Sweet V8-Powered Ferrari F40 Replica!

This kit car on eBay appears to have the guts of a Pontiac Fiero beneath its faux Ferrari F40 skin. The trend of using a Fiero’s mid-engined corpse to convert it into a cheaper and oddly-proportioned version of a six-figure supercar is nothing new; but in this instance, it actually has V8 power mounted mid-ship rather than a wheezy Fiero motor attempting to power what looks like a supercar in miniature. Find this Ferrari F40 replica here on eBay with two bids to $15K.

Not long ago, we featured another kit car tribute of a Lamborghini Murcielago that saw some similarly impressive bids I didn’t quite understand. Is there some sort of underground fan club for high-level fakes of popular supercars? I’m not sure, but parting with any amount of cash in the five-figure range for a Fiero-based kit car is not high on my list of life experiences I need to have. Clearly, when you view it from this angle, the F40 replica is not fooling anyone.

Still, if I had to own a replica of a car I’ll never be able to afford, I’d strongly consider a fake F40. I’ve never been much of a Ferrari enthusiast, but the F40 is a showstopper from every angle with looks that just felt special – the crazy low stance, the twin turbocharged V8, composite construction – somehow, they absolutely nailed the perfect manifestation of a next-gen GTO. Sadly, the very obvious Fiero roots on display in the cockpit will never leave you with the same sense of awe.

That being said, most of us will never be able to afford a real F40, or even have the chance to drive one. I suppose some enthusiasts get a certain amount of satisfaction from driving a replica, as it will still elicit oohs and aahs from the uninformed passers-by on the street. If that sort of random adulation gets your blood pumping, this Fiero-F40 may be worth a look. Hey, at least it isn’t yet another fake Lamborghini Countach with failing scissor doors.


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  1. CCFisher

    Surprised to see it has a Corvette 350 rather than a Cadillac 4.9 or Northstar. The Cadillac conversions generally include the transaxle. I wonder how long the Fiero transaxle will last attached to the SBC.

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    • Danno

      I can’t recall which website I encountered this on, but I recently read that the 3.8l V6 & transaxle combo from GM swapped right in. The article in question was about a guy who had swapped one of the supercharged Bonneville variants into his Fiero chassis.

      That swap. too me, seems like the least convoluted way to add a lot more power to a Fiero – if you can find a powertrain.

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  2. PDXBryan

    Why be condescending about fans of replicas? Really, do you think the adulation of ignorant bystanders is the only reason to own something like this? How about the idea that owning something like this would be “fun” for someone with minimal discretionary funds to own? Fun to drive at an appropriate clip and then look back at in their driveway. One of the things that bugs me about segments of the car culture is their lack of humor concerning their hobby. They remind me of the cranky hobby shop owners I’d encounter as a kid. Even then I wanted to say “Lighten up Francis, it’s only toys!” To tell ya the truth, I too was ready to dislike the looks of this, like I’ve always disliked Lasar 917s etc, but perusing these pics I think this F(ake)40 is actually reasonably successful to my eyes. I think it’d be a blast to own this and use the $ I saved on another house or 10.

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  3. Bear

    The interior would definitely need to be redone (& upgraded) if you ever really wanted to attempt to fool anyone into thinking that this was a real Ferrari.

    • Grandpa Lou

      Why try to fool anyone? Just enjoy it for what it is. A real man doesn’t try to earn respect with money, he does it with character and dignity. Unfortunately our society in general seems to differ on that, but in your own heart, the only person you truly have to satisfy, you will be proud to have been a man of worth.

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  4. Paul

    Bidding over sold $15,000

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  5. JBD

    We helped build an LT-1/stock trans Lambo kit car years ago. I helped build it for the Money Man. The stock clutch blew up first time out, It overheated and too many problems to list.

  6. Jim Toner

    Tasteless negative remarks from moderator. Never a positive comment on the builder who did a excellent job. What is your point?

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