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Upscale Trim Package: 1974 Plymouth Gold Duster

I remember seeing Dusters all over the place in our town when I was growing up in the seventies, and it wasn’t unusual to spot its Dodge counterpart, the Demon, running around our streets either.  My sister had a friend who owned a green Duster, which she named “Dusty”, and that car made a positive impression on me during my early teen years.  There’s a nearly identical car still used as a daily driver near my home now, the same color and everything, and I keep hoping to find its owner parked somewhere so I can strike up a conversation.  If a buyer wanted a step-up from the base car, Plymouth also offered the Gold Duster, such as this 1974 model here on eBay.  This one is located in Temple Hills, Maryland, with bidding up to $3,700 so far, but that’s still short of the reserve.

Barn Finds reader Brad B. spotted this one and sent it to us, and we’d like to thank him for the tip!  The seller has owned the Gold Duster for about 2 years but says that prior to his taking possession it was owned by an “old lady” (his words, not mine) in Florida, who must have taken pretty good care of it as there are decades of receipts present to document the car’s maintenance.  It also comes with the original build sheet.  Adding the Gold Duster package got you some niceties such as full carpeting, better insulation, a vinyl top, plus a few other extra goodies over the base model.

The body is claimed to be extremely rust-free, which the photos do seem to back up, but the seller also says that it still has almost all of the original paint.  I may have to differ slightly on this one, as it looks like the driver’s side fender has been replaced, or at least repainted, as it sure doesn’t match the rest of the car’s finish.  It’s also missing the “Gold Duster” decal that can be seen on the other fender.  But I guess that’s where the “almost” adverb comes into play, and other than this one area things do seem to pretty much match up regarding the uniform wear on the nearly 50-year-old paint.  The vinyl top has also been removed to help protect the roof from rusting.

Standard under the hood in a ’74 Gold Duster was the 198 cubic-inch Slant 6, but for another 40 bucks, a buyer could get the 225 cubic-inch version.  Next in line was the 318 V8, which the seller’s car is equipped with, although it’s not specified whether or not it’s the original powerplant.  There’s a new timing chain inside and a 4-barrel manifold on top, plus a new fuel tank and sending unit.  The automatic transmission has recently been serviced and is said to shift fantastically!

Most of the interior is original and appears to be reasonably well preserved, with a little funk showing on the driver’s headrest and at least one crack in the dash being the most noticeable flaws we can see.  Thankfully, the floorboards are looking decent, and there are a couple of other pictures where we get a peek from the underside, which isn’t looking too shabby either.  I’m liking the overall originality of this one, although I could see a new paint job or maybe even a total restoration in its future.  What would you do with this 1974 Plymouth Gold Duster?


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    A guy I worked with had one of these,but it was actually Gold.
    I don’t think I’ve seen a two-tone Brown car in those tones.
    If the price stays reasonable,this could be a good buy.

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  2. Harry Mudd

    I love Duster

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  3. Brad B

    This is a really solid, original Duster! I checked it out in person and drove it both on the side streets and highway. Started right up in cold weather, idled nice, and shifted smooth. The paint is 100% original except for that front fender where the previous owner did a halfass paint job. Speaking of paint, the L8 Moonstone Metallic seems pretty rare. The seller has the broadcast sheet and I believe the engine is numbers matching. Not sure about the trans. It’s already been converted to 4.5×5 bolt pattern. He also has service receipts going back to the 80s. Anyway, I was ready to buy a few weeks ago until the wife ended that idea (I know, I know). Figured I’d help put this one out there since its mechanically sound, very rust free, and an affordable way to get into an A body. To me, in this market, its a great deal

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    • bone

      a 74 318 Duster should have already had the big bolt pattern wheels – It does look a really solid car for the money

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    • Valentine

      Dark Moonstone was a ’74-only color. It was rare because people don’t order unattractive colors. I couldn’t wait to get it off my Challenger.
      As far as ’74s having native “big bolt” wheels, the difference is whether the car had disc brakes. From 1960 to 1972, all A-bodies had the 5-on-4″ bolt pattern; starting in ’73 cars with front disc brakes used 5-on-4.5″. Four-wheel-drum cars held onto the smaller bolt circle through ’76. Four-wheel-drum cars outnumber disc cars about 2.5:1 in those later years. A-bodies were inexpensive cars; option drove the price up.

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      • karl

        It has power brakes , so its a big bolt front disc equipped car

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  4. Robert West

    This car looks very solid. Dusters usually don’t rust in places like the Camaro and Mustang do. Plymouth needed to teach GM and Ford how to keep quarter panels and rocker panels from rusting.

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  5. Dave

    My commuter car in the late 70’s, 6 cylinder though. Competent car, but I never really expected too much from it.

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  6. Maggy

    My buddy got one of these with a slant 6 and we used to all pile in it and cruise the wheels off it everywhere. He was a year older then me and the other guys in our group he had his license 1st.He got it for 100.We used to call it the crop duster.

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  7. DON

    Being a higher line car, I dont think a Duster with the Gold Duster package would have come with a 198 , and though available , I dont think many Dusters were equipped with it by ’74, . All the 198 powered Dusters I’ve ever seen or owned were complete stripper models, no trim, no carpet, 3 speed manual , low to no option cars . One I owned didnt even have a radio ! . I had a 72 Gold Duster , same color as this car with the 318 , and of course , the snakeskin half vinyl top. Plenty of power and a good size car for me .I’ve owned a lot of A body Mopars in the last 45 years ,but the Duster /Demon has always been my favorite style

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    • Phil D

      While not nearly as common as the 225, not all 198s were in “stripper models”. I had a ’74 base model Duster with a 198 and three on the floor, but it had the same mid-level vinyl trim as is in this Gold Duster, carpeting, power steering, rally wheels and stripes. Really a pretty decent car for a 17 year old guy.

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      • DON

        I’m sure there were, I’m saying a car with the Gold Duster package would likely not have the base engine

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  8. Mark

    “With a vinyl roof that’s right in style,
    Looks like it came off a gold reptile,
    You can get that, when you buy the rest,
    No extra charge!” I still remember the TV commercial for the Gold Duster LOL

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  9. Tom H

    My brother in law bought one brand new – 318 and lots of options. He was so proud of that car and on day 10 of ownership an uninsured, unlicensed 14 yr old ran a red light and totaled it.

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  10. Jeff

    I remember my mom getting a brand new red Duster with white interior and white vinyl top, it had the slant six and 3sp manual on the floor. Not sure what my parents were thinking having 3 boys with that white interior lol.

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  11. Jesse

    Future wife drove a 74GD with the 318. Bench. Auto. AC. Snappy driver. It was painted Gold. Car left me first. Then the wife. In an 88 Celebrity. Only want the Duster back.

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  12. Lathebiosas

    That’s a pretty nice start for a 360 conversion……

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  13. Steve

    Big block dana gear good heads have fun

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  14. Janie Thomson

    I bought a 1974 Gold Duster new in 1974 and still own it. 318 V-8 auto., ps pb, Air, triple black in color. Still all stock.

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  15. Janie Thomson

    I bought a 1974 Gold Duster new and still own it. Still all stock with a 318 V-8 auto, air, ps pb, triple black in color.

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  16. Emel

    I remember seeing tons of Dusters….a friend of mine had one as well.

    Not so much seeing many Demons. Must have been the name.
    Peeps weren’t into Demons as much as they are now-a-days.
    One could say we’re on demon overload.

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  17. Josh snyder

    Can confirm it’s original 318, body and floors solid, wiring not so much… it’s getting a full restoration and color change

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