UPDATE: 1970 Chevrolet CST/10 Farm Escapee

UPDATE 2/14/2020 –  It’s been a few years since we featured this rare Chevy, but reader Tom G just sent us a link showing what happened with it! After being extracted from the barn, it’s new owner gave it a complete restoration, returning this big block beast to its former glory. Now that it’s done, they’ve since decided to raffle it off, with tickets running $100 apiece. In the terms of the raffle, they are requiring a minimum of 750 tickets sold, meaning they value the truck at $75,000+ which seems a bit optimistic even for a CST. Hopefully, some of those proceeds are meant for a good cause. If it’s something your interested in learning more about though, you can find it here on Facebook.

FROM 5/23/2017 – Some cars just can’t be bought, no matter the circumstances, or what you tell the owner. They either have plans or memories wrapped up in the vehicle and they simply can’t part ways with their classic. Happens all too often, and usually does not turn out too well for the vehicle in question. That is part of what happened to this 1970 Chevrolet Custom Sport Truck. The previous owner who purchased it new had it parked in barn where many stopped and left notes asking to purchase this truck. Unfortunately, the owner passed away, but the truck has finally escaped the barn where it sat for many years. Packing a factory big block, this truck has been somewhat revived, almost ready to be driven on the opens roads once more. With 3 days remaining, bidding has reached $5,000 with the reserve not met. Check out this truck here on eBay out of Mays Landing, New Jersey.

Dingy, dirty, oily, and rusty, this old farm truck has some life left after its long nap. The 396 runs great and has recently received a great deal of work. The fuel system was cleaned, and an Edlebrock carb was added as well as all of the typical “tune up” items replaced. Although running, stopping is still a concern. The brake master cylinder, soft lines, and wheel cylinders have been replaced or rebuilt. There appear to be some leaking concerns, but the seller is still sorting through the brake issues.

Taking a look at the interior may cause you to cringe as the rot in the floors was a bit unexpected from the sales ad, as well as the overall exterior condition of the truck. It would appear that farm life, mud, and snow, may have gotten the better of the floor boards. Beyond the rust, the door panels, steering wheel, and dash pad are crisp from sun exposure. Despite this rust there is a huge aftermarket for these trucks and factory big block trucks are not all that common.

Wearing an even and minor surface rust, this Chevrolet has only minor rot to show on its exterior. The passenger side lower front fender has a bit of rot, as does the cab corner on that side. The driver side shows no rot, and surprisingly the rockers are solid, with only minor surface rust present. The interior of the door bottoms are a bit crispy, but there are no holes showing. Some of the trim is missing, as well as the exterior driver and passenger side mirrors. With some positives and negatives, would you take on this big block CST/10?

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  1. Joe Nose

    Bed-to-cab alignment, and that floor shot, lead me to believe this one is gonna be a big-block banana as the frame is prob shot, too.

    • Tom Gates

      No, never assume. I’m the current owner of the truck. This one isn’t bad at all. There is a YouTube video posted that shows a 16 minutes walk around of the truck. The misaligned bed is due to the rotted out “wood”
      bed floor, not a big deal. The worse area is the outer LH floor pan which could be easily replaced with the $20 outer floor repair panel most truck catalogs sell.

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      • Mike

        It’s funny to me how people always assume the worst about vehicles like this, and also that it’ll take x amount of money to “properly” fix them. I’ll be the first to admit that as a “square body” guy, I don’t have a lot of experience with the 67-72 trucks. On the other hand, I do know that they’re simple work horses built with real steel. The frames don’t just rot like modern vehicles, bed floors are easily patched, brakes, suspension and engines are easily and inexpensively repaired. I can see someone buying this and just fixing what needs fixed to make it into a loveable working truck again. While I appreciate concourse restorations as much as anyone, not every truck needs to undergo a 5 figure restoration/restomod project. This truck would be perfectly fine being made roadworthy and put back to work as intended. It would be perfectly happy heading to the local dump and/or lumber yard on any given Saturday wearing it’s battle scars proudly. Just make sure to buy an extra cup of coffee because, if it’s anything like my “beater truck” it likes drinking my coffee through it’s defroster vents lol!

  2. Don H

    The frame is probably fine ,needs new cab and bed mounts ,bushings

    • Tom Gates

      Frame is fine. The truck had a wood bed in it and the wood is obviously rotted out. So yes the bed is misaligned a bit since it’s not being held down tight now. The floor supports and cab mounrs are fine. The only thing I would replace is the rubber bushings.

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  3. Steve R

    Last time he listed it for sale on eBay he was asking $10,500. It would be wise to start with a better truck even it cost more.

