Wilderness Special: 1968 Ford F100

I’m a big fan of “bumpside” Ford pickups, in fact, I own two of them. This one had me a little puzzled at first though. The fifth-generation of the Ford F-series pickups range from 1967 to 1972 and are becoming very popular among collectors. This one is advertised as a 1968, which at first glance, most people wouldn’t question. Upon closer inspection, you can tell the grille is from 1971. Then if you look even closer, the belt-line trim is much wider than a 1968 had. Yep, the trim is from ’71 also. Apparently, in the early 1990s, the previous owner wanted to freshen up the paint and decided to convert the trim and grille to 1971 parts. The truck can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of over $10,000. Located in Lexington, Tennessee, this ride isn’t just your average pickup/topper combo. Check out what’s in the bed of this truck!

Although this is just a standard long-box pickup, the bed holds quite a few surprises. Nicknamed the “Wilderness Special” you can see a bed that spans the full width of the camper shell. There is interior lighting and the wood paneling gives it a cozy feel…it even has a toilet! The average person would probably be very comfortable spending a night or two with this setup. Apparently the camper has been in place for almost 30 years.

The engine is a 302 cubic inch V8 and is backed by an automatic transmission. The truck also featured dual gas tanks. You can see in the photo, there are a power steering pump and power brake booster, which are great additions to these trucks. The seller says the truck “runs out silky smooth” and will cruise easily at 70mph.

Just like the exterior, the interior is really nice. The current seller says they lowered the suspension using all new components. The stock suspension components can be included with the sale if the new owner chooses, but I think it looks cool just like it is. What do you think of this classic truck/camper combo?



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  1. Fred S Wilharm

    Never heard the term “Runs out…” used by anyone other than a used car salesman. Wonder what he gave the 84 year old for the truck?

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  2. TimM

    Really nice and clean!! I’m not one for caps on pickups but the inside of this is cool and screams 70’s with the paneling and the bed looks comfortable!! Would save a couple of bucks getting a hotel on your cross country run!!!

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  3. CanuckCarGuy

    Nice looking truck, look even better with the correct mirrors, and the dash seems to have seen some modifications at some point. It’s also not easy to get these trucks that low in the rear, without notching the frame…shame if that’s the case on this one. Too many of these are being cut up.

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    • AZVanMan

      I thought it was just that monster camper shell and interior on top of a 50 yr old 1/2 ton!

    • tim

      The frame was not notched and nothing else was cut. Everything can be returned to stock if a future owner desires. im including all the stock parts with the sale.

  4. Skorzeny

    I would return it to stock height immediately. My rule, lower cars, raise trucks…

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    • Dave

      It’s all fun and games…until you run over a 4×4 timber dropped from the semi in front of you! Lends a whole new meaning to the Big Bang theory.

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      • Barzini

        Oddly enough, I saw that happen two weeks ago while coming off the Mass Pike. Another semi was the first vehicle to strike the loose board. It happened so quickly I could not tell if other vehicles ran it over too.

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  5. Howard A Member

    Even though it’s pieced together, it’s a really nice truck. “Runs out” is an old term, I’ve heard old truckers say that, and I’m not a fan of lowering it either. With gear, that camper shell adds a lot of weight, and would need the clearance. I have a similar cap on my Jimmy, was thinking of a bed of some sort, I like what they did, instead of going the long ways. Hey, with hotels a hundred bucks a pop, I could sleep back there. Just like old truckin’ times. “Dad’s pad when mom was mad”,,,

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  6. Dave

    Funny thing is that these have Twin I Beam front suspension and when the front coil springs get tired the front wheels splay out and nothing good happens from there. It takes a ton of work to “slam” one of these and have it steer safely.
    From the looks of it I’d say that Grandpap liked to hunt and/or fish. He must have been a short fellow too because you’re not using the bed like it is if you’re tall. I spent a few nights sleeping in my 67 F100 so…

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  7. SDW

    I knew a guy in high school in the mid 70s who had an almost identical setup. He had the back window out of the cab for direct access to the back…. His was also for hunting, but he had a very special kind of “prey” in mind!

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    • Rattlehead


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  8. bobhess bobhess Member

    They make 2″ and 4″ dropped front spindles for these. Doesn’t change the geometry of the twin I-beam setup. Doesn’t look like the back has been lowered a whole lot but it’s hard to tell. Still, it’s a really nice looking truck.

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    • Dave

      Did not know that. It makes sense that if Grandpap had trouble getting in and out because he wasn’t tall he would have had the truck lowered instead of having running boards installed.

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    • tim

      They only make 3′ drop I beams for 65-79 twin I beam trucks, not spindles are available. Thanks for the compliment!

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  9. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Pretty close to a truck I’d love to have and similar to a ’72 F100 I did have. I prefer a 302, they’re not bad on fuel and have enough power for tooling around and most chores; mine was capable of hauling my 23 foot travel trailer with no problem. The two-tone blue here is attractive and the interior looks very good but the cap would have to go; I don’t care for it and have no use it. The later model trim and grille wouldn’t be an issue for me but it’s been lowered. I don’t like lowered pickups at all and if the frame was cut as CanuckCarGuy suggested it might have been, that would be an big issue for me. Still, this is a beautiful truck and I have no doubt the new owner will be very happy with it.

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  10. Kman

    I had a 72 back in the late 90’s I drove it from California heading to Illinois when the engine came apart in Des Moines Iowa. I sold it to a towing company on the side of the road for 500 bucks. I wish I still had it.

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  11. Comet

    Nice truck, but I’m 6’1.” In my case “comfortable” would be open for interpretation.

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    • Dex

      At a mere 6’1″, you should easily fit comfortably in a 1969 Ford pickup. Trust me, these are very nice and comfortable even for us that are over 6’1″. As for the truck, very nice, but definitely think these look better when sitting at stock height.

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  12. Paolo

    Maybe a dumb question but why are these called “bumpside”? Single wall bed allowing loose cargo to dent the sides creating a bump on the outside? I’ll take your answer off the air. Great show by the way. :^)

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    • Howard A Member

      No dumb questions here. I’ve had several of these, and drove several more for jobs and never knew what was what. Apparently, the trim that runs along the side sticks out on a bump, as opposed to in ’73(?), they changed that to an indentation that ran the length of the truck, calling them “dentsides”.

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      • Paolo

        Aha! Somehow I never noticed. Now I am on high alert!

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  13. Stevieg

    I suspect this is actually a newer truck with a switched vin number. Might have a 1968 title, but it is not a 1968 truck. I hope I am wrong.
    Paolo, there is no such thing as a dumb question. None of us as individuals can know everything. That is why I come to this website, to learn from others. This website & these people here are all great resources.
    With that thought in mind, I wish you all a joyous holiday, whether Christmas, hannukah, quanza (I hope I spelled that correctly), festivus, or even if your holiday involves smoking meth while kicking old ladies & raping their dogs…well, maybe not that far.
    Anyhow, happy holidays everyone! May this season bring peace & happiness to all! And thank you all for accepting me, in spite of my quirks lol!

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    • Tim

      You suspect wrong, I own it and it’s defiantly a 68 truck.

  14. petemcgee

    Reserve not met at $12,600. Seller has it advertised for $15k on other sites.
    The market has spoken, and the market always wins.

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  15. Franklin A.

    It would be helpful if the seller would include a real story, and real VIN so people knew exactly what they were getting.

    • Tim

      The story shared on the ebay auction is100% truth! I have no reason to lie, the 85 year old gentleman had lots of integrity to his character and shared the truck story with me in full detail over the 4+ hours I spent with him the day I purchased it from him.

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