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1-of-20: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette “Eckler’s”

The owner of this 1972 states that the car was custom built by the legendary company Eckler’s Corvette and that it is 1-of-20 that was built by that company. This is a claim that seems to be quite hard to confirm, and it also isn’t the first of these Corvettes that we’ve seen here at Barn Finds. One of our intrepid Barn Finders, Mike P, referred this example to us. So thank you for that Mike. This car is located in Thornville, Ohio, and is listed for sale here on Facebook. The owner is asking $13,500 for the Corvette.

If this is indeed an Eckler’s Corvette conversion, then the car is the cheapest that we’ve seen. I used the word “if” for one specific reason. The Eckler’s cars that I’ve seen all have opening rear glass, but the rear glass in this one is fixed. The body of the Corvette looks to be in reasonable condition, but there are some fiberglass repairs that will need to be performed. The most notable of these is in the passenger side quarter panel around the wheel-arch. The paint has a number of marks in it, and we also have no information about the state of the frame or floors.

This is one of those listings that is truly frustrating because there is no limit on the number of photos that you can upload to a Facebook listing, but there are no photos of either the engine or interior. All that I can tell you is that the car is fitted with a manual transmission and that it has covered a claimed 79,600 miles. Beyond that, it really is a case of your guess being as good as mine.

I’m not sure what our readers will think of this Corvette, but I won’t say that the appearance is offensive. I would prefer the original panels, but there are others who would leave this one the way it is. There’s one thing that is for certain: If you are looking for a car that is bound to start conversations wherever you go, then this Corvette will probably achieve that objective quite well.


  1. Bakyrdhero

    These just aren’t good looking to me or useful. I like the brown paint, but that’s about it.

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    • Mike

      So no access to the back except moving the seat forward?

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  2. Rock On

    My Uncle used to build one of these from wrecked Corvettes and show them at the annual Speed Sport Custom Car Show to promote his body shop in Toronto. Then he would sell them for a good profit . This car would benefit from bubble taillights to make it more period correct.

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  3. bull

    This Corvette would still be a tough sell at HALF the current asking price!

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  4. Sam61

    I think I remember seeing one of these in an episode of the Rockford Files driven by a “guest star”.

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  5. George Pruitt

    Screams cool pickup to me . Put opening back glass, a cooler you’d be in there. Be a lot better than my 1982 . Kinda like a extended cab🤔

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  6. 8banger Dave Member

    Good way to ruin an otherwise ok car…

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  7. daCabbie

    Yup, brown is the right color for this car… turd brown.

    Looks like a redneck repaired a rear end collision.

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    This could possibly be the Ecklers SEMA prototype car, in the article it mentions the original was brown and the rear windows did not curve and go all the way up past the roof line, it also had a non-functioning rear window. The original batch of cars made by Ecklers (half a dozen as mentioned in the article below), didn’t have a functioning rear window. the original was also a copy, based on a design by created Chuck Miller, that had no rear windows
    John Greenwood and his company ACI(American Custom Industries),started making this conversion for Corvettes. It was a kit that was redesigned from the Ecklers car they saw at SEMA. They used a 1968 car and made the original molds from it. Then Ecklers later went into partnership with Greenwood and ACI, and they created the soft bumper version, which was applicable to 1974-82 Corvettes. The later version had a functioning rear window.

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    • Daniel watson

      Yes they actually made 24 ,i own one a 1969
      427,435 hp,4 speed
      I talked with ecklers and they confirmed that they did make 24 .and most did not have a functioning back window

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  9. Tort Member

    This is a close second to the Plymouth featured today. Why do people spend money to destroy a car?

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    • moosie moosie

      That atrocity of a Plymouth/Mustang is the Sows Ear, this Corvette is the Silk Purse.

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  10. bobhess bobhess Member

    It’s hard to get over that it looks like the car is buckling in the middle.

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  11. the one

    Viva la difference’
    But it’s alright now, I’ve learned my lesson well, ya know you, can’t please everyone so you, got to please yourself

    Ricky Nelson

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Look at that hood, maybe a BB hiding in there.

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  13. TimM

    It’s about as useful as a screen door in a submarine!!! And ugly too!!!

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  14. Steve

    One is bad enough. But 20?? That’s a sin to waste Corvettes for such trash/

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  15. Clay Bryant

    For solving a purpose, I can see it. They were “fresh” 30 years ago. I had a 68 for years that had the headlights mounted in the front curve of the fenders, a real smooth continuation of the lines and had compliments all thru the 8 years I owned it. The front of this one would benefit from it as I think the square headlights are atrocious in a smooth lined car. I would rather look at this then something all jacked up with big tires as I think that comes under the “butt-ugly” heading………….to each his own but at the time it was interesting………..

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  16. rosco

    Relax, It’s a ’72 Corvette! Not the first ’53 built, not a ’63 Grand Sport, but one of the 27,000+ 1972’s built. You probably wouldn’t build this now, but that goes for many customs from years ago. Guessing the haters are the kind that complain about everything George Barris or other custom builders did back in the day! To each his own, not for everyone, but some remember these and aren’t so butt hurt about it.

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    • Bryan W Cohn

      As the kids today say, 10/10 comment Rosco! It was the 70’s, custom cars was still a HUGE thing. To me, not only everything you said but the conversion, with opening rear hatch made the Corvette into a far more useful grand touring car. Carry your golf clubs to the course? Yes. Carry your luggage for your weekend getaway to the Redneck Riviera? Yes (wait, was that even a thing in the 70’s? :) ) It made the car far more useful while still doing all the things a Corvette did. Is it great looking? Eh, beauty is subjective as we all know, but its not ugly like that Mustang abomination. Also, Eckler’s had high standards and if they built it chances are it was done properly vs the kit you could buy and have Jimmy at the local body shop who once patched a hole in his dad’s fiberglass canoe doing the job. I’ve always found it bizarre when the car enthusiast community gets wound up over someone else’s idea of a modified car. Its a personal thing, the cars we create. Not everyone thinks every Ferrari is a piece of art either, or that 911’s are all that and a bag of chips. It’s just a car after all.

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  17. Ian Blackford

    Why? Thats all I can say.Madness prevailed at the time so chop the obscenity off and return it to stock.

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  18. Steve

    Have to wonder whether these were partially inspired by European sport wagons of the time, like the Volvo 1800ES.

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  19. Jerry C

    I am a musician and corvette lover, so weirdly enough, there is a slight attraction to this misfit. However, making the back glass operable is a MUST. Pics of the interior and engine would be greatly appreciated. I would restore the headlights back to being operable, change the rims, and paint it anything BUT brown.

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  20. TimM

    Come on now!!! This beauty was owned by a proctologist and he ordered this color!!!

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  21. Sandy Nolan

    I have my dads , it’s a 1972 corvette 454 4 speed , station wagon corvette , he bought this in Ohio , 1980 ,

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