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V8-Powered Tribute: 1952 Jaguar XK120

When it comes to driving a vintage or classic car, we all know the concessions that are involved. While it may be thrilling to sit behind the wheel of a priceless antique vehicle, the day that the air conditioning doesn’t work or a window won’t go back up as rain clouds form are indeed times that will challenge your love of the real thing. Which is why sympathetic replicas like this 1952 Jaguar XK120 here on eBay are so tempting given they look like the real-deal but come with some tweaks that make it a compelling car to use on long-distance cruises.

Now, some replicas are poorly constructed, leaving little doubt that they are, indeed, copies of the real thing. This XK120 was conceived by Antique and Collectible Autos Inc. in Buffalo, New York, and they appear to have done a bang-up job of getting the proportions right and building a car that will fool most casual observers. The Jaguar also comes with a level of detail not often seen in the replica world, including rear fenders skirts and a gorgeous Yorkshire Cream paint job.

The interiors of replicas are always a little bit off, as you can’t easily justify the additional expense of making the cockpit look just like the real thing, but this XK120 copy at least succeeds in making the interior a nice place to spend time. A classic woodgrain dash, bus-like steering wheel, and bucket seats and door panels in a color scheme that compliments the exterior are all hallmarks of a company that wants its replica kit cars to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, the biggest change is often under the hood, where you’ll find a Ford-derived 302 in the case of this XK120 facsimile. While this may be a bridge too far for a British car enthusiast who was otherwise on board with driving a replica up to this point, this reliable and cheap-to-own powerplant may be the single most compelling reason to buy this XK120 replica for the rest of us. The seller has a replica that sets a high bar for others looking to build or buy a tribute car, and I believe it’s right up there with the likes of the Beck 550 Spyder and other high-end kits; let’s see if bidders agree and if the Jaguar will hit its $31K reserve.


  1. Puhnto

    That’s a fine looking replica!
    Two things jump out that shout “replica” though.
    The XK-120 grille was more delicate. It had more (and thinner) bars than this one — and all other replicas I’ve seen.
    And the roadsters didn’t have the lovely wooden dash the DHC (Drop Head Coupe) and FHC (fixed head coupe) had.
    (I don’t think they came with two-tone seats either.)

    Still, a lovely car!

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    • David Rubin

      Early xk120’s had 2 tone seats. Twin exhaust pipes were next to each other on the left rear. If going through the trouble of making a nice recreation why not not get some cost free details right?

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      • Puhnto


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    • Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

      Being a purist as far as classic cars go I am totally surprised to realise that I would LOVE to own this car. There is only one thing I would change and that is the 302 to a Jaguar 4,2 straight six from an XJ6, oh, and the exhaust pipes as mentioned above. The standard of build looks to be outstanding and far better than the average “Fake Snake.”

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  2. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    While some will utter cries of despair as teeth are gnashed and hands wrung, this is a well done combination of modern technology and old school beauty. The lines of the older Jags were every bit drawn with pride and distinctive signature that one would find in the other classics of the time, which many of us very much miss.
    Though listed as a 1952, that it has a Ford 302 (and hopefully at least a 5 speed transmission) tells us it’s probably a newer fabrication but that they retained all the right proportions is a credit to their engineers. One would tend to believe that they also included more modern suspension and brakes, but regardless it’s a terrific “mashup”, a loving concoction of past and present to enjoy driving into the future.
    Good eye, Jeff, and nicely written!!

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  3. AnalogMan

    Forget about the whining purists who can compress coal dust into diamonds with their anal sphincters. This car is just pure fun for not a crazy amount of money.

    Who cares about ‘rules’? Who cares what strangers might say? The only rule that should matter is, are you having fun driving the thing? I sure would with this! Unlike most kit-cars (and I’have had some) that are just gawd-awful both in styling and jaw-droppingly bad build quality, this one looks well done. It looks good, and it seems to have the goods to make tooling down the road fun (302 V8, Borg Warner 5 speed manual).

    It’s much less expensive and certainly far more rare than the Cobra replicas you see a dozen of at every Cars & Coffee. For about the price of a Miata, you can have something you won’t see yourself coming down the road in.

    Someone will have a lot of fun with this. If it wasn’t 2,000 miles away I’d be very tempted, but I’d want to check out any kit car personally before forking over cash to see how well it was built.

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    • Kim in Lanark

      You know what strangers might say? “Wow, that looks cool”. With a 302, five speed, and (I would imagine) a more sophisticated suspension than the original, you can cruise at highway speeds all day, drive it around town, and you don’t need AAA on speed dial. If I had that kind of money to blow, I’d grab it.

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    • Ray b Lancaster

      Nice job but worth spending the extra $1200 for a true 120 grill. Also, as mentioned, the roadster had a leather covered dash.

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  4. TheOldRanger

    I love this car as a convertible, and I hope someone takes it as it is, just do some cosmetic stuff, but nothing major.

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  5. william rowe

    Looks like a pretty faithful replica, but a couple of things would get it closer to the original. Is that an XK140 grille? The fog lamps look better inboard of the headlamps in my opinion. I like the two tone seats but that dash would look better in burled walnut or painted metal. Just my aesthetic observations. It looks like a lot of fun for the money!

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  6. Gerry Horowitz

    I would love to talk with a rep from the company that constructed this XK 120. I a, very interested in purchasing a replica like this one. I am leaving my contact info. I look forward to a quick response.

    Gerry Horowitz

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    • Lowell Peterson

      These guys build the best and are 3rd generation! Grandpa started it and they are still expanding. I was told they have sold 4000 or more bodies over time! Have no fear!

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    • Ray b Lancaster

      I believe the company is our of business. Go to kit car in facebook. In post about my replica, there is unfinished kit for sale.

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  7. CeeOne

    30 Years ago a friend had a white 120 roadster in his driveway with a SBC and a powerglide. He’s passed. always wondered what happened to that car?

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  8. Rik

    I’m curious as to what frame and suspension this is riding on…

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  9. Laurence

    I would do something about those exhaust pipes, as they are a give-away of non-originality, but otherwise would leave this replica pretty much as it is. As for the people who have mentioned that the grille is an XK-140 one (that has been incorrectly chromed) as opposed to a correct XK-120 one with more but thinner bars, that is correct. I would guess the XK-120 grille didn’t allow quite enough air in to keep the 302 cool, so the 140 one was the next option. A well-executed replica and kudos to its creators for going to the trouble of giving it 16 inch wheels as opposed to the ubiquitous 15 inch ones of all the other replica manufacturers.

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    • Puhnto

      You’re so right. Big kudos on the proper size wheels. They truly do make all the difference.

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  10. Gerard Frederick

    This is a smashing beauty, better than the original in my opinion.

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  11. Slimm

    I don’t doubt that some of the finicky things mentioned as negatives have to do with how the buyer commissioned this car to be built, and how much he cared if it were an exact cosmetic replica or if it was tailored to his prefernce. Such as the dash, as evidenced by various comments about what some commenters would like. I know that on real Jaguar XK models, it was not unusual for someone to replace the leather dashboard covering with wood., so why not here when the car is obviously not a real Jaguar as soon as you see the gauges, anyway. I think that they did an excellent job capturing the spirit of the car yet not making it look like an exact replica. Here is a link to the period website fro about when this car was probably ordered: https://web.archive.org/web/19991013044911/http://www.acautos.com/

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