death isn’t a wise idea. It’s a good time to sell, but a buyer should do better in a few months.

        Steve R

    • Dick Johnson

      Blasphemous. “I say, SUUUN!!! GOOD GAWD y’all!!” – THE Great Jerry Reed.

      Stupid-Fun movies sure take the ‘sting’ out of the times. When you dissect these movies, the car-e-ography, Jackie ad libbing, Burt mugging the camera as if you are the only person in the theater, and Jerry… Sally brought a spark to tie it all together.

      But alas, you had to have lived and possess cognitive funnybone skills to sit back and enjoy the ride. If you need an in-depth movie for that time, “A Man for all Seasons” starring Paul Scholfield and Robert Shaw should satisfy.

      “Whaddaya’ want for nuttin’? A rrrrrubber bisquit?”– Elwood J. Blues

    • 80s Time Traveler

      Agreed , yawn , oh, another one😴

    • Kuzspike

      I get what you’re saying, metoo, the original Trans Am is much more desirable for me than this version. Not trying to take anything away from the bandit cars, but the Golden age of the Trans Am series ended in 1972, about the same time the factory Trans Am started getting choked with smog controls.

      • Brad

        I restored a “76 Formula 15 years ago. Painted it black and put the gold T/A wheels on it. Still have it and people are going nuts when they see it. Went to a local car show(it is still really clean) and had crazy offers to bye it. I love the car for what it is and that era will always be attached to the Trans Am and Burt Reynolds.

  4. Buddy L54

    Why would there be “yard parts” on this car, i.e. Fan Shroud and Cross Piece where the hood rests? With the writing on them, that’s what I’ve experienced junk yard parts have on them so they can be identified when removed from a wreck? Just an observation.

    • brian crowe

      Those arn’t junk yard part numbers. They are dates when service was done. I work in a garage many years ago and we marked cars like that. Back before they had clear little stickers to stick in the corner of your windshield that’s hoe it was done.

      Doesn’t anyone else have a problem with red & white interior in a black and gold car. I mean the exterior colors are great and the interior colors are also great but together they make the car look really bad. If the car was white or red the interior would be beautiful but man who picked that combo?

      • Jeff Grey

        I worked at a Pontiac dealer in 76 -77 and after 76, any interior color was available . I saw one with a light blue velour interior . It was unique. I think the nicest (other than the black or buckskin was the red, which may have been a 78.

  5. Miguel

    Why is every Trans Am for sale being listed on Barn Finds?

    Are there not other cars that would warrant comments?

    I submitted a beautiful 1963 Mercury Commuter Wagon 2 weeks ago, but it didn’t make the cut.

    How many Firebirds and Trans Am have we had in the last 3 or 4 days?

    • Jeff

      Go figure. Any Mercury wagon beats a Trans Am any day, IMO.

    • AF

      Keep ’em coming!

    • mlm

      Would’ve love to have seen that but it’s not only Trans Ams and Firebirds,but Corvettes, Camaros and Mustangs as well.

    • LAB3

      There’s many different people with different tastes using this site. Personally I could do with fewer Porsches but if I don’t like something I don’t look at it. I’d like to see more cars a working man can afford to restore but I’m not the only guy here.

    • brian crowe

      I gave up submitting cars since not one has shown up. I have submitted quite a few really good barn finds that I’m sure a lot of people here would love to see. Maybe I’m submitting them wrong. Is there a big SUBMIT button somewhere that I haven’t seen?

  6. rick

    Unrestored,questionable. Under water probable. My 2 cents

  7. Snowman

    White interior is a special and unusual treat. You will need it, no A/C in a black car is no fun for a cuiser.

  8. Sam61

    This is the car my parents would have purchased for me, if they were rich, when I got my driver’s license.

    I see a lot of nits to pick for $40 large.

    I’ll take my chicken extra crispy….pass.

  9. Jeff

    I’m sure someone’s willing to pay it, but the asking price is based on pure nostalgia, nothing more. In 1977, the Pontiac 400 made at least 75 less HP than our family minivan. And I’d guess the van would beat it in the twisties, too. All of the Trans Ams coming out of the woodwork in light of Reynold’s death is more than a bit distasteful.

