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Wisconsin and Back: 1968 Dodge Mobilodge


While we have featured a rash of campers on Barn Finds this week, it could simply be attributed to the pending arrival of summer and our collective desires to embark on a road trip. Of course, determining which vintage camper rig is the best one for the job is half the fun, so check out this handsome Dodge Chinook Mobilodge here on craigslist in Wisconsin for $9,999.


This thing just oozes style and comfort, from the checkerboard floor tile to the well-equipped kitchen and dining area. There’s even booth-style seating in the middle of the rig so you can enjoy your dinners indoors and in comfort in case the weather turns foul. Looking out the front, don’t worry – the sun’s not about to explode. But the seller has pulled the privacy curtains down, likely to keep the cabin cool. This rig has it all!


Here’s that nifty center seating arrangement. You can tell this camper has been kept in good order just by how livable the interior still is. Inside, you’ll also find a toilet and sink along with a shower and furnace appliance. The Mobilodge relies on the venerable Dodge 318 V8 for propulsion, and it’s said to run well with recent maintenance that includes new filters along with replacement fuel and water pumps.


The seller claims he has logged some serious road trip miles in his Chinook but that even with the memories made, it’s still time to send it on to a new owner. It’s rare to find any camper of this vintage with such a fresh interior, and let’s not forget the body also appears to be in great condition. With so many fond memories collected and an interior that’s clean enough to sleep and eat in, the seller has done right by this Mobilodge – hopefully, the next owner will do the same.


  1. xroads

    Love that thing and it’s only 20 miles from me! Appears to be well cared for.

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  2. Djbartu

    Although I’ve been reading barn finds for quite some time, I rarely comment on vehicles. but this one would fulfill a retirement dream. This is exactly what I would buy, pack up some stuff, and road trip across the USA visiting all 50 states. Maybe someday …

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  3. Van

    I like it, a camber without bad 70s and 80s style, even new RVs have the same bad style. This thing is so much better. I would add 2001 space odyssey memorabilia.

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  4. OA5599

    She’s a beauty.

    Love the 8-track and CB!

    Looks like all it needs is a driver and a Road Atlas,

    I wonder what MPG the 318 delivers on the open road?

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  5. Jim

    I didn’t see a bed in the motorhome. Did I just miss that in the pictures, or maybe the table drops down to form a dinette area bed?

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  6. bcavileer

    If my memory serves me well, Dad’s 318 got 12 to 15 mpg. Ran great. And the new motors with all the technology do not do that much better. 14:1 is the number , no matter what they try. Lol

    Extra points to those who can identify that ratio…

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  7. Steve B

    For us baby boomers this is a time machine. Great find!

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  8. bcavileer

    Congrats Leroy, the stochiometric constant. Perfect combustion ratio for carbon based molecules. Bravo.

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    • Texas Tea

      bcavileer, will you please adjust my two cycle weed eater?

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  9. Pj

    Gas Mileage?, Well we often forget how much less actual ENERGY is in any given gallon of gas these days compared to way back then. Gasahol/Etthanol & the other chemistry used to “clean” up the fuel really hurts the mileage we get today. Forgetting for a moment the possible ecological negatives I’d guess that we’d all see a 15 or 20 % increase in mileage if we could go back to Esso from 1968. On that not I’ll retire to enjoy some exhaust pipe dreams… Pj

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  10. Howard A Member

    Now before we get all starry eyed about this unit, how many have actually spent time going down the road in one of these? I have, and it wasn’t pleasant at all. After a long stint with pull behind campers, the old man “graduated” to the motorhome, and had a Winnebago Dodge very similar to this. Granted, once you got to where you were going, it was great, no trailer to mess with, but the ride itself, was nail-biting and hair raising. It’s basically a straight truck chassis, and rides like one. I have many memories of dad fighting the steering wheel in a stiff head wind or truck coming at us on 2 lanes, while barely getting the speed limit, and sub 10 mpg was the norm and bouncing down a bumpy road. Another problem with motorhomes, is unless you pull a car or something, ( further exasperating the fuel mileage) you have to take the motorhome everywhere ( look out for that low canopy at the drive-in.) For short jaunts, it would be great, camping, retro-style. I’d bet everybody at the campground would have a story about one like this. Probably their 1st motorhome. Cool find.

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  11. Dave Wright

    We did 350 miles yesterday in my dad’s 76 Chinook I inherited last fall. Towed my 22 foot aluminum jet boat, took kids, grandkids and us over a high pass to Mcall Idaho and fished lake Cascade. The old girl got 14 MPG and ran along smoothly at 60-70 mph. Off course, my dad has owned it over 35 years and it has had impeccable maintenance. She was comfortable for all 6 of us, I got to take a nap on the couch on the way back. She is very high quality and streamline with an all fiberglass body. Chinook also built this type motorhome mostly on Dodge chassis. Many had 413 or 440 engines. This type vehicle can be wonderful without spending huge amounts of cash.

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  12. Mike

    You had me at “Working CB and 8-Track player”!!!

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  13. Grace

    I have a 1969 just like this one. I absolutely adore it. Someone asked about beds. There’s a 6 foot long sofa bed in the back. It can be slept on as is, or pulled out (so easily) into a double bed. Across from the table is another short bed. About 4′-8″ long. Up front there is a fixed bench seat, and one that swivels. The front bench seat can be locked down facing the driver, the side window, the front window, or the back. It folds down (very easily) to make a single bed. Sometimes I take the front seat out so I have more storage space. I love going on day trips, music festivals, just driving it around town is a blast. Everything stops when I drive by. People stop whatever they are doing and stare. So, I wave and beep my horn. The horn is so cute. It don’t know if it’s the original but it sounds like an old VW Bug. I love driving it. I call mine Elliot (named for Mama Cass Elliot) She came into my life 3 years ago in pretty good shape. I put 6 new tires on her, a fuel pump, got the heater core fixed up, replaced a cracked side window. My windshield has a bad crack. I’m out here looking for one and ended up drooling over these pictures and stories. Thanks for sharing! Here’s a picture of my birds going on a camping trip. Peace out. Gracie

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