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Walnut & Paisley: 1976 Jensen Healey GT

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor

Jensen Healey may not be the most revered name in the automotive world, but this shadowy figure deserves a second look. It is a 1976 Jensen Healey GT and it could be the lowest mileage example still in existence. It has been in storage for many years so it is going to need some work, but amazingly it only has 6,800 miles on the odometer. It is available on eBay with bidding at $3,600 and no reserve.

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor Hatch

Jensen Healeys were used in racing, but we could not find any reports of anyone ever using a GT. It was better suited for sporting duties because there was plenty of room in the back for hauling golf clubs or dogs. Shooting brakes are not common and this may be one of the most affordable options around.

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor Side

With only 511 GTs ever produced and only 260 delivered to the States, it is unlikely you will ever see another one driving down the road. We did feature another one similar to this a while back, but it was no where as original as this car. The seller claims that this Jensen belongs to his Grandfather who is very ill. Supposedly the car was purchased at a police auction in 1978 and was only used for car shows and special events. The car was last driven in 2006, but the seller is afraid to start it now because it needs to be serviced.

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor Engine

Jensen chose Lotus to power their sports cars and this 2 liter 16 valve twin cam engine features dual Strombergs and a Getrag five speed transmission. The seller is including a few parts to help get it running again including a timing belt, points, and a carb rebuild kit. Install all that and then drop the fuel tank and have it cleaned out. Throw a new battery and some fuel in there and you may be able start it up. Be sure to go through the brakes and then enjoy.

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor Dash

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor Seats

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor Door Panel

The interior of this Jensen Healey could be one of its most distinctive features. Some people probably thought it was pretty classy when new, but we had to chuckle a little. The bur walnut dash does win a few style points, but get a load of those paisley patterned seats! That’s right paisley cloth was used on the seats and door panels. It is rare to see the interior of one of these in such good condition, so you will not want to rip or stain these puppies.

1976 Jensen Healey Gt Survivor Odometer

Check out Richard Calver’s site for more information on these unique GTs. If you have any interest at all in a Jensen Healey GT than you had better pick this one up because we doubt you will ever find another one with such low mileage. Heck we doubt you will find too many that are not rusted out or that still have their paisley seats in place…


  1. Mike P

    “The car was last driven in 2006, but the seller is afraid to start it now because it needs to be serviced” Pretty much a given that it wouldn’t start now, no matter how hard he tried. My first thought on seeing the pictures was, “This thing has a Vega-Astre thing going, especially in the front end”. And grooving on the paisley seats. Boy, the 70’s were the golden age of automotive styling…

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  2. Kevin

    Price of crap then price of crap now

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  3. tacsea72

    Not very pretty, but the rare and unusual factors make it interesting. Could see me in the 30 mile commute to work in this thing. But….original or not, those seats and door panels would have to go. The first person to tell me “Nice old Vega” would be immediately wrapped in paisley.

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  4. geoff

    Spare timing belt tells me bent valves on this engine. The car does spark interest, somehow.

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  5. Michael

    It’s always interesting to see comments like “piece of crap”. Most of the time they became that ’cause of exactly this attitude from their ignorant owners/mechanics…

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  6. Bill Shaw

    KevinYou must have mistaken this car for a Pacer.

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  7. olgraybeard

    Shorten the hood and you would have a Gremlin

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  8. Bill

    The interior actually looks good in person. It looks like a museum piece! I’ll post when it gets running.

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  9. Michael

    Sold for $ 6666.66!

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  10. Allen

    That seems like an odd number……… What would be the expected price if it truly is in the description in this article? Allen

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  11. doug

    i know its a Jensen , but the same motor as my Lotus Elite and u always carry & Spare timing belt . (( geoff )) . as they need to be replace every 18,000 miles . a pain in the ass but if it drove like my Elite ,, it was fun to drive a Go-kart with 144 BHP on the street

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  12. MKB

    What happen to this vehicle? I have a good friend with one very similar. Looking art value. We are restoring “Girls Home Project” and doing research on vehicle. Advise.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      This one sold quite a while back. You may want to subscribe to our email updates thought because we dig these up on occasion.

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    • Bill

      Check out page 53 in the July 2013 issue of Classic Motorsports. It was the only car pictured on an article about the All British Car Club at Mead Gardens in Downtown Orlando in 2013. The car belongs in a Museum as it truly is a 8000 mile “barn find”. It had the original tires and spare! The PO had tried to change the timing belt and let the timing slip on the cams so it wouldn’t start. The valves were not bent so just a new belt, set the timing and away it went. It just was remarkably dirty after sitting so long in a garage. The price was a whim and the second bidder was 66 cents less! I drive it on occasion but it really belongs in a museum. I have other British cars and it truly is the best of the bunch as far as comfort and drive ability. I have no idea what they are worth. .

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  13. gordon

    Take motor out, find something, Vega with steel-sleeves- drive on, sell out motor for parts. slowride!

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  14. gordon

    A friend of mine back then had one, his dad was a race car driver , sports club type. His didn’t have a rear end like that, 2 door coupe, fast as hell, fun to drive. His was new though and he wouldn’t let me drive it. I would love to have one today. Had a MGB as well as a MG Midgit. Loved them both. Slowride!

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  15. William Russell

    I sold the one in this article a few years ago as I couldn’t stand having a car that I had to keep original because of the low miles and rarity. I just bought a red one that has a 1963 Oldsmobile 215 in it with the original Getrag transmission and updated interior. The engine has more torque but I don’t think it is too much more powerful than the Lotus. I haven’t bothered to look it up but I think the engine might be lighter than the original based on the feel of the steering. I don’t have to worry about modifying it or not driving it. It belonged to a car buddy of mine that passed away a few years ago and his wife contacted me to ask if I would be the custodian of this rare vehicle. They are much better driving than an MGB and obviously have more power. I have 5 running MGB’s with various engines so I think I am qualified to comment on that! I would love to find out what happened to my white one. I sold it at Barrett Jackson and it went to an exotic car dealer in St. Louis and after that I have no idea. I hope it ended up in a museum or something as it was one of a kind.

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