  10. Blueprint

    At this price, check the option codes as the color combo is more than odd. Never seen one pairing black, SE gold trim and a red and white interior. It should be black or tan. If it IS factory, then it’s far from the best match.

  11. Art M.

    Ugly a$$ interior, but looks to be a nice car.

  12. tmc_61

    Possible 403 Olds. Ive always been under the impression that a 6.6 Litre emblem car had the 403 while TA 6.6 was the 400

    • Poseur Member

      True for 1979 models but in 77 there were two Poncho 400s & the Olds 403.

      All 403s were 6.6 litre but not all 6.6 litres were 403s.

      Only the higher power 400, code W72, got the T/A 6.6 call out.

  13. Allen

    I’m calling B.S on this car. That engine compartment looks more like 100k+! Definitely not original paint. My 78 has 33k documented on it and you could eat of the engine.

    • tom

      Couldn’t agree more! Nothing looks honest about this car…

  14. mainlymuscle

    No mini van will beat any Trans Am ,”in the twisties ” ever.Handling ,and braking were both excellent ,still are,even by today’s standards.A T/A 6.6 is unlikely to lose many drag races either.Much better performers than the haters choose to remember.This one is way overpriced for what it is though.

  15. Comet

    Perhaps all things Trans Am will become front and center due to the recent passing of Burt Reynolds. Folks may be looking to cash in.

  16. Karl

    Guys I have a question for you in the know folks. This is JUST ANOTHER decent looking Pontiac trans am, to me it’s essentially the same thing as a 77 impala or really any other 77 Pontiac vehicle. Is this to be considered a “collector car” and does matching numbers mean anything? I am not positive what actually makes a “collector car”?

  17. JoeNYWF64

    When did they stop making those original style Uniroyals? Those tires cant be original to ’77? Nah. lol
    Could never understand why so many of these have the delux seats that not only have a lower headrest but take up more legroom! – maybe to get the door assist handles?- tho they r mounted a bit too far back, IMO. Pontiac SHOULD have stuck with the 1970 lower door panels!!
    & the STANDARD seats give u that tuck & roll upholstery look – even on the door panels!
    Would not the 200 hp motor get chrome valve covers & 2 resonators?
    I heard the multicolor hood birds dont last long b4 they fade. Could the gold ones last longer & could that be the original?

    • Robbie R.

      Factory tires for 77s were mixed bag, some Uniroyal (like those on the rear), some BFG, and some GY (mine were Goodyear). Not sure when Uniroyal discontinued this style of RWLs. No duel resonators on TAs until 78 on the 220hp version. 77 Z28s started the duel resonator fad. See my comments above, this exhaust was reworked at some point, but not done to factory specs.

      • tom

        $50k and the tires don’t match…wow.

    • Robbie R.

      Photo of me with my new 77 the day I brought it home from the dealer. Jan’77.

      • poseur Member

        so cool, Robbie! you were a fortunate young man

      • Robbie R.

        Thanks Poseur, I was only 18, but I earned it. Paid every penny for it myself, no handout from parents. Attended college full-time and held a full-time job at the same time. It was a rough road, but it paid off in later years.

        I was glad to see your accurate reply above regarding the hood scoop decals. I understand those folks who didn’t actually “live” through that era, the whole TA hood scoop decal/callouts for various years are confusing as heck. I had every car magazine during the era and knew all the specs by heart (still do). I have corrected many folks here and in my TA Facebook groups, to no avail. As you can see from my photo above, mine was the standard L78 180hp version of the Pontiac 400 with auto trans. I only kept it for 2 years, moved on to a new Mazda RX-7 when they came out in 79. Yeah, I was “that guy” who traded vehicles every couple of years back then. I keep them a little longer now, lol.

  18. francis

    Yes lots of pictures! And as a whole lots of these for sale since Burt passed away! The one picture cracks me up with the finger in it by mistake. I hate it when people block their plate with them.

  19. gto4ever

    I say ANYTHING PONTIAC!! Keep em coming Barn Finds!!!

  20. Mike

    If anyone is interested in buying this car my name is Mike

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