1 Of 1: 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS

By 1972, the muscle car was on the way out – many consider ’72 to be the last year for the horsepower parade that started in ’64 with the GTO. And still running a factory Holley carburetor with a solid lifter cam was pretty heady stuff for ’72 as well. But the Z28 Camaro, and the similarly powered LT-1 Corvette, hung in there and tried to keep the power trend going. And rarely found anymore, is a 1972 Z28 Camaro with that original and wonderful LT-1 engine under its hood. But here’s just an example, located in San Marcos, Texas, and available, here on eBay for a BIN price of $27,500.

The seller states that this Z28 is one of only 2,575 Z28’s produced in ’72. A quick search of a few authoritative websites confirms that number, pretty low when you consider that there were 68K Camaros in totality produced that year – the Z28 having only a 3.7% take rate. There were firsts and lasts in ’72 as well. It was the last year for the aforementioned high-winding, LT-1 engine, and for the 402 CI big-block SS motor as well. But it was the first time that Chevrolet allowed AC to be included with a solid lifter camshaft engine (this example not so equipped). The times were changing and that would be quite evident by 1973.

This Z28 is also wearing the RS appearance package which makes it a Z28 RS in nomenclature. The RS package was available on a base Camaro and the SS too. It is basically the inclusion of some bright trim and a split front bumper with a color-keyed, endura type plastic nose surrounding the grille. It looks neat but isn’t much help in the damage prevention department. The seller claims this finish to be a repaint in the original Mulsanne Blue color and has “Typical rust for this F-Body !”. There are several images of the floors included, and they look sound but there are none of the “typical” rust that is referenced. Nevertheless, the seller adds that he has a ’73 donor Camaro, to provide usable quarter panels, and a pair of ’72, Mulsanne Blue fenders included in the transaction. The rust sounds like it may be a bit more than “typical”.

The interior is a bit rough (the provided images are minuscule so they lose some detail upon enlargement). Though the floors appear to be sound, the interior will require a complete redo. The fabric seats are torn and split, the carpet is missing and the headliner has seen better days. The seller makes note of the fact that the dashboard radio slot is unmodified so that an original style radio can be installed. The instrument panel appears to be good and complete, the gauges are all present and the correct 6,500 RPM redline tachometer is in place.

Under the hood is the original 255 net HP, 350 CI V8 engine. The seller states that the motor is original to this car and still has its “Winters” aluminum intake manifold though the original Holley carburetor has been replaced. That’s unfortunate as the original is a valuable piece but it was common practice in the past to replace a poor performing Holley instead of trying to repair the original – assuming that it could be repaired. The seller further claims that this Camaro, “runs and drives”. How well, I guess is debatable. The good news is that this Chevy small block has experienced only 72K miles but the question is how hard were those miles? Backing up the LT-1 motor is a Turbo-Hydramatic 400, three-speed automatic transmission, the ’70 to ’74 Z28 being one of the few instances, besides the ’68 to ’76 Corvette, where Chevrolet employed the T-400 with a small block motor.

So this low production number Z28 Camaro is pretty complete and original but it is troubling that there aren’t more images of the “typical” F body rust – nevertheless, as mentioned, the floors look pretty solid and a donor car is provided, so that’s encouraging. The price, however, seems a bit outsized but the seller appears to be pretty confident of what he has, as he exclaims, “SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY NO TRADES NO DISCOUNTS NO DREAMERS NO LOW BALLERS AND NO TIRE KICKERS! IF YOUR FUNDS ARE NOT IN ORDER PLEASE DON’T WASTE OUR TIME !” I understand the concern about the funds, that can be a problem, and I’ll let it go at that.  So, what do you think, any serious buyers out there?

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  1. PaulG

    reading this guy’s ad will give you a headache, or make one worse…
    Where the one-of one claim comes from, no one knows!
    Now off to find the Excedrin.

