V8 Manual: 1976 Ford Mustang Cobra II

This 1976 Ford Mustang Cobra II is equipped with the preferred 302 V8 / manual transmission combination, and despite looking slightly rough around the edges, presents as a complete car ready for a mild refresh. The seller notes the Cobra II wears original paint and will need a new clutch to be daily-driver ready. Find it here on eBay with bidding at $1,125 and the reserve unmet.

While the cosmetics are average at best and fairly tired from end to end, the roughshod appearance is actually endearing in this case, especially given the Cobra graphics and stripes are still holding on. The seller notes there are some primer spots here and there, but that the rockers, hood, quarter panels, floor pans, and rear hatch area are free from major rot or damage.

The interior features very messy carpets, later bucket seats, decent door panels, and an original center console. The carpets may look better with a cleaning, but right now, they just look tired. The seller notes the dash and pad are in excellent condition and that the crank-style windows work as they should. A later Grant GT steering wheel has been fitted; I’d track down an OEM unit.

The 302 / manual transmission combo is one that worked well then and works well now. Many of these cars were harvested for their drivetrains when they were worth less than dirt and about as popular as a bad haircut (or something). It’s good to see at least one example wasn’t pillaged when just a few years old, as this has all the markings of a fun driver for the next owner.


  1. RoughDiamond

    If I was seriously in the market for one of these “COBRA IIs”, I would buy the best I could find. If I bought this one, except for sorting the clutch and other mechanical or electrical issues, I’d leave it alone. There is or has been a major brake master cylinder leak. Then there is that cut hose above the brake power booster. I’d be concerned about that rear hatch on the driver’s side too as it looks way out of alignment.

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    • phil schmidt

      The cut tube is a emissions vapor tube from the air cleaner to the charcoal canister in the drivers fender.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I have friends who have restored several Mustang II’s. They describe the work as a labor of love. Parts, interior parts specifically, are very hard to find. There are a few ‘hoarders’ around the country who do have certain parts. Their cars, when finished, are terrific.

    I know not very many people like Mustang II’s, but I do, and always have. And I’m glad they existed, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be drooling over the 2020 Shelby GT500.

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  3. Bakyrdhero

    I like this car and These Mustang II’s have really grown on me. I appreciated their place in automotive history. I’m having a hard time placing those rims though. They are very familiar and not familiar all at once. Maybe if the center caps were on them I’d figure it out.

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    • Nitehawk770

      Early Fox bodies (79-86) had those wheels as an option. They are missing the center caps, but I believe they only had the Ford logo on them or nothing at all.

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    • Bill Posa

      Look like they’re off an 86 Nissan 300Zx.

    • z28th1s

      Those wheels came on the ’82 Mustang GT as long as you didn’t opt for the TRX wheels.

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  4. BrickyardDog42

    It has almost everything to hide the origins of that years hatchback. Where is the rest of the lower sheet metal? You don’t hear people talk how there is the wide body up front. I’d lower it. Just not too much. There’s distance between you and passenger and because of that as a bonus you don’t have to help them with the crank windows.

  5. JoeNYWF64

    Looks like good leg room in back seat, compared to many modern vehicles – even 4 doors!

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  6. Wayne

    Those wheels only came in 14″. (and not very wide) Nissan had 4 on 4.5″ bolt pattern. ( Nissan, Datsun, Toyota, MGB, etc.) These had 4 on 4.25 bolt pattern. ( Ford only if I remember correctly) I always liked the “fastback” body style but not the thumper bumpers.
    Living in the land of the potholes. (Chicago area) The Pintos ( same underneath) had no issues however the Mustang IIs would regularly eat control arm bushings and suspension components. (we would call these 40 pounds of s–t in a 10 pound bag. I still would pick one up if non rusty and at a decent price. An SVO drivetrain would be a fun car.

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  7. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    A very similar 4 lug 13inch wheel was fitted to the German ford taunus Ghia from 76-82 (optional on the “S”) & the UK Mk5 Cortina Ghia (79-82).

    A 5 lug 14 inch version was fitted to the European MK2 Granada (completely different to the US Granada).

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  8. phil schmidt

    pulled from e-bay 9/7/19

    • scott

      Wonder why

  9. Mimo Jones

    I just don’t get why you wouldn’t take half an hour and at least superficially clean the interior up.

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  10. Djjerme

    Back in High School, a buddy of mine had one of these (not a manual though) that he used to street race. It was white with the red interior, and it scooted for what it was.

    Course, everyone gave him crap about the car and called it a Pinto-stang.. But I thought it looked good and compared to many of the other muscle cars we raced back then (I had a ’67 Nova at the time), it could actually corner with some decent speed (hence why so many Mustang II’s were raided for their front suspension.)

    Honestly, the 70’s had some decent mid size to smaller cars in the domestic world, this, the GM X body (Monza) and the AMC Spirit..etc. They actually sported front suspension that could get around a race track with some hustle (Team Highball at The ‘Ring?) and still fit a good old American V-8 in them. Unfortunately, they were saddled with too much gubment regulation (smog, 5 mph bumpers..etc.) that they never got realize their full design potential.

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  11. Little_Cars

    To me, those wheels are the worst part of the car. Extraordinarily narrow and out of place on a 76. If they are from the later Fox-body I’d be surprised. I thought the bolt pattern would be different. I like those seats and can just imagine how this would look with all of its ground effects in place, farings, and a set of proper slotted mags from the Pinto/Mustang II hoarder.

  12. Paul

    Worst cars ever made…I drove one then when they were new I know these cars much better than most people do they are pure JUNK….I would like to see every last one of these Mustang II’s that are left on earth go to the crusher in hopes a saving the pour sap whom will end up with it the
    aggravation like I had to go through…..I would like to point out to you few fans of these cars that may be out there…that I know the mustang II mechanics very very well that’s why I am so passionately against them….before I new better, at one time in my life these where my favorite cars.

  13. Gene Queen

    Wow! Surprised to find this website and all the comments on the car I found on FB a few weeks ago and actually purchased. As a gen 1 owner 73 mach 1. I wasn’t much of a fan of mustang ii until the past few years they have grown on me. I was fortunate to see the listing and be the 1st one to look at it and make an offer that included delivery. Turns out this is a factory cobra II non, AC. We got lucky the clutch didn’t need replacement only adjustment. Found a window flyer in the dash from the guy the previous owner purchased it from states it’s had timing chain replaced. Engine / trans Runs perfect Working on brakes now so we can get it on the road. Anyone intereted in a mustang II project beware parts are very difficult to find! Especially the factory front valance panel I guess these cars are so low to the ground those panels must get damaged. I found one out in California hopefully it can survive Fedex.

    • Phil

      Google 334 298-3038 mustang ll spec shop new used reproduction parts Fairfax,Mn

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