What Happened?! Porsche 914 Conversion

Go ahead, search for the words “Marco” and “Porsche 914” and tell me what you find. I’ll wait. I’m tempted to believe this total oddball of a kit car is a one-off creation built by a guy named Marco, because I can’t quite figure out what else it could be. The listing here on eBay is short on details, simply calling it a Marco Sports Car that is custom built on a Porsche 914 backbone, but even that is a presumption on my part. It’s not the worst kit car I’ve ever seen, but certainly not the best.

You got gullwing doors, a tonneau cover for a hood, flared fenders, dual exhaust, and taillights that look like they belong on a car twice its size. Yep, seems like a classic recipe for a 1970s DIY car built over a VW Audi Group product. Still, I’m cautiously optimistic this thing is pretty well screwed together based on what I’m seeing here, but the devil is in the details as it relates to kit car construction. So sue me, I actually like it from this angle.

You may feel otherwise, but I’ve yet to see a kit car interior that doesn’t look absolutely miserable to spend time in. This one doesn’t look as bad as some of the others, as the bucket seats are clearly made for someone who might actually be over five feet tall. I wish there were 914 seats in here as it might solve the mystery of the chassis’ origins, and we don’t even get a shot of the dash to see if that lines up with a 914 carcass giving up its guts to build this one-off. The buckets do look nice, though, all joking aside.

The seller the condition is “new,” which I believe means one of two things: the 914 engine has been completely rebuilt, or he is considering this one-off creation as-new because it was built from scratch and hasn’t seen too many shake-down miles. Whatever the intent, you don’t need to call something like this “new” to get buyers’ attention; I’m just not sure that will translate to a sale at the current $34,000 asking price. There is the option to submit a best offer, which I suspect is the most sure-fire way to make sure this oddity sells soon.


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  1. Howard A Member

    Since I never cared for the 914 styling, I actually like this. A bit far out there, but not another like it, if you’re into that. Front reminds me of “Hypnotoad”. IDK, $34g’s buys a bunch of recognizable cars, plus a cabin in the UP. Never ceases to amaze me how people might spend their money.

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  2. mark

    Nearly as useful as as a converting a light bulb to a 40 foot candle because the candle lasts longer…………………..

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  3. Connie Smith

    Well, you said it best in three words “pretty well screwed ” I imagine this car would give other drivers whiplash while watching it pass by.

  4. hatofpork

    The future that never happened-it looks like it belongs on the set of Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”!

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  5. Steve Bush Member

    UGH!! Why make an ugly car even uglier? Hope the seller didn’t invest too much in it because he’ll be lucky to get half his asking price especially since he didn’t provide any description beyond “1970 Porsche 914. Condition is new.”

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    • Tom Member

      CONversion or PERversion? I am with Steve Bush on this one. Gooood luck. Like someone once told me though….there is a ___ (butt) for every seat !

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    • Mike

      Go to the auction and check out the picture of the front. It looks like its half asleep or stoned.

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  6. PDXBryan

    Oh dear god….
    Man, I’m sorry – I like a lot of cars that others find homely and I really keep an open mind…..but come on! I’ll stop short of being insulting. Wow!

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  7. Mike

    Go to the auction and look at the front. It looks half awake or a little bit stoned.

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    • ken tillyUK Member

      Yep, it certainly looks a bit like the morning after the night before.

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  8. ken tillyUK Member

    Someone wasted an awful lot of money building this monstrosity, doesn’t use it much, and then expects someone with too much money to buy his poor excuse for a sports car. I have had a couple of 914/4’s and although they weren’t the prettiest cars on the road they were still a lot prettier than this car IMO.

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  9. Pookie Jamie

    I think I’d rather have a dune buggy.

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  10. Tracy

    This is what happens when you have skills and 0 taste! The 914 is a great little car. I have one. It handle great, looks great but for some reason people think it’s ok to butcher the hell out of them. Restore it and drop in an injected 911 3.2 and enjoy.

  11. Tom Justice

    Another example of just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

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  12. Classic Steel

    This is when a Bradly GT kit car meets a 914 and has unprotected relationships 😜

    I don’t dislike or like this Brad-14-GT9
    Frankenstein model but pass

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  13. Tom Justice

    Okay, I wrote the fellow via Ebay and said this-

    You are asking 34K but there are few pictures and no description other than “new”. Can you expand on that please? Is the engine re manufactured? How about the suspension components? All new rubber, etc? It would help if you would add some detail in the posting as it is being roundly criticized on a couple of other websites.

    He responded with this-
    The car is new every thing on it is new engine up graded w/over sized cylinders and F. I.

    So, what do you readers think?

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    • Howard A Member

      Clearly, they don’t know anything about the car,,,,

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  14. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    I can’t even tell (not enough coffee yet) if this turkey even runs, as the engine looks awfully devoid of any ancillary components. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  15. Graham Line

    Reminds me of my kid-modified bargain 914. Every modification removed made it better.

  16. Paolo

    Has a “Jar-Jar Binks” sort of face.

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  17. Mark G. WHITE

    A ‘Kit’ body is supposed to be an upgrade over the original styling. Even with the gull wing doors, I would prefer the Targa top it came with. For conversion back to original for me. It would have been a lot of fun to build, too bad the body didn’t at least use some italian designer good looks. Likely heaver, slower, and handles worse. I would congratulate a high school body work class on this though.

  18. Comet

    Kinda like Tammy Faye Bakker make up on Vanna White.

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  19. Dallas

    oh wow

  20. Doug

    Looks kinda like a fat Lotus Europa – I don’t believe the niche manufacturer Marcos ( Marsh & Costin ) had any thing to do with this, but it is possible. Most of their earlier cars were plywood framed monocoque construction, like the Volvo powered Marcos GT they built. The GTs were lighter, faster, and stiffer than most of their contemporaries.

  21. KevinLee

    At first glance, I thought somebody had landed a rare, albino, undersea creature from the depths of the Atlantic. Second glance came the realization that it’s just another hideous kit car.

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  22. DonC

    Please remove the good name of Porsche from this abomination!

    What a total POS.

  23. SubGothius

    I’m guessing the only thing 914 about this is the powertrain, and maybe some other running gear (suspension, brakes, and/or steering components).

  24. Moparman Member

    Well, those beautiful slotted mags do look good…… :-)

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  25. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    What in the H. E Double Tooth picks? Rant over.

  26. Steve

    I don’t think the guy’s name was Marco….I believe it was NUTSO, or perhaps IHAVEBADTASTE.

  27. Tom Justice

    The auction is over on E bay and it appears there were no bids.

    • ken tilly UK Member

      Now there’s a surprise!

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