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    • Turbo

      I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT THE EXCEDRIN! This is nice car! IT HAS ITS ORIGINAL PULLEYS! And did I mention the NICE woodgrain?

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      • Steve R

        That’s the one thing he’s not exaggerating, the woodgrain insert sells for around $200, probably more since it has the cutout and switch for the rear defroster.

        Steve R

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    • NovaTom

      HEADACHE?? WHAT do YOU mean?

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    • Mitchell Member

      You must have a headache THIS big eh?

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  2. Steve R

    It’s a cool car, but not for that price. I’d agree the seller is downplaying the amount if rust. When a seller includes a parts car and tells you it can supply rear quarters, doors and you are including two front fenders, that’s more than a little rust.

    The seller is also misleading when he calls the car 1 of 1, in 1972 GM never broke down their sales in that manner. The best you can do is find out how many of a certain option were ordered, they never ran totals which combined them.

    If anyone remembers the ratty twin turbo LS powered Camaro featured a month or so ago, that was his car too. Seems like he’s cornered the market for over the hill Camaro’s in his area.

    Steve R

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    • Stevieg

      I know you are in California, but here in Wisconsin that is not a lot of rust lol.
      I can’t wait to leave here for the southwest!

  3. kahuna

    Z/28 with a automatic..fuggetaboutit!

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  4. Bob_in_TN Member

    I don’t have any comments about the car. But after reading the ebay ad, the writer must have been absent the day the period punctuation mark was taught. And, as others have noted, it is disjointed and disorganized and HARD TO READ. Bad ads are a pet peeve of mine, especially when trying to sell something of value.

    Moving on…. did anyone click on his other items for sale? He has a whole bunch of really cool 1/24 scale built and unbuilt model trucks and parts. I was into these when I was a teenager.

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    • Tom Bell

      All valid comments. Also is the rudeness of his cautionary message really necessary? Those obnoxious “don’t waste my time” threats are a real turn-off.

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  5. TJ Danner

    I’m gonna go. Just to kick the tires and tell this Jag about my dreams.

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    • Amorypaz Amorypaz Member

      The car is a half hour from my place. I’d like to go by and pick this overpriced car apart. Then scold him for wasting MY time.

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  6. Jeff L.

    Way,Way overpriced. I’d love to try what this guy is smoking…

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  7. Geoff

    Interesting car, but a completely evasive add. Wouldn’t buy this thing unless I could get to Austin and see it in person.

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  8. TimM

    It is a nice car but I wonder if the inside was used at one time for a Texas chicken coop?? Now that I said that I’ll say the same thing everyone else said!! To high priced!!!!

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  9. Dave

    Wood grain inserts lol. That’s all plastic that looks like wood grain. I had that option. I used to own a 71 standard Camaro in the 80’s. Mine was way cleaner than this one. I get it’s a z28 RS but that thing needs so much work to be a nice car. You can see rust all over the engine bay and by the back window. This is a big expensive project car. I love the look but a lot of work and money on this one. His price seems like a pipe dream but what do I know.

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  10. Jay

    2nd Gen F-Bodys thru ’73 with the small rear window tended to rust around the bottom of the back window as there was no place for the water to escape.

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  11. Jm

    Nice for maybe 10k….besides,there aren’t enough pedals for me on this one.

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  12. John P

    I seem to remember the 70 1/2 Vette LT1 having 370 hp. With solids and Holley where did the HP go?

    • gbvette62

      The LT-1 in the 70 Camaro was rated at 360, not 370. This was not uncommon, Chevrolet often rated Corvette engines higher than the same engine in other models. This was often because of the exhaust systems. In 71, Chevrolet reduced the compression ratio of all of their engines, for emission purposes and to run on unleaded regular fuel. The LT-1’s CR went from 11:00.1 to 9:00.1, and HP went from 360 to 330.

      In 72, Chevrolet switched from a gross to net horsepower rating system, which reduced the rated horsepower from 330 in 71, to 255 in 72. The engine itself was identical to the 71 LT-1, the only change was the way the HP was rated.

