Untouched Workhorse: 2,800 Mile Chevy S10

This Chevrolet S10 pickup is called a collector-grade vehicle by its seller, largely due to the low odometer reading of just 2,800 original miles. Although its a poverty-spec model with a four-cylinder, rear wheel drive and manual transmission, these trucks are nearly extinct in any condition and finding one that’s been preserved like this example here on craigslist isn’t an everyday occurrence. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Randy N. for the find. 

The bed, quite literally, appears as if it’s never been used. The original paint color shines through brightly, and the bed-mounted topper has certainly helped further preserve the insides. In addition the topper, the little S10 has running boards, a bug deflector, brush guard and mud flaps, making it quite well optioned even if the mechanical choices were bare-bones.

A manual transmission is a welcome sight with the four-cylinder on board, and the interior is shockingly nice. Untorn bloth bench seat, mint (both in condition and color) door panels and an uncracked dash round out what was already an impressively preserved survivor. Of course, one’s mind can’t wander and wish that the seller had some more information to offer about why this truck saw such little use.

There it is – the epically low mileage this S10 sports. Its condition is such that a rollover is unlikely, and the seller is confident you’re going to like what you see – hence the $9,500 asking price. While I do think the price is a touch high, I also believe trucks like these in this condition are somewhat impossible to find; if the seller is taking the approach of, “Find a better one,” he may not be far off.

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  1. LAB3

    Had a base model Sanoma that I bought in 90 or 91 that’s pretty much the same as this one, the price was just a tad over $7k for it. Granted there’s no small trucks being made these days but c’mon, $9500?

  2. danny kelley

    Don’t think you mentioned the year?

  3. rmward194 Member

    We sold the heck out of these when they were new, equipped just like this or sometimes with automatics. They were cheap and a great alternative for every guy that was looking for an inexpensive used truck which were very hard to come by.

    $9,500 is probably close the the price when it was new. IMHO it should be about 1/2 that.

  4. jaymes

    no carpet,a/c or radio. all the stuff on it need to go in the trash imo. $7,000 more like it

  5. rustylink

    Had this same model as a company issued work truck when I was a much younger man – talk about bullet proof. I flogged that truck each and every day and it always started and ran well.

  6. Howard A Member

    4 cylinder,,,you’ll be SORRRRRY. This an amazing find, wonder what the deal was with it. It clearly doesn’t have a million 2800 miles. I have a ’96 Sonoma,with a 2.2, 4 cylinder( this has the 2.5 “Iron Duke”) and it is totally worthless. The V6 gets as good, or better mileage, and you have the power when needed. I had an S10 like this, 2.8, V6, not the best motor, but better than that 4 cylinder. Sorry, lately these folks must be dreaming for prices. I’m always curious what these things actually sell for. Asking $9,000 and accepted ( after a year) $3500.

  7. Pa Tina

    If you started barring ads that incorrectly use the term “collector” we would be able to do something useful in our spare time.

  8. Carlo

    In 85 I read meters for a electric company in New York, those s10 s were beaten to death, stop and go an easy 1000 times a day, often thrown in park before the vehicle was fully stopped. They were in the shop a lot, but for NORMAL use, pretty bullet proof.

  9. John T

    I really like this Plain Jane bare bones pickup a lot, but not at $9,500. In my opinion, even half of that is optimistic. I think Howard A (above) is closer to reality at $3,500.

  10. Paul bland

    Looks like a 91 or 92 the most I would be willing to pay would be 3,500

  11. Charles H.

    Noticed it’s from the same place the never drove it 751 mi. Monte Carlo SS is from…..Minnesota. I’ll bet they probably know each other….Just sayin’

  12. Miguel

    The reason older cars, I mean ’60s and ’70s cars, get a lot of attention and money for a good well kept low mileage car is because there aren’t any out there.

    I can find 1000 of these trucks in good cosmetic condition equipped just like this, with miles, for $1000 to $2000.

    What would be the advantage to buying this truck for his asking price?

    I just don’t get why people think the numbers on the odometer make the vehicle worth more.

    Anybody that has ever been in the business knows that there had to be something wrong with this truck for it to not have been driven.

    I am putting my money on a lemon buy back and it was behind a dealership most of it’s life.

  13. William Farrar

    I’m thinking Miguel is possibly on to something here. I had a few of these and myself can’t for the life figure why it was kept on ice.

  14. Keruth

    Na, Grandpa bought it new. Grandma didn’t like the climb up.

    Parked in the barn for the 4dr sedan!!!
    Lucky $$$$ flipper!

  15. Eddie

    I had a 1983 S-15 GMC version of this with the 1.9 Isuzu 4 and a 4 spd. Stripper nothing much but heavy duty brakes, heavy duty radiator. Drove the old girl for 435,000 miles. Head gasket once. Replaced radiator water pump and all hoses at 300,000. Body rusted BADLY but typical for a Kansas City Missouri driven truck. Gave to truck to my daughter to learn to drive in. Then she sold to some guy who drove it for a long time after that. Always wondered if it was ever going to die. I bought it as a left over 83 in late 84 for $4,995.

  16. Don DA DAVIS

    I have the 88 Chevy S10 4×4 2.8 automatic C.S.E California Special Edition Stepside !

    OEM !!

  17. Don DA DAVIS

    rear shot

  18. Awq

    I have an 88 s10, 2.5 5 speed. That truck has made me more money than any full size truck I have ever owned. Has nearly 300,000 miles no major repairs. Still gets around 30-35 mpg. Still use it for work today and love it more than my 2014 Silverado. May not have a lot of tow capacity but gets the job done; even when it’s completely overloaded with weight.

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