    Steve R

    • Tom Gates

      Price is well below that now. Thanks

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  4. JW

    With all the rust concerns, missing trim, leaks, brakes and not a 4×4 5K would be tops in my book.

  5. Steve

    Hell to the No.

    I have restored two of this generation truck. A potential buyer would be way ahead to come to north or central Texas, Oklahoma or out west and buy a better truck to start with, or spend the money on one that is already finished. Both of the ones I restored were WAY better to start with.

    The first was a 71 GMC swb stepside. No rust to speak of, needed outer rockers only. 6 cyl 3 ott, manual brakes and steering, radio delete. I did an “amateur” body off resto.Took the body completely apart, media blasted all sheetmetal, sandblasted and epoxy painted the frame. Repainted in charcoal grey metallic. Had the bench seat redone with a cloth insert, since it still didnt have AC. All new rubber weatherstrip including front windshield and rear window. I swapped the 4.10 open rear for a 3.07 posi. Originally had a painted front bmper and painted step bumper. I installed new chrome bumpers. I sold it for $8k.

    • Tom Gates

      Once again not comparing apples with apples.

  6. Steve

    The second truck was a 72 Chevy swb stepside. Another “amateur” body off resto. Originally dark blue, I again took the body completely apart, media blasted all sheetmetal, sandblasted and epoxy painted the frame. had it painted a plum metallic from a newer Dodge truck. It was an original V8 truck, I installed a rebuilt 350 and rebuilt 700r4. Since I had the o.d, I swapped in the 4.10 out of the GMC. It still a little steep even with the o.d. I added factory style buckets, console, tach, tilt an a vintage air ac. I also lowered it 3″/4″ with drop springs. All new rubber weatherstrip including front windshield and rear window. It had 20×8.5 Boss wheels and new tires all around. New repro grill surround, insert and front and rear bumpers. I “only” got $16k for it. (!)

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  7. Steve

    The latest project is a 70 Longhorn with 77k miles, 400/400/ Dana 60. Only rust is under battery on pass side fender. It will sport the “patina” look. I picked it up a few years ago for $1200, then sold the wheels tires and rear bumper back to the seller for $500 and his 16.5″ wagon spokes and bias tires. It was wrecked light in front and I had the 70 hood, 71 grill and bumper off other trucks.

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    • Clinton

      Where are you located?

      • Steve

        Near Austin Tx. My Longhorn is a factory air truck as well.

  8. fordfan

    The duel headlamp on the chevy looks so much better than the G M C quad lamps ,just saying

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    I saw (maybe) four factory big blocks in this era, and one of those was a 400 in a ’71. A local autioneer used a fully loaded (’69) purple one for his auction stand when he was doing farm and equipment consignment auctions. He leased a new one every year so I have no idea where that truck went. I’d sure like to find one just like it though.

    About the only drawing card for this one would be the factory 396. A full restoration goes without saying. You’ll be highly skilled at fitting patch panels by the time you’re through. Still it would be a worthwhile project. I’d go back to the Quadrajet carburetor….

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    • Tom Gates

      My thoughts exactly, the best thing to do is keep it all original. There aren’t many CST, Factory big block short beds around. Cab corners and rocker panels are an easy replacement if you take your time.

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  10. jw454

    This is going to have way more rust than you think. The price should be about half of where it is.

    • Tom Gates

      You are basing your comment on what facts? I own the truck.

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  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Were there CST’s in 1970 ? Still some oddities about it…..glove box shot would do wonders for the sale……..

    • Jonathan

      Yes I have a 70 cst with power brakes, power steering and AC. Just not the big block. But I am good with that as I paid $1500 for mine.

    • Tom Gates
  12. Dave Wright

    Bought this one last fall, (if the photo takes) zero rust or damage, with short wide bed and good idaho title……400.00. We will build it for my USCG son this year. Power steering, brakes and A/C…….

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  13. Brent

    It’s not just a big block truck, but a factory air cab as well. Price is too high, but you can get all the patch panels and parts you’ll ever need.

  14. Cheif

    At $10.500 you’ll start out in the hole out of the gate. But if you do almost all the work and keep it for your own pleasure who is to say you got took. Whats worth 10,500 to you may not be worth $3,000 to your friend. If you have the money and time and plan on keeping it go for it.

    • Tom Gates

      The reserve price has been lowered, I have owned quite a few of these trucks and I see people trying to compare this one to stripped out long beds with small blocks, hey they are entitled to their opinions, but are they accurate? With a little over day left, over 7,000 hits on the ad and over 160 watchers, anything could happen on E-Bay as anyone that uses it knows. Any one person can’t dictate a true value without facts and research. If the market isn’t fair to this old girl, she sure will make a great project for myself.