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      • Vince H

        Good info. This is still way under powered compared to the 70. I have driven them both back in the day when I was selling them. The 70 was just a bad ass car.

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    • Mr Dave

      The formula for figuring the HP changed in 72. Pretty much same engine as 70,71, but coming to 72, HP claims dropped seriously due to different way of measuring it.

  13. bikefixr

    Way overpriced. It needs $30K in work to be a nice $35K car. Guaranteed that the rust goes on and on and on. And, it’s a ’72. Everyone wants the ’70 and lesser so the ’71. If you want low numbers, get a ’71-72 396 car. Built in the hundreds, not thousands.

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  14. Lynn Member

    72 the UAW went on strike so there was a very low number of Camaros built. When the strike was over Chevy had to scrap the ones on the line because the cars couldn’t pass the new for 73 safety rules. They scrapped a lot of 1/4 panels for sure.

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  15. Kelly Waldrop

    Have a 72 SS396 car with 27000 miles on it.4 speed. Not a world beater L78 by any means but runs and drives great.

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    • Lynn Member

      Last of the big block camaros. Actually a 402 ci

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    • TimM

      I own a 70 Carmaro with a 396 and a 4 speed!! One of my favorite cars that I own!! Drives great quick off the line but still will do 70 on the hiway all day!! No SS, No RS, No Z28. Just a big block plain Jane Carmaro!

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  16. JoeNYWF64

    I don’t think the ’75 or ’76 (just like the ’77-’82s) vettes got a turbo 400.
    The flat wide cat converter got in the way of the big trans. & the engines were weak enough by then to make do with the smaller turbo 350 trans.

  17. Moparman Member

    This may be the first car that I’ve seen that has the optional rub strips on the bumpers!

  18. Roy Blankenship

    The article states this was the first time for AC availability with solid-lifter motors. You could get the 365-327 in a Corvette in ’64 and ’65 with factory AC. They used a larger diameter pulley in an effort to not overspeed the compressor. Just FYI…

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    • Jim ODonnell Jim ODonnell Staff

      I stand corrected, it looks like there were about 138 ‘Vettes produced in ’65 with the 365 HP engine and A/C. The general thought was that the solid-lifter motor spun too high and too fast for the A6 compressor – not to mention the challenge of a periodic valve adjustment with a compressor positioned over the top of the valve cover.



      • JoeNYWF64

        Some modern motors spin at a hell of a lot higher rpm, yet all have a/c – maybe the computer tells the compressor to disengage at a certain high rpm?

  19. Spanky

    “many consider ’72 to be the last year for the horsepower parade that started in ’64 with the GTO” I don’t, Pontiac kept at with TA 455 SD.

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  20. George Mattar

    Thinks he owns the rarest Camaro in USA. $75,000 when restored. Ha. While I prefer 70 to 73 Camaros over 69, those are struggling to make $70,000 these days in concours condition. Way over priced.

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  21. Steve

    Check the facts. ALL the LT-1 engines lost their solid lifter cams in 1971. Even the Corvette. You could also see this in a vintage Motors or Chilton manual. Yes over priced. Definitely looking at the auctions.

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  22. Jim ODonnell Jim ODonnell Staff

    Here is some fact, it is an image from the Automobile Manufacturers Association’s submission, from Chevrolet, for the 1972 Camaro. It shows the Z28 engine as having solid lifters with valve lash set at .020″ on the intake and .025″ for the exhaust. You’ll have to enlarge it to read it.


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  23. Amorypaz Amorypaz Member

    This ad might as well say, “No serious inquiries. Suckers only!”

    I think the aggressive condescending tone turns off the type of buying who will perform a thorough, critical inspection and sets the seller up to receive inquiries from novice buyers. It reminds me of learning that email scammers intentionally misspell words to ensure naive uneducated respondents.

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