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White, Wet, & Wild: 1963 Nissan Patrol G60


Here is a 1963 Nissan Patrol G60 and it’s wet and is on a trailer. I’m just playing it safe on this one; so far, so good. The second-generation Nissan Patrol was only sold in the US from 1962 until 1969, through Datsun dealerships, and they were the only Nissan-badged vehicle sold here at the time. This white, wet, wonder is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $2,225 and a Buy It Now price of $7,500 if you can’t wait the three HOURS that are left on this auction! It’s in Camas, Washington! Ok, so much for being careful on this one with only three hours left, but it was too good to pass this one up. We’ve all gotten vehicles in less time than that so if you’re serious about getting a Patrol, now’s your chance!


The seller says that this Patrol is a running and driving example that has some rust on the floor pans, but it’s not terrible. The Patrol was first made in 1951 and they’re still available in other countries outside of North America. The Patrol is used by the military in Asia and the Middle East and by some United Nations agencies and the Irish Army.


They were rugged 4x4s and they competed mainly with the Toyota Land Cruiser and the first-generation Patrol borrowed fairly heavily from the Jeep. The G60 model has about a foot longer wheelbase than the 60 model at just over 8-feet. This one has the hard top and there is no word on if the soft top comes with it or not.


I have a friend with a perfect “Smurf Blue” Toyota FJ40 and it reminds me a bit of this Patrol interior: rugged, metal, and no frills. You can bring the kids with you in this one, just make sure they’re buckled in back there. Of course, you’ll have to add seat belts.. This Patrol has a 3-speed manual and here is the info on the three shifters that you’ll be rowing.


This is Nissan’s 4.0L inline-six with 135 hp and 217 ft-lb of torque. This Patrol drives nicely and the steering is tight, according to the seller. They say that they have driven it up to 60 kph, but that’s only a bit over 37 mph! The seller mentions that the “transmission and transfer case shift perfectly and 4WD works. It has brand new electronic ignition, plugs, wires and new Weber carburetor.” But, they also say that the previous owner has a boat gas tank connected so there may be something wrong with the gas tank. I have always liked the Nissan Patrol because they’re so unusual and rarely seen in the US. Of course, that could also be a drawback in that parts may be harder to find in the US than they are for the Toyota FJ. For anyone looking for an unusual 4×4, the Nissan Patrol is a nice option. This one looks like it could be a nice project with not too much welding to do on the body. Have any of you owned a Nissan Patrol?


  1. angliagt

    SOLD! – for $2225.

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  2. duke

    repeating the obvious again-the japs NEVER innovate they just copy as in this case-this is a copy of a land rover AND land cruiser-for those who CAN see this.

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    • Scot Douglas

      I’d suggest pulling your head out of the sand – and the 1940’s. Japanese automakers innovate far more than you give them credit for.

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      • Murray

        Scot, I cannot disagree entirely wiht Duke. Up until the end of last century I think its fair to say that his 100% correct. Since the start of this century though it can be said they has been much less a copying and more innovation but if you’re looking for cutting edge motoring technology and innovation you still need to look towards Europe and indeed in your own country, Tesler would have to be one of the most innovative manufactures around. Not only have turned around the thinking of people towards electric cars, they instituted an entirely different way of buying them too.

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    • Jonathan

      Duke, you should do some research before you comment. As to it being a copy, it isn’t close to the land rover… the patrol was a far better vehicle under the hood than it’s contemporary competitors, including the willy’s. As far as the appearance is concerned, there really wasn’t much variation on body styles, so what? Do you see the kick vents, hood vent, hole in the grill for a hand crank start, completely removable doors and windscreen? Those innovations were all first featured in this class on the patrol. Btw, the willy’s was the basis for the land cruiser BY ORDER of the US army, so your simpleminded statement doesn’t really apply to land cruiser, either.

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  3. redwagon

    i dont think it sold. ebay says $2,225 reserve not met

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  4. Car Nut Seattle

    I’ve heard of the Nissan Patrol, but I’ve never seen one. I can see this selling opposite the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 or FJ55.

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  5. ROTAG999

    Too bad it is not as shiny as that Weber !

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  6. Murray

    These things were sold in Australia for a short while but were left for dead by the Landcruiser. The lack of a four speed gearbox was a deal breaker for most out here.

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  7. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    There’s a local one for $800 that I was tempted to check out, but trying to downsize. A buddy has a Suzuki Samurai, that seems similar, and they seem to be going up in price.

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    • Anthony

      Can you let me know where the $800 one is? Name? Number?

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  8. Rustytech Member

    This is kinda cool. It may be rare and it would surely turn some heads at a local Jeep or 4×4 meet, but I don’t see anyway this would ever get near $4000 let alone $7500 in this condition.

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  9. Steve H

    Boy you sure don’t see those every day. In fact, until today, I’d never even heard of a Nissan Patrol, let alone see one. Talk about unique rides.

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  10. barrie windell

    we had a white ’66. bought it in couere d’lain, id, used. an absolute tank. being a youngster with a new toy, I tortured that poor car. we lived 38 miles from anything so keeping up with parts was tricky. the closest dealer was in sandpoint, id. they offered me an oil filter if I would just bring it by for them to look at. spun a rod bearing in red deer, alberta in the middle of winter. flew the wife and kids down to Portland, or. I took the bus. my buddy in red deer actually towed the thing to me in the spring with a ’62 mercury comet. ah, the days.

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  11. DavidP

    The Nissan Patrol was only sold for a short time because Toyota and Nissan made a deal that Nissan would stop selling the Patrol, leaving the 4 wheel drive market open for Toyota’s FJ vehicles, and Toyota would not sell the 2000gt roadster, leaving the sports car market open for Nissan’s 240Z.

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  12. Car Nut Seattle

    Bummer. It’s as if there’s not enough room on the market for either the Patrol, the 2000GT. It’s too bad the car buying public couldn’t have made that decision.

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  13. harit

    This vehicle was manufactured in India for a while for the army. They were very heavy on petrol. Many of them had a diesel engine fitted to them after they came out from the army and run into the ground. Now they have become a bit rare if original and there are collectors for these.

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