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Worth Saving? 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevy Camaro hit the pony car scene in 1967 to do battle with the successful Ford Mustang. And they did an admirable job of it, flooding the market with more than 285,000 copies in its first year. The car would be in continuous production for 35 years and then make a comeback about a decade ago. This ’67 edition is a project car at best, but you’ve got to have a lot of vision to see a future for this one. The Camaro is located outdoors in Little Rock, Arkansas and here on eBay where the bidding has reached $1,025. But if you’re really destined to make this car your own, you can hit the Buy It Now button and take it home for $6,000.

The seller admits this car is rough but feels it’s restorable. But you have to ask why. It isn’t an RS or SS model, which would be collectible today. It probably wasn’t even a V-8 model, which limits its desirability today. We’re told it probably had an inline-six under the hood, but it’s long gone along with the transmission. The seller thinks it came with a 4-speed manual, but that doesn’t seem likely. But that’s not where the MIA list ends. The hood is gone, and half of the glass is missing, too. The sub-frame and rear frame may be in good shape, but it needs new cabin and trunk floors.

Apparently, this Camaro was white in color first before being repainted blue later on. Things are fairly crusty wherever you look, including the dashboard and trunk. The rear axle for this or another car is laying inside what’s left of the passenger compartment (no seats or door panels either). And it doesn’t have a title. The seller says he has secured a State of Arkansas Trooper VIN Verification that’s supposed to be the first step in getting a clean title there.

If you were to restore this car, you’d probably spend more money in the end than buying a decent one to begin with. It would also be a weak candidate to become a donor for another project, especially if you get it at the Buy It Now price. Not that many years ago, you’d have to pay the junk man to haul a car like this away. Is there some hidden gold here that I’m missing?


  1. Arby

    Out of the 285,000 there has to be at least 284,000 better than this one.

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    • T


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      • Al

        I think it should be mounted on a plinth for all to see GM’s answer to the Mouse-tang.
        Possibly, a plimsoll-line should be painted on the plinth, so that the edifice is appears above the inundation of flood waters of the new Year.

        Failing that, …..Happy Holidays!!!

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  2. Vance

    It looks like a Christmas turkey after the dinner, just a bag of bones. I don’t know where these recent Camaro sellers have been, but they think that their junk deserves top dollar. How can you justify 6k when its worth absolutely nothing. Nothing amazes or shocks me anymore, maybe Santa can lend a hand and take this on his way back to the North pole. Merry Christmas to everyone.

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  3. sir mike

    Sorry…Save what???

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    • Al

      Hear it Twice, I understand!

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    • STU

      You dip this hunk of S–T in acid..your lucky half of the car will come out ok…DON’T WASTE YOUR CASH!

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  4. sir_mike

    Sorry…Save what???

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  5. Ike Onick

    No. But I am pleased to add to the BF eyeball count for 2020.

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  6. chris

    not trying to be a smart ass, but you need a little help on your Camaro facts. gm produced a total of 220,906 cars in 67, then 235,147 in 8, 243,085 in 69. from a post last week on another 67,it was stated the car could not have the original engine because it was listed as a 350, and gm did not make it until 69. In fact , gm produced the 1st 350 in 67, the only car it was offered in was the ss small block model. The 67 cast block still had the crank case vent tube cast in the block like the 327. Gm Recast the 350 in 68 for pvc in. v.cover. 68 350 only in ss Camaro exclusively. 69 was the 1st year across the gm line you could get a 350 in other models. So all you guys out there with a 327 in you ss numbers matching car , sorry, they never made an ss with a 327.

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  7. Steve R

    At this point it’s not even a viable parts car. Then VIN say it came from the factory with a 6 cylinder, that rules it out as a candidate for any kind of VIN swap.

    Steve R

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  8. Franklin M Sarver

    Honestly I can’t believe what’s left of this car has been bid as high as it has.

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  9. Raymond

    Throw this car in burn pile its to far gone to saved

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  10. AMCFAN

    I knew a local guy who along with his young sons were very talented. All he needed was a cowl and roof of a Camaro. They would add the rest. He built four to five a year. He built the engines (usually big block) and the chassis. Pro Street Pro touring whatever.

