V8/4-Speed: 1968 AMC AMX

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If you grew up in a relatively small town as I did, there were probably a few iconic hot rods or muscle cars that you routinely saw cruising around. One of the cars that ruled the road where I grew up was a bright red AMX. It featured a big-block V8 with wide rear tires and made a big impression on this young car guy. Well, if you’ve overlooked the AMC AMX, you should take another look. This 1968 can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of over $17,000. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, these two-door cars make great performance machines! Unfortunately, the photos in the ad aren’t of the greatest quality, but I think you’ll get a good idea of what this car is all about. Check it out.

The ad doesn’t say what size engine this AMX has. There were three V8 options in 1968, the 290, 343, or 390. Hopefully, the seller will be able to shed some light on the specifics of the drivetrain to any prospective bidders. The ad does say that there are only about 84k miles on the odometer and this car appears to be a true survivor like the seller says.

Here you can see the red interior is showing its age but doesn’t look bad. The dash is very sporty with deeply recessed gauges and bucket seats. There is no rear seat in these cars, so it will be one passenger at a time.

Overall, this looks like a really nice car. If the new owner decides to hop it up, it would benefit greatly from some upgraded wheels and tires. However, if you keep the current setup, this might be the ultimate sleeper. What direction would you take this build? Drive it as is, sleeper, or full muscle treatment?

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  1. alphasudMember

    I was able to make out that it has the 290 engine badge but the seller must have updated the description to include that. Good looking car. Hopefully nothing was hidden under the new paint.

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  2. Joe Samascott

    Big Block? In an AMC? The 290,343,390 shared the same block.

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    • texchief

      AMC V8 blocks are intermediate in size.

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      • That AMC Guy

        I guess with AMC vehicles people redefine the term “big block” like they do with “matching numbers”.

        For myself, I’ve always insisted that my performance cars be equipped with vacuum windshield wipers! :)

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  3. Kris

    $17,400 so far! Even for a 290 car. Nice to see AMX values coming up.

    My first car purchased when I was 15 was a ’69 AMX with a 290 and 4spd. Even with the 290 it would get up and go. Top speed with the 4spd was only 110mph running 5500rpm. Push it any further and the valves would float. What a great driving car.

    I still have it, but it hasn’t been on the road since 1998. I started a restoration but got stalled at replacing the rusted out 1/4 panels. I’ve acquired all the sheetmetal and recently picked up a rebuilt 360 out of a 1970 AMX to swap in. Everytime I see an AMX it really makes me miss driving mine.

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    • michael j. small

      290 in an AMX is such a bloody waste,IMHO..390 or bust IMHO

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  4. Frank Sumatra

    Very under appreciated car. Then and now.

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    Inside armrest hard to find? – espec in red?
    I thought front parking lites come on with headlites on in ’68.
    An engine with a/c that’s ez to change plugs – GM should have modeled this setup. I remember how very cold it could be made inside an Ambassador.
    Is that steering wheel made by the same vendor who made the Ford rimblow one?

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    • jeffMember

      arm rests are now reproduced………290-401 same block externally kinda like buick 350-455 same external achitecture
      But all 390 and 401 have Huge block webbing and forged internals. The block webbing is so big that Chevys 454 main bearing bolts fit into the AMC block, so do Mopar and Big Block Fords …see article from June carcraft on 390 build up 2019

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  6. George Mattar

    I wish AMC was still in business. As mentioned here, very underrated car in 1968 and now. A classmate in high school had an identical car to this in 1971. He took excellent care of it. Ah Memories.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      @George- !971! I wish I had taken some photos of the parking lot of my High School parking lot. You would have seen this AMX, Javelins, Roadrunners, GTOs, SS Chevelles, 4-4-2’s, Super Bees, Corvettes, Mustangs, etc, etc. Ah, memories. 50 Years since graduation. Wow. I had better get busy one of these days!

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      • JoeNYWF64

        You would not want to take pics today!!
        What do you see in 2021 parking lots? Almost all “colorless” 4 doors – some with peeling clearcoat & faded plastic exterior trim & yellow cloudy headlite covers.
        & i bet <1% of the "cars" belong to students. How many hi skool or even college students have even licenses, let alone jobs? But you can bet they ALL have 1 thing they look at constantly.
        I read even of some young millionaire celebrites age 19-23! that have no drivers license, yet i pumped gas & had one at 16? wth

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    • JoeNYWF64

      If AMC was still in business, their “cars” today would not look like their 60’s cars – they would look like everyone else’s today.

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  7. Leon

    Back splash pan looks bent in center easy fix . 17000 for a 290 ! 4 speed is a plus . Engine swap is easy 343 or 390 would be my choice !

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  8. jeffMember

    its all about Power to weight. AMC 390 was 315,325,and 340 HP. In a car that weighted in at 3180. Take a 325-350-375 HP big block Chevelle that weights in at 38-3900 LBS. Every 100 LBS is a tenth of a second in the Quarter mile.
    figure it on on paper, Mathematically they are both going to run LOW 14’s….The Chevelle can be making 50 more HP then the AMC but its toting around 600 LBS more. Just like a motorcycle, less weight quicker acceleration.

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    • Phlathead Phil

      Sounds like a quantum theorem. I believe you are correct!🛸🚀🚘

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  9. David Bailey

    Love the AMC muscle cars ofhis period-Ultimate Sleepers! I’m guessing with the hubcaps, it’s a 290 V-8…

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  10. Sam Shive

    My mom had a 68 Rebel SST. Dad ordered it 343/4 Duel Exhaust, Posi, Bucket Seats, Surprised many of bowties, mopars, and fords with it. 290 in a AMX…..not a chance in hell would that stay.

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    • Ike Onick

      I wish I would have had your mom and dad.

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  11. chrlsful@

    I C what ur doin here. All wk (no mopower guy here) you bring on the lesser cars till the treat shows up on Saturday. Valiants, Monico, cuda, and now the crown…

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  12. Phlathead Phil

    A car with a Nova style rear end, and a Pinto front. Perhaps they missed the boat by not naming it the “Novato?”

    I have an idea some of the cars we had are coming back in an electric version.

    Whaadya think about dat???

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    • KARL

      Maybe the Nova has a Javelin/AMX style front end ? I dont see any resemblance to either IMHO

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    • JeffMember

      Time for your vision check and new By focals…..NOVA and Javelin have swoopy back ends, AMX is straight shot fast back. NOVA spanish for NO GO? Silly person

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      • Phlathead Phil🕶

        Nova means “New.”

        Phact is, American car designers and engineers were swapping companies as phast as new models were coming out.

        They were “Pirating” concepts from each other.

        Preston Tucker, Henry Kaiser and just a few others were exceptions to the rule.

        However the beans spilled out, each played their role in history.

        I have a deep respect for the Dodge brothers even though I’m a “Ford Man.”

        If it was not for them, the Model T would not have had a transmission.

        Phacts are facts whatever kind of glasses you wear.

        Go ask Elton John.

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  13. DON

    My mother had an AMC American 2 door, same color and same optional hubcaps.. Sadly, that’s where the similarity ends, hers had a very anemic 199 in it that would lose to a mail jeep in a drag race .

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    • Phlathead Phil

      What does AMX stand for anyway?

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      • JeffMember

        American Motors Experimental

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  14. Leon

    This AMX sold just under 20 thousand ! Hard to believe with the 290 too .
    390 and 343 cars with a four speed 30 plus !

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