1 Of 1,818: 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Formula-S 4-Speed

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With all the hype and attention the third-generation Plymouth Barracuda cars are constantly receiving, it’s easy to lose sight of what a fine pony car offering their predecessor was, especially if you happen to run across a Formula-S example like this 1966 Plymouth Barracuda here on Craigslist.  These are pretty rare too, with 5,316 Formula-S package-equipped cars produced for ’66, but as the seller states only 1,818 of these were 4-Speeds, so this is no common fish.  It’s spent a lot of time near the west coast as well, currently residing in Arcata, California, and comes with an asking price of $22,000.  We’d like to thank Barn Finds reader Pat S. for submitting the tip on this one!

Plymouth stuffed the Formula-S with a 273 cubic-inch V8, which in stock form got you 235 horsepower, not bad for a car weighing in at not too much over 3,000 pounds.  This one had an engine rebuild back in 2000, retaining the original compression ratio of 10.5:1, and to date, it’s only been driven about 6k miles since the overhaul.  The seller says the car runs and sounds great plus it’s fun to drive, and more good news is the transmission received a rebuild at the same time.  Plymouth also offered their TorqueFlite in the S car for those who didn’t want to shift their own gears, but fortunately, this one’s got the 3-pedals.

The seller tells us the body is unrestored and that the car came from New Mexico 21 years ago, the length of time the Plymouth has been under his watch.  He says it’s never been in an accident and that the Citron Gold paint is in good shape overall with some sun-damaged areas showing a minor patina, and the body remaining very straight except for a few minor door dings.  I’m definitely not spotting any rust issues, and we get a good close-up photo of an under-glass molding, a crevice where rust holes sometimes love to hide, but the steel gets a fairly clean bill of health here.

We don’t get much detailed information regarding the interior, but I’m guessing it’s mostly if not all original partly based on the driver’s seat condition, an easy fix should the next owner decide to address this.  The dash pad shows some cracks and the armrests are MIA, but for a driver things inside look pretty decent and I love all that cargo room in the back you get with the seats folded down.  I’d probably leave this one like it is and just enjoy driving it, at least for a while, how about you?

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  1. Nevadahalfrack NevadahalfrackMember

    For needing the work it does to bring it up to its original state, $22000 is IMHO very reasonable especially for something you won’t se at every car show. Yes, you have to change it from COMPLETELY original with paint and interior, but that’s already been done with the motor redo, just as adding new tires would.

    And the rear area is big enough to sleep in-which is where I’d be if I brought it home, aa truly tempting as it is…

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    • Terry

      Had a 65 that I lost in my divorce, bought it for less than a grand and had it fixed up nice,new clutch and brakes and rear end, really wish I still had it but it was worth it.

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    • The Other Chris

      I’d leave the paint as-is. Perfect blend of nice and patina. Save the $ and drive it.

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  2. Pat LMember

    Good one Mike!
    I have been called Pete,Paul, hey you and many names that I hesitate to mention here. But I’ve never been called Pat S..
    Tip Approved – 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S

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  3. HadTwo

    Are the original wheels available? C’mon. Hope so!

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    • PaulG

      The Craigslist ad states that the original wheels and wheel covers are included

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  4. BA

    4 speed and A/C makes a attractive combination! Gets my vote everytime

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  5. TorinoSCJ69

    Oh YES.

    This is nice in all the right ways – looks right, nice rebuilt 273, A/C, 4 speed and that fantastic rear window!

    Really like this Formula S in this original state.

    I do not know values but this looks worth the ask with original wheels.

    Hope next owner both cherishes and drives.

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  6. Solosolo UK

    This model was known as a Chrysler Barracuda, and only had the slant six engine in South Africa. Fantastic cars that couldn’t be killed other than by Mr. Rust.

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  7. David Ulrey

    I never fancied this body style. I realize some do. That’s good though because we all have likes and dislikes. That being said, this is probably the first one I’ve seen that I wouldn’t mind one bit owning. This one really ‘works’ for me. I love a nice Mopar but will admit the pre 74 ones can be pricey. I guess that applies to all the cool early muscle cars and pony cars. Good for those selling them but bad for those buying them.

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  8. Bj

    Hadn’t really noticed it before, but from certain angles this car gives certain first gen baby Charger vibes.

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  9. C Force

    A neighbor of mine in the 80s when i still lived in California had one of these,his family owned a salvage yard for Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouths only.I remember going for a ride in it a few times,the 273 with a 4spd is no joke.Could scratch first,second and third gear.

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  10. Bob O.

    A great ride.. well worth the money, my brother had two 65’s. Mine is a 67 formula s convertible with a 4 speed.. great A body cars!

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