Wrecked Quadrifoglio: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164S

Taking on a stalled project is risky, but the risk versus reward scales can tip when the car in question is a rare bird like an Alfa Romeo 164S Quadrifoglio. This car suffered from an engine fire but has undergone quite a bit of cosmetic surgery up to this point with more work still needed. Whether the seller is throwing in the towel or out of money isn’t clear, but the $3,800 Buy-It-Now seems ambitious. Find it here on eBay with the option to submit a best offer. 

The Quadrifoglio was the hotshoe’s choice in Alfa’s 164 lineup, with more power, adjustable suspension, sport seats and an aggressive body kit. It was also produced in limited numbers and rarely comes up for sale today. In the case of this example, the engine fire apparently melted the engine harness and also intruded into the cabin’s ventilation systems, which can become a nightmare of wires and sensors if not remedied correctly. The front body panels have been installed but clearly need final adjustments and paint.

It’s difficult to discern whether the motor has been re-installed but this picture would seem to indicate it has been; however, the seller notes that there are still engine components that need to be replaced due to heat damage. The powerplant was rebuilt when it had 99K on the clock; at present, the chassis has 155K. More information is clearly needed on the health of the motor and wiring harness, along with what other work needs to be completed before this Alfa fires up again.

The seller notes the engine bay has been stripped, primed and rustproofed, and the sale will included a respectable parts stash for the next owner to install, including the desirable European headlights and OZ Superleggera wheels that retail for around $330 a wheel. This is clearly a case of possibly holding out for a better example, but if you’re familiar with this family of early 90s Alfa sedans, taking a chance on a rebuilder of such a rare model isn’t the craziest thing you can do – but it’s certainly up there.

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  1. MIkeG

    I loved both of the 75 Milanos that I owned. No problems to speak of really, but I know these 4 valve engines were a little more of a problem as far as maintenance goes. A fully functioning 164 is a beautiful thing.

  2. That Guy

    I applaud whoever is capable of successfully finishing this project. They need to be doing it for the love of doing it though, because there’s no financial upside. Frankly the car would be overpriced at zero.

  3. Klharper

    1) pull the motor
    2) install motor into gtv6**
    3) throw the rest away

    ** some assembly required

  4. Dave. Z

    I’m thinking of getting a running one with great paint and thinking 2 k was to much

  5. joe

    164’s sell for parts car money. However, that engine is a real jewel. I always wanted to drop one into a ’73 Spider (SuperSpider), or at least put a bank of carbs on top of one and use it as a display item. You can do a Search for Superspider. A very few have been built.

  6. RichS

    Looks like a rolling parts car to me

  7. Jimmy

    Not a Quadrifolgio just an S the QV model was from 94-95 with a 250hp 24V this is just a hopped up 12v with 200hp instead of 189. Not really special unless the engine is in a spider then you have something special.

  8. King Al

    Looks like the owner lifted the hood, hood, set a fire using an accelerant, and then called the insurance company. Best way to handle any Alfa.

  9. erikj

    1 pic shows the engine needing some hook-ups ect. and a questions about if the motor was pulled at sometime-well next pic is the engine compartment empty. Do the math!!! or whatever, do a personal inspect. if poss. still could be a good one for the right $$$

  10. George

    Considering the amount of labor (assuming your time is not worth zero) and money needed to complete the car, the value of the car when you’re finished will leave you deeply in the hole at the asking price. I had a ’91 164S when new, and even then it was a sketchy proposition. It’s one of those cars you love and hate at the same time. When they’re up and running they’re beautiful and great fun to drive, but to give you an idea as to the down side, at two weeks old, the door handle came off in my hand when I opened it. Burned oil like crazy… engine rebuild on warrantee at 10K miles. Sold it as soon as the warrantee was over, but missed it immediately. Go figure.

  11. mark phillips

    I think you can buy a decent, running, rust free 164 for about a thousand bucks, maybe $1500 for an S model ( I have one). Too bad about the fire but this car is toast.

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