  15. Tom Gates

    People should consider watching the You Tube video of the truck prior to commenting.

  16. Tom Gates

    Unsold, reserve was $8,500

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  17. Tyler

    I have owned 13-15, of these trucks over the past 35 years, plus 2 K5 Blazers, plus numerous parts trucks, in various conditions, from rough to decent survivors to nice drivers. I currently still own 4, including a 66k mile survivor that has been in the family since new.

    10 years ago, this was a $800 truck, 5 years ago, a $2500 truck, but today, the $8500 reserve is realistically what this truck is selling for. This is NOT a farm truck, it’s a high option big block 1/2 ton short bed. There were only few options the person ordering this truck didn’t check off, the big ones being the bucket seats & tilt wheel.

    The rust that is shown doesn’t concern me much, the firewall looks solid, which it & above the windshield are about the only places that aren’t easily repairable.

    And you can easily add disc brakes on the front by sliding in the whole front crossmember from a 71-72 or 73-87 C10 & adding the disc brake master cylinder & proportioning valve.

    Fully restored, in today’s market, this is easily a $25,000 plus truck. If you don’t have to rebuild the engine & transmission, a frame off restoration of this truck can be done in the 10-12k range, so you wouldn’t be under water on it. Done to an extremely high standard, with freshened drivetrain, to the right buyer, it might bring $40-45,000, but with a very deminishing return on the investment.

    Now, do I THINK this is a $8500 truck? Absolutely not! Nor do I think Mopars or crapped out Porsche 911’s are worth what they are bringing! But like it or not, that is the current market.

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    • Tom Gates

      It only takes one person, considering the rarity of the truck and its very repairable state, I believe it worth every penny. I dare anyone to find one EXACTLY like it cheaper. Not a long bed or shortened truck with a small block. When I sell it tomorrow for $8,500 people can call me a thief and tuck their tails between their legs and move on to the next forum.

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  18. Cheif

    To try to make money on this price i would not try but to keep it and build it to your likes maybe but unless you get stupid over spending on it and you may end up with a $25,000 turd.

    • Tom Gates

      Not trying to make money, current price is what I have in it. Could be sold tomorrow, and if not, I may just keep it and finish the restoration due to its rarity and how complete it is. I’m capable of doing all the work myself, so it wouldn’t be a “$25,000 turd.” It would be a 40k gem.

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  19. Tom Gates

    Before anyone else decides to offer their helpful words of wisdom or share their stripped out long beds as comparisons. take a look at this spid.

  20. Cheif

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

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    • Tom Gates

      Yeah, plenty of wise asses as well. Just sold it 1/2 hour ago! $8,500!!

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  21. Tom Gates

    Just sold it! $8,500. It will now get the restoration it deserves.

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  22. Cherokee Bill

    Congrats, I hope he has enough green backs to do what she deserves. If not I’d hate to go thru this again Lol Lol.

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    • Tom

      Thanks Bill. The new owner is very happy, he has been collecting cars/trucks for years, he knew what he was looking at.

  23. Tom

    Maybe this will educate all the people with their strong negatve opinions of what they thought the truck was worth.

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  24. Tom

    New owner said he may sell it. 9k

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  25. b-rad jeepster

    Tom Gates did you say something ? LOL

    • Tom Gates

      New owner did an outstanding restoration on the truck, contrary to all the opinions in this thread about my asking price and how much work it required.

  26. Stangalang

    Tom Gates said a lot…(cricket’s) but I didn’t hear much..when old rusted out mustangs, cudas, firebirds go for such stupid $..kudos to him for selling an old rusted out truck for his asking price 🤑👍

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  27. chrlsful

    ‘S all pretty sad (2 me)…

  28. Tom G

    Thanks for updating the article Brian! I spoke to the owners of the truck, part of the proceeds for the raffle are going to a local church and some other charities which can be all that info is available through their website https://www.enlivencme.com/event-info/enliven-cme-2020-spring-fling
    It was nice to see this truck get the restoration it deserved. Hope everyone keeps all their comments positive! I sure would love to win her back! 😉 Thanks!

  29. Mike

    Somehow, I missed the first part of this post stating that this truck has already been restored and, it’s now being raffled for $100/chance. With that said, I stand by my original reply to the owner. On the other hand, I might just have to set up a Farcebook account to see the details and decide if I want to take a $100 shot at what could be a very nice truck.

    • Tom

      Mike, though I have not seen the truck in person yet, I spoke to the person who restored it and I have a bunch of updated pictures. Deffinately worth a $100 chance to me!

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