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Wrecking Yard With A 1959 Devin SS!

1959 Devin SS

Earlier today I received an urgent message from a Rhoda K that they needed our help. As it turns out, a friend owns a wrecking yard in Ontario, California and due to health issues, needs to liquidate their inventory of cars and parts. I like to help out those in need, especially when they are fellow car nuts, so I responded to the email and asked Rhoda to me send more pictures and info of their friends yard. The initial email mentioned something about a Devin SS, which definitely piqued my interest. Sure enough there is a Devin SS body and frame located in the seller’s shop. There are also several other project cars and lots of parts that need new homes. If you are interested in anything you see in any of the photos, please email Rhoda K here.

SoCal Wrecking Yard

It is always sad when people are forced to sell their collection of cars or parts due to deteriorating health, but hopefully we can find some good homes for some of this stuff and help out a fellow car buff liquidate. At this moment the one car that interests me the most is the Devin SS, which while it might not be complete, is a rather desirable machine. I’m also interested in this Sunbeam, but at this point I don’t have any information about it other than that it’s for sale. I do know that the seller is asking $10k (or best offer) for the Devin. It appears to be just a body and frame, but given how few of these there are and how desirable they are becoming, this seems like a reasonable price.

1959 Devin SS - 2

As you can see this fiberglass body is going to need some attention. There is some fender damage and I’m sure there are cracks and other damage that will need to be repaired. The frame on the other hand looks to be in great shape and as an added plus the rear end and suspension are still there and look good as well. Getting this Devin back on the road is going to be a lot of work, but you can build it just about how ever you want. With a V8, a 5 speed, and lots of body work, you would have a sports car that can keep up with any Ferrari in looks and performance.

SoCal Wrecking Yard - 2

There appears to be a wide variety of parts in this yard, ranging from vintage stuff to newer parts. Since the seller’s health is deteriorating, there isn’t a list of what here. Hopefully Rhoda or the seller is able to provide a better idea of what all is hear, but for the time being the photos will have to act like a parts catalog. Be sure to keep an eye on this post, as I will hopefully be updating it with more details and photos as they come in from Rhoda!


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Josh, based on what I can see in this article:
    it’s not this type of Devin SS chassis. I thought I remembered the real SS’s having inboard rear discs…although…who knows. Chassis certainly looks interesting, though!

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  2. Dan h

    The link for Rhoda’s email doesn’t seem to work…

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    • Josh Staff

      Sorry about that, I left a space out in the email command so it broke the link. It’s all fixed now though!

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  3. hhaleblian

    Ditto on the email address and I don’t believe this is a SS also. But you sure raised my bp for a few minutes.

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  4. James M

    The Devin SS chassis shown in the Road & Track article is correct.

    The Devin shown in the photos above is a “special” of unknown origin with what appears to be an “industrial” strength (weight) chassis and a body with many needs. It is NOT a Devin SS.

    Additional info for Devin SS: http://www.supercars.net/cars/600.html

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  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Try this link for more info, there’s a phone number there too.


    In case you don’t want to follow the link:
    “Helping this guy close up shop, health declining fast and will only be available till end of February. Lots of Chevy & Ford parts, by appointment only. This was a wholesale wrecking yard, the property is for lease as well. $5000/mo 7000 sq ft of shop + 20000 sq ft of yard space.
    See pics for more info, call me or Mike at 8182729104.”

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  6. RayT Member

    Definitely NOT an SS. Rear suspension should be DeDion, while this has a solid axle.

    Many years ago (1980s?), I visited Bill Devin’s shop, where we was finishing a “new” SS for a customer. He still had molds for the specialized castings for the independent rear end, as well as molds for the SS shell. Sad that he’s gone…he kept everything!

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  7. jim s

    if close this would be worth a walk thru. what is the grey car next to the red car in the photos? nice find.

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  8. Dan Vargus

    This Devin is a Devin Special. Devin SS cars had a Dedion rear end, rack and pinion steering, coil over shocks, a 1957 Corvette 283 engine, four wheel disc brakes (the brakes at the rear were inboard, and they had the large Devin body. Dan

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  9. junkman Member

    Jim S the gray car is a mid to late 70s Camaro or firebird minus the nose Jamie the sunbeam is a series 2 minus a good few parts

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  10. OKCPhil

    So with all this said about this Devin body, what should the asking price be or more specifically should it be lower? As I read the comments I am thinking it is more a rough Devin body with a home built frame and suspension.

    I hope the owners find a buyer for this and all the other parts if for no other reason than to help with their expenses. Wish I was closer.

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  11. Ken Edmisten

    Ak Miller used several Devins for the pikes peak hill climb. Most used the ford rear end. I would be surprised if they would have used rectangular tubing frames but who knows. Remember at the time cobras were using round tube ladder frames.

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  12. aquaticjim

    Ak Miller used 3″ round Chrome-moly tubing in his frames and he did not build many.

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