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1 of 3,000: 1976 Triumph TR7 Victory Edition

U.K. car manufacturer British Leyland got the wheels turning on their Triumph TR7 creation back in 1974, and by the time the run was completed in late ’81 well over 100,000 of these wedge-shaped two-seaters had made their way down assembly line.  The car got some good press initially for its rather spacious interior and good handling, but poor relations between company management and the workforce led to several strikes at the Speke factory near Liverpool where the car was built, and quality issues were not uncommon.  However, the 1976 Triumph TR7 here on Craigslist seems like a decent example plus it’s the somewhat rare Victory Edition, so if you’ve been in the market for a British sports car this one may be worth checking out.  It’s located in Redlands, California, and comes with a price tag of $12,500.

Barn Finds wants to thank reader Pat L. for the great tip on this one!  When it came to SCCA racing back in the day, the TR7 fared well in its class, and as a celebration, the Victory Edition was born.  Most of what that got the buyer was in the cosmetic department, including spoke-style wheels, a vinyl top, and striping down the sides and in front of the windshield.  The seller says that 3,000 of this Limited Edition model were produced, and claims this one is a rust-free and undamaged California car.  It’s not stated how long he has actually owned the TR7, but he does say that the TR7 underwent a total cosmetic and mechanical restoration back in 2003.

According to the seller, everything on the car was brought back to original specs during the restoration, and if I understand the wording correctly the engine has traveled 15,300 miles since receiving a rebuild.  The motor looks tidy, and for a driver-quality car, everything under the hood presents really well.   The manual transmission is said to have only 1,300 miles since its overhaul, although no word on how long since the clutch has had any attention.

Things inside are looking good as well, and while it’s not specified which parts of the interior are original and what has been refreshed, it looks like an inviting cockpit and a fun car to go through the gears on.  The seats look to be in exceptionally nice shape, and comfortable.

Several photos are provided from underneath the car, and from what we can see everything down below looks solid and well-preserved.  Overall this seems like a good example, and the fact that it’s a Limited Edition model is certainly in its favor.  What are your thoughts on this 1976 Triumph Tr7 Victory Edition?  Is $12,500 in the ballpark for what you’re seeing here?


  1. angliagt angliagt

    I was just rereading my September 1976 issue of R&T,
    and came across this ad.

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  2. duke reed

    NOT exactly restored—-these NEVER came as a 5-speed in 1976-they were all 4 speeds PLUS the fakeass plastic wood was also NEVER stock in this victory car-
    just a FYI for you all

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    • Indy-Dude

      You’re correct about both accounts. However, this one still retains the original four speed transmission. Zoom in real close on the gear shift knob and you’ll see the “R” up and to the right (not “5”). Also note the “Lift” which was required to get it into reverse. A 1976 Victory Edition was my first car.

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  3. Slomoogee

    I first encountered this model of Triumph one late night in the woods of southern Ohio. I heard it coming and saw the glow from a long way off. When it crested the yump in the forest road it launched briefly and slung sideways spewing gravel as it power slid through the acute right 30 yards ahead. John Buffum had a Championship season in SCCA Pro Rally with a TR7. Not many of these left, and and a well sorted California Victory Edition like this one is priced ballpark to me.

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  4. Doone

    And appears to be some overspray on the trunk well underside, or is that rust?

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  5. Big C

    $5000 would be tops for one of these. About as exciting as a hair dryer.

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    • angliagt angliagt

      Have you ever ACTUALLY driven one?

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      • Big C


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    • KenB

      That would be a pretty awesome hair dryer!

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      • Big C

        If you’re into hair dryers……

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  6. 19sixty5 Member

    Possibly Triumphs biggest mistake ever.

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  7. Martin

    Fun and underappreciated car. If they had dropped the V8 in from the start the reputation and value would be much improved.

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  8. Ike Onick

    A victory over Quality Control.

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  9. Gary Thompson

    $2500 couple of years ago..Don’t believe they have much value frankly..and I’m a Br
    itish car lover…

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  10. Ricky Member


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  11. Lynn Dockey Member


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  12. Ricky Member

    Those white wagon wheels look terrible.

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  13. Kelly Breen

    A TR-7 is such a crap shoot.
    A good one is a delight and a bad one us such a nightmare unless you are handy.
    Right now they are still affordable.
    They were a very good car when you got one that wasn’t sabotaged. They were a complete nightmare when you got one that was built by a bad apple. Same could be said for a lot of American lemons from the 70s.
    I really like my triumph powered Midget, so I do have a soft spot for the wedge.

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