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Which Woody? ’59 & ’64 Ford Wagons


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick which one of these two black Ford woody wagons you’d be most interested in. And yes, we know neither are real wood–nothing but the finest Di-Noc. Both are being sold by auction, the 1959 Country Squire is listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $5,000 and is located in Logan, Utah, while the 1964 Falcon is listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $3,000 and is located in Alpine, California.


Let’s look at the ’59 Country Squire first. At first glance, the body looks very solid, and it is–for the most part. The seller tells us that it does have some of the typical rust for these wagons; some in the spare tire area, the rocker panels have had a cover placed over them at one time, the area over the rear wheels are showing signs of rust, as are the inner rear quarters, but that the floors show minimal rust.


The interior looks a little bit tired, and has some unusual features such as ’59 Edsel door panels. It is a 9-passenger wagon but the third seat isn’t correct and is missing some hardware. But if you are looking at this car, I doubt you are looking for a concours restoration candidate anyway!


Surprisingly, what you don’t see here is a 352 V8. Instead, this is a 1977 Ford 351 V8 along with it’s electronic ignition, a new two barrel carburetor and it’s automatic transmission (which the seller says is a two-speed; I thought it would have been three?) Assuming the original engine was broken, I don’t have too much of an issue with this particular swap. However, if you want an original engine, perhaps the other Ford woody is for you!


This 1964 Falcon is certainly in a little bit more worn condition than the 1959, but it’s still worth a look. The paint is pretty faded and missing in spots, and there’s some rust around the roofline that may be difficult to fix.


It is a looker, though, and most of the metal is still there. Unfortunately the windshield is cracked, just like the one on the ’59.


And then there’s the interior. Oh my. I scoured the internet and was relieved to find this isn’t the stock interior. Between the seats and door panels, there’s no telling how many poor defenseless Naugas were slaughtered to produce this exquisitely tacky interior. While I am a big fan of making do when it comes to seats, this is one set that I’d want to cover up before anyone else saw them. Oh, the period Grant wheel is going to have to go as well. Perhaps this one would do instead? Nonetheless, you have to remember that this car is only $3,000 without a reserve.


If only it ran! The seller tells us there are some suspected carburetor issues, and if this hasn’t been messed with too much, I suspect it can be tickled into running quite quickly. So, my question to you is this: which woody would you prefer, and why?


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    It would be the ’59 for me.

  2. Howard A Member

    While I liked the ’59 Ford ( with it’s reverse opening hood), I’ve always liked the Falcon, and a wagon to boot. The wood doesn’t do anything for me, and it would probably go. Today, the Falcon makes more sense, to me.

    • Howard A Member

      Help, Art Fink. Not a lot of call for the Falcon!

  3. Jeffro

    59 would be in my shop. Of course, that is if I actually had a shop. Hell, my wife takes my parking space. I guess God is telling me that I don’t need a project right now.

  4. Tom

    I would choose the ’59 because it is a V8. Gotta love a V8! Clean it up, tune it up, put on a 4bbl, and off to the grocery store we go!

  5. Lumpy

    Wow….I remember our parent moved us from Connecticut to Calgary in 1962 in a 59 wagon exactly like this…except ours was equipped with the 413 ci motor. He sold it to a neighbor who turned it into a drag car.

    • Marty Parker

      What 413? Only 413 I know of was Mopar.

    • Barry Klotz

      I believe that the 413 was not a FORD engine. It would have to be either a 352 or a 390. Check it out.

      • Marty Parker

        No 390 in ’59

  6. PaulG

    The ’59 for me. I would leave it pretty much stock appearing, but since the engine has already been replaced, another upgrade and some A/C, and I’d be stylin’…

  7. Mark

    I’ll take the ’59.

  8. Tommy

    59 for sure!

  9. Luki

    Which one?
    The bitchin one of course.

  10. Fred W.

    If the ’59 has a two speed tranny, it’s the original Ford-O-Matic. Any 351 would come with a 3 speed.

  11. Tom

    Just wondering why I can’t see the comments for any of the posts any more? I could see them earlier today?

    • Josh Staff

      Sorry about that, we are making some tweaks to the site and had a small issue. Things should be back to normal now though!

  12. Bill

    The ’59 is gorgeous….. but I have a thing for Falcon Wagons, I’m afraid i might go that route…More Nauga’s to slaughter I guess.

    • Ed P

      Don’t forget about all the DiNocs that were cut down for these wagons.

  13. Irish Bill

    Definitely the 59 but I am prejudiced since I’ve done a 59 Skyliner in the past. The 59 model never seemed to generate much interest in the past but recently there seems to be more interest in this year as well as hightened interest in the 55 & 56 Fords. This wagon was one of the prettiest models of that year and this is one of the better color combo’s. All that said I thought the price a tad rich for the car but I see there is a fish on already.

    • Ikey Heyman Member

      The 1959 Ford won a gold medal for Exceptional Styling at the Brussels World’s Fair, so some people must have thought pretty highly of it at the time. I’m glad to see more people appreciating these now.

  14. sir mike

    The 59 please…

  15. Skip

    I love that ’59 Ford wagon. As I’ve commented before, I “cut my teeth” on station wagon-based ambulances. The first one I ever got to drive on an emergency run was a ’59 Ford wagon that was a “home brew” conversion. I was 15 at the time: 56 years ago. What I noticed about this wagon was that it has the split rear seat which was an extra-cost option.

    I’d love to have it, but not for $5K!

  16. Jules

    The ’59, for its spectacular rear view. I’d spend hours in the garage just sitting in a chair 6 feet behind it, sipping cheap blended scotch and gazing at it…

  17. Rustowner

    Both are very cool, but I have a serious love for ’59 Fords, especially wagons. If it weren’t so far away I’d be all over it. Nice pair of cars!

  18. Chuck Brand

    I’ve always loved me some ’59 FoMoCo goodness, but the way straight to my heart, when routed through Dearborn, usually starts with a Falcon…

  19. ccrvtt

    Back in the days of model changeover I always looked forward to the new Fords and they never disappointed me. However, since the choice is largely hypothetical, I’d take both of them. Black Country Squires are all among the best-looking wagons ever made.

  20. John P

    Love the always pleasing remarks by sellers saying cars are an “easy restoration”.. Nothing is easy on these old cars–particularly RUSTY California cars which have interior rusted panels such as the sad Falcon.. It’s price is wayyy high–if it was a 289 car–running then it’d be considered.. That roof rust is bad news people.. Yes–it can be fixed like anything else–but not in my shop thank you..

  21. lacerx

    The Falcon has a clone n California as well. The patina patterns are getting close. I found this one along with my 1957 Berkeley at a “barn find” last year. I got the Falcon for $ 500.

    • Bill

      I think the tag ois a little high on a non-running Falcon, I bought a ’65 Fairlane wagon complete with 289 auto, decent interior and everything working, no rust for $1500 a few years ago. i know it’s no Falcon, but seriously. $3k is a tad rich. I still want it though

  22. lacerx

    another photo …..also the interior is still in great shape

  23. JCW Jr. Member

    Love them both why choose if we are dreaming take them both.

  24. palser64

    I would take the 59 also.

  25. Bryan

    I really like those 1959 Ford wagons! My great-grandfather drove much plainer tan model until 1969..and it had lots of dents (he wasn’t a very good driver).

  26. BillB

    The ’59 for sure. My grandmother bought a 1959 Galaxie White/Geranium new. The rockers were full of holes after its second winter. I’d POR15 the entire underside liberally, change the oil and drive it summers only.

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