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Worthwhile Project? 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

It seems as though back in 2020 this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro made a long trailer journey from North to South, as that’s how long ago the seller purchased it and the F-Body still has a Michigan title.  It’s now down south in Tampa, Florida, but from the looks of things, it may have spent a lot of its former years in more hyperborean-type climates than The Sunshine State.  But if you’ve got the skills to resurrect this one, perhaps it’s worth checking out here on eBay as there’s a buy-it-now option at $12,000, so your initial investment at least may not be too exorbitant.  At the moment, bidding has reached $10,100 with the reserve not yet met.

Upon first glance of the Camaro, the body doesn’t really look all that bad, and most of the exterior parts are still present.  But that’s based on the 3 angles we do get to see, as there’s not a shot of the passenger side provided.  Originally, the car was gold, but the prior owner painted over it and now it’s green.  There’s no mention of how long ago the paint was applied, and no word on what kind of body repairs were made prior to the respray.  Apparently, the seller is owner number 3 and recently made the decision that he just can’t get around to this project.

Once you move to the lower parts of the body, that’s where the issues begin to show, as the car has a considerable amount of rust in the floors and rockers.  We don’t get a single photo from the underside, but the seller does mention that the left rear frame rail will need replacement, and while nothing else down below is specifically addressed I’d probably want more info on what all will be required to put the Camaro back on the road safely from a frame standpoint.

The 350 is not the original motor, and there’s no detail given as to where it came from or if it’s had an overhaul.  The engine was apparently running strong when the owner acquired the car, but now it has been sitting and no longer runs.  A carburetor rebuild and a new battery are among the known needs under the hood, but beyond that is a mystery what all it will take to get the small block going again.

Things inside are stated to be mostly original with no real modifications to anything, although that steering wheel looks like the type we bought from our J.C. Whitney catalogs back in the day.  I’m guessing the interior is going to require a day or two’s worth of thorough cleaning, at the very minimum, if just a basic driver is what the next person is going for.  Or better yet, a refreshing, plus new carpeting once those floorboards are replaced.  But another concern inside there is the headliner, which I hope hasn’t been home to critters in the past.  This one’s going to need lots of attention, but if the price is reasonable maybe somebody can make it worthwhile.  What do you think?


  1. Camaro Luv

    EBay shows pictures of floor boards which indicate full pan replacement.

    Its has the metal termites on bottom, lower door jams , rockers.

    I will not count out trunk , front sub frame and under trunk rails plus rear window passenger side repair.

    I like 69 Camaro’s being a former owner but think this needs a minimum of 30 grand added with sweat equity included.

    Good luck with restoration.

    A LS motor or Electric conversion would be cool since NOM

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  2. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga Member

    This Camaro is now at $11,100 on E Bay, and offered up from a top rated seller.

    That being said, from the photos, the tin worm has been at the buffet for quite some time. Open the cylinders and spark the welder for some extensive metal work, there might not be much left after the acid dip……

    Maybe a reasonable budget resto-mod is in this one’s future?

    Best of luck to the new owner! 👍🤓

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      Craig, just out of curiosity, how or why do you consider this guy a “top rated seller?

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      • Craig Baloga Craig Baloga Member

        Hi 19sixty5, I checked the E Bay listing and it showed a “blue star with 100%”…….not sure if one needs to drill down deeper into all the individual feedback the seller received? Thx for any insight!

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      • 19sixty5 Member

        The blue star means he has received 50-99 feedback ratings since he became an ebay member. A positive feedback left for you earns 1 point, negative subtracts a point, neutral has no “value” It is a basic rating systems for members. In his case the color will change when he reaches 100, 500, 1000, etc. In general, the higher the number, the better your odds at a satisfactory transaction.

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  3. danny

    The market for 69 anything is really hot at the moment! However, when you narrow it down to specific name brands (camaro, chevelle, GTO) the market continues to explode and trends even higher. I have never seen a market this hot for muscle era cars, ever! The younger investors have really pushed these cars into the upper stratasphere…which means they will be around for another half century, at the very least….especially with those toy battery vehicles they consider cars

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  4. ACZ

    A Michigan car. Hope the buyer is a good welder. Looks like this one could use up a couple of spools.

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  5. Melton Mooney

    I love first gens, but there’s MAYBE a couple thousand dollars’ worth of usable parts here. The car itself is toast.

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  6. Dave

    Rustier and far less complete first Gen Camaro are consistently going for more than 10k. I agree there is a lot of rust – but to the right buyer this is a real good deal unless the price blows up.

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