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Unrestored Survivor: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T-SE

The 2nd Generation Dodge Charger is a car that was blessed with tough and aggressive styling. The Charger R/T was designed to deliver the sort of performance to back those looks, and original examples are proving to be exceptionally popular. This 1969 Charger R/T-SE is an essentially unmolested original that is in very nice condition. It is ready to be driven and enjoyed immediately, and with a 440 Magnum gracing the engine bay, it should provide enough performance to plaster a mile-wide smile on anybody’s face. It is located in Bonnefoy, California, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. The asking price for the Charger has been set at $62,500. I have to say thank you to Barn Finder Ikey H for referring one of America’s great classic to us.

With the Charger, some of the paint colors were bold and aggressive, while some added a classy edge to the car. Copper Metallic would fall into the latter category, and the paint that is on this car is largely original. It isn’t perfect, but it seems to present quite well for a vehicle of this age. The owner says that about the only non-original paint is on the left rear quarter panel, which was repaired following some accident damage many years ago. The remaining panels wear a few minor scars compliments of people who don’t know how to open the doors of their cars with anything resembling care and finesse in car parks (gotta love those people!). The only rust that has been identified is the fairly common rust in the bottom corners of the rear window. However, the owner does provide some clear photos of this, and repairing it should not be an expensive proposition. The Charger has spent its entire life in the San Francisco area, so that will maximize its chances of having no significant rust problems. It features a vinyl top, and this actually started life white but has received a dye job at some point. The dye is starting to wear away, so the next owner could choose to apply more dye, strip off what remains of the black, or replace the vinyl entirely. The last option sounds like the most sensible to me, especially when you consider the value of the car.

The SE Package brought a few welcome additions to an interior that was already pretty special. This included a woodgrain wheel, wood on the dash, and some leather upholstery on the front seat. The dash looks like it is original and in good condition, and while the upholstery on the front seat is beginning to show its age a bit, it still looks quite reasonable. There have been one or two changes made to the interior over the years. The most obvious of these is the fitting of speakers into the front door trims and the rear parcel tray. The ones in the rear would be easy to remove, and a replacement parcel tray is a pretty cheap investment. The ones in the doors don’t actually look bad, and if they were removed, then new door trims would need to be sourced. The dash features the rally gauges and the rather cool Tic-Toc-Tach. There are some issues with this though because the clock doesn’t work, and the tach doesn’t read accurately. The Charger is fitted with a factory radio, but this also doesn’t work. What does work is the air conditioning. The owner recently fitted it with a NOS compressor, so it should blow nice and cold.

The Charger is a numbers-matching classic and features a 440ci Magnum V8, a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission, along with power steering and power brakes. While the 440 doesn’t have the outright power of the 426 Hemi, it still brings 375hp to the party. That should mean that this is a car that is capable of demolishing the ¼ mile in 14.3 seconds. Pure acceleration off the line is not the 440’s only attribute, because the Charger should be able to wind itself out to an ultimate top speed of 132mph. The owner purchased the Charger in 2018, and since that day, he has accumulated around 2,200 miles. He has performed some maintenance tasks on the vehicle, and he says that it runs and drives really well. It also comes with a fairly substantial collection of documentation. This includes the Owner’s Manual, a number of Registration Certificates, a pile of service records, along with the vehicle’s Window Sticker and Broadcast Sheet.

Values for the 1969 Charger R/T have increased quite consistently across the last 5-years, but by just how much is heavily dependent on vehicle condition. It seems that the better the condition, the greater the percentage increase has been. For instance, the really nice examples have appreciated by around 30%, while the ones in average condition have generally only picked up somewhere in the vicinity of 10%. While this one would need some work to bring it back to its very best, it does tend to score very highly on the grounds of originality, lack of major rust issues, and also because it is an R/T-SE. This is by no means a cheap classic, but when you look at recent sales history and then check out what is available in the marketplace at present, I think that the pricing actually looks reasonably competitive.


