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Wide Load: 1994 Ford Bronco Dually

I’m a lover of fine art (dogs playing poker), fine music (Slim Whitman), and fine wine (two-buck-Chuck). I also love fine and unusual vehicles such as this 1994 Ford Bronco dually. This cool custom can be found here on eBay in Rising Sun, Maryland and the current bid price is just over $4,000.

There’s something really awkwardly cool about this Bronco, in my opinion. It’s almost like an Odd Rod, does anyone remember those cards? It would be just as cool if not cooler to see this on a Bronco II. You can see that as the photos go on, things get a little more… not-perfect. My dad turned our 1956 Pontiac sedan into a crazy creation with duels on the rear and I have a thing for a six-tire vehicle.

I’m not sure why the tailgate wasn’t painted to match, maybe it’s a recent replacement even though it also shows rust on it. That’s really the big thing with this otherwise super cool Bronco: rust. I cringe when I think of just how much rust may be on and in this truck. The seller has provided an underside photo and it looks ok, although they say that rust is creeping up from the underside.

The interior itself looks almost like new to me both front and rear. I can maybe see a couple of tiny nicks and there appears to be a cut or split on the passenger side of the dash, but the really scary part is the metal surrounding that great interior. The next owner will have to be that there Mike Angelo feller (Michaelangelo) on the welder in order to save this Bronco from crumbling into dust in a few years. I hope that they can save it, it’s one cool vehicle.

Like almost everything else, the engine looks good and they say that it’s Ford’s 302 cubic-inch V8 which would have had 185 hp. They say that it starts right up and runs and the clutch is good. Have any of you created a dual-wheel custom like this Bronco?


  1. Claudio

    That engine is a vortec not a ford 302…

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    • Mike

      Funny. It looks just like the 302 in my ’95 F150….It’s a 5.0L

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  2. Dirtymax

    Why is there an under hood pic of a chevy vortec 350? Clearly a completely different truck I hope. I’ve seen daully suburbans but never a blazer or bronco, I kinda dig it

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Thanks for catching that, Dirtymax! The seller has a couple of engines shown and I inserted the incorrect one by mistake, my apologies. They also refer to it as a “Jeep” so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there… Thanks for catching that.

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    • Ren Jonsin

      Blow it up. Ford 5.0.

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  3. Evan

    Where did the fuel door go??

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    • Andrew

      At the bottom of the eBay listing there is a photo of a (c)rusty fuel door on the drivers side.

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  4. Dirtymax

    No problem. As soon as I saw it I was reminded of my old chevy tahoe. Very nice wright up but why no mention of the rare 5 speed in this late model bronco? This thing would be a blast to drive with the right (low) rear end gears

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    • LARRY

      For some weird crazy outlandish reason…I like it and would love to drive it everywhere

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      • Steve

        Evedintly you do not know Ford’s very well the pic I seen was of a 302 ford

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    • Miguel

      I asked on the other Bronco.

      Is a 5 speed a selling point on one of these Broncos, or do people only want the automatic?

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  5. ThisGuy


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  6. mayhem

    Chevy Duramax??? Thats a ford bud yes all day down to the alty bracket and duel snout TB That is a Small block ford 100%

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  7. PDXBryan

    Dang Scotty, I guess yer prolly jus stoopid or sumthin but where’d you lurn ta spell DULLY!

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  8. Steve R

    The builder didn’t see fit to have the same number of lugs for the front and rear wheels. It has 5 lug fronts and 8 lug rears, it makes you wonder how much effort they put into the little details.

    Steve R

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  9. Rozy Hog

    Sorry, that is clearly a FORD 5.0 EFI. Look again.

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  10. Wonson

    Looks like a modified single cab F-series with a high end camper top…. interesting concept.

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  11. Andrew

    I live a few minutes from Rising Sun, MD. May have to look at this out of sheer curiosity.

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  12. Matt Toni

    I don’t think you could get a front bench seat in a bronco. Access to back would be limited.

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    • Evan

      It flips forward. You could certainly get a bench seat in a super cab pickup.

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  13. chrlsful

    sombody had some fun. For 4K it’s yours to finish.
    I’d play w/it (351 1sr off, then wuntun frnt…

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  14. Guggie 13

    I had a 1978 Bronco XLT that came from the factory with a bench seat, I hated it a real bear getting in and out of the back , my 1992 had buckets and I loved that Bronco !!

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  15. BrianZ

    THis has been for sale for a long time. It’s a very nice color combination and I love the fact that it’s a manual transmission. The dualie axle is novel but has no benefit. In my opinion the selling price would need to reflect the cost to reverse that modification.

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  16. KevinLee

    In regards to the question “Do you remember Odd Rodders”? Yes, I do. I still have a big stack of them minus the sticks of gum of course! I too like odd wheeled trucks like this Bronco, which is pretty cool. I had a 1989 1/2 ton Suburban that I was hoping to install a dually rear axle and extended fenders like the black one on the movie Twister.

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  17. slowbird

    I would swap the dual wheels out for some really big racing slicks. The wide fenders would give plenty of room for that. Then put a junkyard turbo on it and go have some fun until the block splits in half.

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  18. Patrick Farmer

    Don’t you just love paint jobs done by the tasteless? That tan interior really goes great with the 1990’s blue. Someone needs to install a 460 and remove the dually rear diff and replace it with a 9″ with racing slicks. Or buy it and paint it Arizona beige a Ford truck color.

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