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World’s Worst? 1970 AMC Rebel Machine

Look, we’ve all been there. We’ve all gone to look at a car, and had the seller give us the low-down on how this car is the best example in the world, or the fastest, or even the rarest. He will rattle on about how this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and that we need to act now. The owner of this AMC Rebel Machine is slightly different. He doesn’t say much about this car, except that it may well be the world’s worst Rebel Machine. Refreshing? The “world’s worst” is located in Orwell, Vermont, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. In keeping with its “world’s worst” tag, the price for this derelict classic is an incredible $111.

Well, the hood looks reasonable, as does most of the glass. From there, things head downhill in a real hurry. The Machine has some pretty major rust issues, and these are the ones that we can see. There is no indication on the state of the floors, but the overall appearance of the car suggests that it has been in a pretty damp environment for a long time, and this has inflicted plenty of damage to the car. The distinctive wheels that were created for The Machine are all present, although not only are they quite rusty, but are missing their special trim rings and centers.

This is the only photo of the interior, and it does tell an interesting story. While it appears as though it might be largely complete, it looks quite dilapidated. However, the dash and pad might actually be in a restorable state. The big story that the interior tells is one of dampness. You only need to look at the carpet, the housing for the aftermarket tachometer, and any other metal parts to see how wet it has been inside this classic AMC. On the subject of that aftermarket tach, that would seem to indicate that The Machine’s original hood-tach is either missing or that it no longer operates.

The slightly nose-high stance of this vehicle tells another story again. That story is that the original 390ci V8, an engine that pumped out 340hp, is long gone. The lack of a Hurst shifter poking out of the floor would also seem to suggest that the original T-10 transmission is probably also gone. With any sort of luck, the original “Twin-Grip” rear end has managed to remain, which would be one positive. If that is still there, it alone would probably justify the asking price for this car.

In 1970, 2,326 Rebel Machines rolled off the production line. Today a good one can fetch $30,000 or more. This one is listed at $111, which seems to reflect its claim as “the world’s worst.” However, as a parts car, it would seem to be worth every cent of that, and more.


  1. PaulG

    I’d put together an engine/trans , make it steer and stop, and enter it into the AMC National’s
    Might be a great conversation piece!

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  2. Darrun

    WOW. The wheels are probably worth more than most people would want to pay for the car. Hopefully someone will save it if possible. If it was closer, I would have to take a look. I would love to have one, but nice one’s are out of my budget, as are most muscle cars nowadays.

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    • Steve S

      I’m with you about what you said Darrin. I like the under dog AMC rebel machine and want one as well. but this is to far from me also.

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      • Stillrunners

        Rust free white donor car sits in a wrecking yard he in Dallas.

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  3. rustyvet

    It appears to be cracking in half from the drivers side floorboard to the stick shift..

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    • Shane

      Torn carpet

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    • Little_Cars

      Twisted floor from an aggressive driver maneuver years ago? The engine and gearbox must have jumped ship when their anchoring points broke free. Good catch…you can see it clearly in the expanded photos on CL.

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  4. Walter

    If you’re restoring one, there are a bunch of parts which are worth more than the asking price.

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  5. Comet

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the author really has a “thing” for dash pads?

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    • HydTech

      He’s a whack job. Doesn’t know what Door Panels are, thinks everything is Fitted to vehicles, sees wood on a dash and calls it Timber, and everything would respond to a Clean. Clean what, pair of boots? Bunch of bananas? It’s ridiculous. Several of us have tried to guide him, but he doesn’t get it. Think he’s new to being an auto enthusiast.

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      • grant

        No brother. He has a “vocabulary,” and he knows how to use it. And he doesn’t Capitalize important sounding Words.

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    • grant

      You ever had to change the dash pad in a car? It’s a pain in the @$$, so a good dash is a plus. And with this car there isn’t much good to point out, he he had to mention it.

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  6. JOHN Member

    I seriously doubt that he is asking $111.00… it might be worth more that in scrap metal value. If I was close, for $111 I would have bought it. The hood is rare as hen’s teeth, the wheels, the rear axle if it original are all worth more than that easily. I am betting it is $11,111.00 And the author needs to take a look at that “tach” hanging from the dash, it appears to be an oil pressure gauge to me, but it’s certainly not a tach.

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    • Superdessucke

      $111?? In this red white and blue economy? LOL!!! If this was a 1970 Chevelle SS in the same condition, it would be selling for $25,000.

      This is probably not worth that kind of money but substantially more than a hundred and eleven bucks. Well, strike that. It might be Worth 111 bucks given it work it needs but in this market, someone’s going to pay more.

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    • grant

      He doesn’t have a title for it. Idk about Vermont, but in the state I live in you cannot scrap a vehicle without the title.

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  7. Morley Brown Member

    Copared to a burnt/crushed Superbird this is a way etter deal. All you complainers / experts have ruined this site. Most of you are still driving your mothers 4 door Yugo, but you sure know a lot about nothing.

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      Well then, it’s a good thing we have you to enlighten us.

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    • Mr.BZ

      MB, the Yugo was only available in 2 door convertible and 3 door hatchback here in the U.S., but I get your point.

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    • Superdessucke

      My mother had her Yugo stretched by George Barris, so yeah.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      etter ?

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  8. Dan

    When I was buying a house in 2011, I headed out to one potential purchase. I wasn’t too far away when I almost snapped my neck to ogle a Rebel Machine in a nearby driveway! Had I bought that particular house, the Rebel Machine’s owner likely would have come to detest me and my pestering him to sell me the car.

    My assessment of the featured example is that it’s fated to be a parts car. I hope I’m wrong, though.

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  9. TimM

    I paid $25 for a 72 Ford Torino wagon with the fake wood stickers on the side!!! The car was red with a 351 Cleveland and an automatic transmission!!! My brother had a $40 dollar Pontiac lemans with a 350 and an automatic with buckets and the center console!!! We smashed into each other for about a week in the fields where we grew up!! We both sold parts off the cars and got our money back and then some!! We never thought those cars would be valuable!! Point being I don’t think you could go wrong paying $111 for this car!! The shipping will cost more!!!

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  10. Troy s

    I’m picturing this machine in my mind before it got sunk. Actually a decent body style and if it had that 390 probably darn quick too. I don’t remember seeing one ever, not one…of course my time was the late seventies on up when I’d of taken notice. I remember one SC Rambler without the red, white, and blue as it sported primer in grey, lots of AMX and Javelins, but no Machine. Heard about one from an older co-worker years ago and he said it would pull the front wheels off the ground. Dang!
    Neat to see something rare like this for a change.

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  11. Jim

    I bought it and it wasnt that bad, anybody can sit by a shiny one at car show and listen to the oh ahhs. .takes a little more to quit crying and save one of these bueatys with your own hands. Way more satisfying

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    • Ian C

      That is great to hear!! I hope you can keep us updated on progress. These are in my top 10 of favorite cars easily. Congrats!!

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  12. Jim

    Will do..Thanks Ian

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    • Jim

      cars doing well. just replaced floor pans and most of floor. engine bay welded and cleaned up. have correct 390 am rebuilding. new fenders and doors new carpet. probably l be done by end of summer. will paint back to original red white and bue with stripe kit. they dont let you post pics here. anyway I will sell to genius who said car was broke in two in above comments then for 35000 plus. nothings that bad if you have money and hands.

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      • Ben Sechrist

        That is awesome that you saved this car!!!

        What is the current status???

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