Yellow And Mellow: 1970 Mustang Convertible

This 1970 Mustang convertible looks remarkably subdued considering it left the factory during the same time the factory offered Grabber Blue, Grabber Orange, Grabber Green, and Anti Establish Mint. As a matter of fact, according to this color chart, this shade went by just “Yellow”. This pretty pony is for sale here on eBay, and is located in New Bern, North Carolina. Bidding is starting at $7,000.

The seller tells us everything on this mustang works, including the power top, and air conditioning! They also state that the body is solid and straight, and the floor pans and trunk are solid with no rust. We are assured that all chrome and trim is in good shape as well. It certainly looks nice in the pictures. I guess the skinny whitewalls are appropriate, as well as the somewhat plain wheels (which look to me to be 1968-69 GT type wheels, can anyone confirm whether or not they were available in 1970 as well?

The seller does tell us that the car will need to be repainted, and examination of some of the close up pictures does show some issues. However, if this really is the original paint and there’s no rust, I’d do my darnedest to try to save it with touch up paint and careful blending. The Mustang is said to have 80,000 miles, and I think that may be possible.

As far as the softer parts of the car go, we don’t see the convertible top and the seller tells us it will need to be replaced. They actually state that the top, paint and fixing the driver’s seat are all that this car will need to be ready to show. Considering that the car seems so original in the pictures, I hope that is true!

The original looking 302 is attached to a C4 automatic, which somehow fits this Mustang. I know I’d love to be driving it this Spring. Heck, I’d like to drive it now–it’s 69 degrees F today here at home! The only thing I’d want to do is add some Magnum 500’s. Would you change this convertible?


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  1. milotus

    Is this the one that Mary Richards bought new?

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  2. Rich Tague

    id leave it as-is for the most part & Yes id touch up or repaint the same color

  3. Adam T45 Staff

    I’ve spent time looking closely at the pics in the ad. I’m not sure if it’s a trick of the light, but the exterior paint seems to be badly faded compared to the paint around the door frames and inside the engine compartment. For me I’d want to look at that and then decide whether to touch it up or do a complete re-spray. Regardless, this is one nice looking car.

  4. House of Hotrods

    My 1970 Grabber Blue Torino Type N/W had the same wheels from the factory, so I’d say yes, they are correct for ’70, though the trim rings look a bit different. I couldn’t wait to get them off and mags on the car, typical for a 17 year old in 1976. :-(

  5. Rod Meyer

    Those are the same original rims,trim rings and covers my 70 Mach1 came with. Nice car, too bad it isn’t equipped with a 351 Cleveland.

  6. JW

    This plain Mustang convertible sure looks nice, I think the door jams look somewhat different color yellow because of the light the picture was taken in and the faded exterior. If I bought this car I would touch up the paint while carefully buffing out the rest, replace the drivers seat and top and change the wheels to style steel wheels since it’s a plain jane Mustang. Too many Mustangs with Magnum 500s.

  7. Part Time

    Nice car but not sure its original paint. Although its hard to see in the pictures provided the one shot of right door open appears there may be paint on the right quarter pillar windlace where someone may have masked it off. Also looks like there is paint on the door latch sticker plate which wouldn’t have been factory. Close inspection or additional pictures should be requested prior to bidding.

  8. redwagon

    based on the color chart and the door jambs this may be a really faded bright yellow.

  9. Dave Fleming

    I had a 70 Mustang convertible which was purchased used in 1974. Same color, 351C with the shaker hood, C6 automatic, air conditioned, power top, etc. I repainted the car candy apple tangerine with a gold underbase after it was hit in the left quarter panel. We would show it, rally and auto cross it as well. I sold it some years later when the floor pans and rockers rusted out to the point it became dangerous to drive it. Had replacement parts been available back then I would have replaced and repaired them and kept the car. I still miss tthat car.

  10. Greg

    The owner thinks 30k value when painted. About hapf that for a #2 car

  11. JCW Jr.

    Think that I would leave it alone other than the seat and top and hopefully not a respray. Except for one thing that everyone is going to hate and that is a set of torque thrust wheels with the darker gray spokes. Just always thought they dressed up any car with a bit of, hey I’m tought, but still elegant. Of course I like the Magnum 500’s and the wheels already on it.


    Those are not 68-69 GT wheels. The wheels on this convertible came out in 1970. They were used on many different Ford products such as 1970 Mach I, 1970-71 Mercury Cyclone and 1971-73 Mercury Cougars. A Marti report would confirm if these wheels are original to this car.

    I too would question the paint being original. I base this on the pinstripes. I am not a Mustang expert so I could be wrong on this. Ford generally did not bring the ends of their double line pinstripes together at the ends. They also generally did not have the pinstripes turn down like the ones do on this car on the rear quarter panel extensions.

  13. Rustytech Member

    This is a clean, if somewhat worn example. If the bottom side is as good as the top side, it’s well worth the current bid price and maybe somewhat more. I would say after looking at the pictures that it has had a re-spray at some time. I don’t think that bold yellow in the door jambs could possibly fade to that calf &$#* tan! Other than a good paint job, I wouldn’t change anything, just a nice summer cruiser.

  14. Boss351

    I would ditch the white walls and add red line radial tires and 15″ Magnum 500’s. The dog dish style wheels are okay but just seem plain on a convertible. A new black top and and bucket seat covers are needed to turn this into a driver.

    Those pin stripes do not appear to be OEM. As CATHOUSE noted, Ford did not join the ends from what I recall from my Mercury Cougars.

  15. Pete

    New Bern, NC is not to far from the beach and it gets hot as hell in NC. So the paint fade is not unusual for this area I live in. If it was Blue and white interior I would be having a fit right about now.

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