  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    This would make an awesome General Lee!

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    • CraigR

      Well played LOL

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    • Dave

      Plunk down your $62,500 then. I’m waiting for someone to figure out how to make these with a 3D printer.

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    I don’t believe you just said that

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  3. Superdessucke

    I’ve got Charger tastes and a Cordoba budget!

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  4. J_Paul Member

    Given how often we see Chargers on Barn Finds, it’s amazingly refreshing to see one that isn’t:

    A) missing an engine;
    B) an utter pile of rust; or
    C) all of the above

    Neat car with a bit of a to-do list, but nothing too extensive. The added cruise control is funny, though—it looks like a GM part from the 1980s?

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  5. Will Irby

    My favorite color for the ’69, and this one still looks good wearing it. I even like the (gasp) vinyl top on this body style. I would put a set of repro Rallye wheels on it and drive it.

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    • Cal

      Oh, I don’t know. Most of us had wheel covers in those days. Dealers charged a fortune for the fancier wheels. If you want a car to bring back memories, then wheel covers are the way to go, economical too.

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      • Will Irby

        Most of us removed the wheel covers or upgraded to better wheels. Most of the ’69 Charger owners I knew had the W21 Rallye Wheels, which as I recall were about a $120 option, and well worth it. The repro Rallye Wheels are available now for about $120 each, but that’s not bad considering 50 years of inflation. If I want a car to bring back memories, I don’t want the memories to include wheel covers.

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  6. SDJames

    Is the R/T badge on the rear quarter original? I’ve never seen one there on a Charger, only a painted version. Or is that an R/T-SE thing?

    • R/Tags

      Maybe a stripe delete car? I didn’t see the build sheet. The only thing I would add to this original MOPAR is the rear
      black R/T stripe…a really nice car indeed!

      • Robert Amoroso

        I bought almost the same car new in 1969 and the only way to get those emblems was to delete the stripe on the order form. Still have it as a resto-mod

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    • Robert Amoroso

      I almost bought the same car on feb. 14, 1969 except it was a 4 speed with medium bronzes metallic paint and a tan vinyl roof (No A/c). Still have it, as well as 50 other mopars, building it as a restomod as i’m never going to sell it. Ordered it (1st new car) on Jan.29,1969 and it was delivered Feb.14,1969. (My first valentine)

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  7. Stevieg Member

    Beautiful car! Equipped just like I would want, colors and everything. A little expensive considering the minor issues it has. I would think for this money, everything should be showroom perfect. But a beauty none the less.

  8. Robert Amoroso

    The emblems on the rear flanks are what you get when you order an R/T and check “tape stripe delete”

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    • SDJames

      Interesting, I learned something new about these awesome cars today! Thanks!

    • Will Irby

      If my memory has not failed, the tape stripe delete was a “no cost option”, correct? p.s. We need to see pictures of that restomod ’69.

      • Robert Amoroso

        Only on the R/T

  9. Gransedan

    Incredible car. So strange, however, that it does not have a remote control outside rearview mirror.

  10. Robert Amoroso

    Back in 1969 remote outside mirrors were a option and usually part of a options package. Another option would have been a right outside mirror. Don’t remember if it was remote also. Also if the car was a early buy, remotes might not have been available. Early 1969 Chargers didn’t come with headrests.

  11. George Louis

    There was no remote passenger side mirror for 1969 or 1970. Remote control passenger side mirror was optional on 1971 Dodge Chargers. This car is in San Francisco . if you have a keen eye you might find some 1968 Dodge Charger wheel coves left over from the chase scenes from the movie Bullitt. As I recall the charger lost 3 Wheel covers in the chase.

  12. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Oh wow, I have this EXACT car, right down to the white vinyl top that was dyed black. Mine’s in a bit better condition so I’m curious if the seller ever gets his ask. How cool would it be to have 2 of the same?

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