    The guy passed away several years ago (still quite young) but could turn out some amazing stuff. So yeah it can be saved. Would I want it NO.

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  11. Mark Harribine

    I might consider hauling it away for free considering that it would cost more to haul it to Florida than it’s worth in scrap.

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  12. dogwater

    I guess if BF doesn’t dig these cars up we wouldn’t have anything to throw rocks at ……………..

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  13. Jim

    I think the seller is thinking what is the title and vin# worth and part out what you can

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  14. chuck

    Shoot me now if that’s worth $6K.

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    • stu

      $6K includes the grass and weeds…not a bad deal?

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    You are exactly right Vance,I do believe that a mouse may have even been knibbling on the bones as well 😎

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  16. ErnieSC

    I wish to ask a sincere question…………………..
    The Bidding “Supposedly” is $1525.00 at 11:08 A.M. EST. I absolutely LOVE Classic Cars. I have a 67 Chevelle I bought NEW 12/66. Wife has an 84 Camaro She bought New.
    BUT, WHAT on this Camaro is worth $1500.00? A Door? They’re available at Junk Yards near me for a lot less than that!
    I realize I am Old so – “What am I missing regarding Saving/Salvaging/Restoring/Parting Out” something like this?
    Merry Christmas to everyone!

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  17. George Mattar

    Even Helen Keller would not buy this roach.

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  18. Tom

    Uh…no. It’s probably not worth the time it would take to scrap it out

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  19. david r

    If one was Bill Gates rich it would be a lot of fun to spend 150k to restomod this car just because you could. Course it would be worth half that, but so what?

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  20. KKW

    Scrap value wouldn’t even amount to anything. Let mother earth have it back, it’s already half way there

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  21. bruce baker

    Does anyone know if it is possible to combine this with a axed up running 2015 V-8 Camaro?

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  22. JoeNYWF64

    I thought sixes & even base v8s came with monoleaf springs in ’67 on Camaros.
    Were multileafs an option?
    IMO, it’s a parts car – buy, & remove what you need. Looks like doors & fenders may still be good, entire rear, steering column(if spins freely-rebuilts are not cheap!!), wheels, maybe tires, wiper motor, front control arms, front subframe & possibly rear bumper.

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    • bruce baker

      Joe, my 67 RS/SS definitely had monoleaf but I wasn’t sure it came with them off the showroom. I was told it came with a “327 + a M-21 4 speed. But was swapped out for a race built 400 small block 74 Chevy pickup engine/M-22”. Did an 1170 run in the quarter mile. No power steering/power brakes, front wheel wells, fender braces or A/C.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        I read that the 400 small block had cooling passage issues. & the stock 2 bbl only motor would have been lot slower than a 327. lol

        Now i remember that even the ’67 z28 came with monoleafs, but also had some sort of crude traction bar on the passenger side rear.

        The not that heavy at all camaro fender braces are best left alone. Ridiculous 6 lb each leafspring-like! ones are on ’74-6 firebirds
        Just replace with much lighter & thinner ones from a ’77-81.
        The front license plate HOLDER on a ’74 is 7 lbs! Insane.

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      • bruce baker

        Hey Joe there was nothing slow about my 67 Camaro or it’s engine! Keeping the 4″ wide front tires on the asphalt was Abit hard. Yeah as I didn’t want to hurt those beautiful centerline rims. At 900 feet down the track the valves would float killing the engines top end at 105 MPH. But my heavier Erson valve springs would have fixed it had the car not been stolen after only owning it 7 days. No over heating or 2 barrel or front plate at all.

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  23. Steve Clinton

    BIN for $6000? Someone is hallucinating.

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  24. Bart

    I need a tetanus shot just looking at it.

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  25. Dan

    I wish I had some of the Camaro so I junked I could’ve sold some for $20,000 hard to pay up that kind of money for that kind of car

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  26. glen kay

    how do they come to 6000 is there some thing i dont no there is not even enough for scrap price

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  27. Arthur

    If there IS any hidden gold, it probably won’t be found without media blasting, and from what I saw in the pictures, media blasting is definitely needed.

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