1 Owner Roadster: Estate Sale Jaguar E-Type

Mt. Airy, Maryland, is a somewhat rural community that has a great salvage yard worth visiting if you’re ever in the area. And, for the time being, there’s also a garage-find 1969 Jaguar E-Type that’s been hidden away and has only one original owner. The vehicle is part of an upcoming estate sale, which includes a few additional project cars and other items fitting for a gearhead. Find the listing here on AuctionZip and thanks to Barn Finds reader John Reger for the find. 

Those are some old Maryland tags, which gives some indication as to how infrequently the Jaguar has moved in recent years. A Series 2 car, it has the tail lights moved under the rear bumper and the headlights are uncovered, unlike the earlier models. As with many auctions of this type, few details are offered on condition, but what can be seen reveals straight body panels, an untorn top and four very flat tires.

The interior is quite sharp, with untorn red leather seats and a wood-rimmed steering wheel and gear shift knob that appear to be in fine shape. While some may consider the Series 1 cars to be more desirable, the combination of a manual transmission with anything other than the 2+2 body design will usually draw a good price in the world of E-Type ownership. It does beg the question as to how long this Jaguar has been in this spot and what it will need for re-commissioning.

The auction listing includes a few other project cars, such as this parts-only Triumph TR4 shell. Randomly, there is also an early 90s Dodge Caravan and a Cadillac sedan from the mid-to-late 1980s. The other items that caught my eye were the “new old stock model airplanes and ships” and “hundreds of H-O trains and accessories.” With a sizable house and five acres to go along with it, there’s no telling what other treasure you may find.

It is safe to say, however, the original owner liked red. This is one of two Toyota MR2’s on the property, and both look like they’ve been sitting for an extended period. Really, the whole listing has the somewhat sad feeling of an enthusiast who one day could no longer drive the cars he enjoyed so much. Just a guess – but the level of inactivity combined with the vehicles here all being somewhat difficult to get into and out of (and all requiring a clutch pedal) makes me wonder about the original owner’s younger years.

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  1. Jeff V

    Big plus is that the Jag comes with an orig hard-top!

  2. Bill McCoskey

    For years my antique car shop was located only a couple of miles away on Rt 144, and about 1998 the owner visited my shop & asked about restoring the red TR4, so I went over & looked at it. Even then the TR4 was a parts car; no floors, rockers or trunk floor at all. The frame was sunk into the ground. As I recall, the owner would buy one of these cars new, and run it until something went wrong, then park it before buying the next one. I tried to talk him out of the Jag, but he wasn’t interested in selling anything. I don’t want to say the guy was a hoarder, but from what I could see by taking quick glances thru the door into the house, he had a lot of stuff. If I still lived in the area I might have gone to Steve’s auction tomorrow, but I’ve got plans already.

    I cannot say if the Jag had a serious problem or not, but I know from our conversations that it was likely there was a problem that caused him to park the car. And it appears someone has at least cleared off the car, when I saw it the car was covered with junk.

    As I recall, this Jag was also fitted with the “Factory” A/C system [added to the cars by Jaguar North America at the port of entry].

    I always thought it a bit unusual the owner kept each car secured with one of those steering wheel to brake pedal locking devices. Especially when the Jag was locked in a garage with a non-running vehicle in front of the garage door, and the neighborhood was never a high crime area.

    • L.M.K. Member

      Bill McCoskey, Small world sometimes…Can you add anything else about the owner? Was he elderly….? A cool guy to talk to , etc…? Just curious….

  3. Woodie Man

    At least he kept the Jag inside!

  4. James

    Ah yes, another car on my shortlist unfortunately I will never own.

  5. Capt Doug

    This may turn out to be a screaming bargain today at auction — but I have heard repeatedly ” There are few things more expensive than a low priced Jaguar”
    And that comes from an XKE Lover!

  6. Wayne Norman

    I think it went for $55 K. Pretty good value. Even had the factory took kit……

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