10 Year Garage Find: 1971 Dodge Demon Sizzler

The Demon was Dodge’s version of the Duster fastback that Plymouth introduced in 1970. A year later, Dodge joined the bandwagon using the front clip from a Dart Swinger, different taillights, and Demon graphics to distinguish between the two. The one is the flashy Sizzler version, which was dressed up to look like a Demon 340 but without the hot little motor. This ’71 Sizzler is located in Troutdale, Oregon and will need some work to get back on the road. It’s available here on Facebook Marketplace for $10,500 OBO.

Dodge’s Demon Sizzler was conceived to appeal to buyers who liked the aggressive looks of the Demon 340 but didn’t need or want the performance motor. The solution was the Demon Sizzler, dressed out with a more radical grille, Rallye wheels (without trim rings), hood scoop and blacked-out hood and striped side panels. But the car came with either a Slant Six or 318 V8. Open the doors and the car came with full carpeting, cloth or vinyl seats and even a padded steering wheel.  Out of 70,000 Demons built for 1971, about 10,000 were 340s while Sizzlers numbered at least 1,200, according to the seller.

This ’71 Demon is a project that needs a fresh set of hands to move it forward. The seller tells us that tag code A59 makes it a Sizzler, which was produced for about seven months the car’s first year. However, the tag has been removed from the automobile for unknown reasons (rusty cowl behind it?). The body looks straight with a trace of rust here and there. Fresh paint and new stripes would do wonders to improve the looks of the car.

Most of the next phase of effort may lie with the interior, where the upholstery and door panels have about had it, although the dash pad looks good. The seller has a replacement rear seat since the original was removed from the car. We’re told the machine has 100,000 miles on it, which would explain the condition of the innards. There is a collection of parts that will come with the car, some that were taken off and the rest perhaps replacements.

The 318 cubic inch V8 was one of the two powerplants available in the Sizzler. We’re told the engine turns over, but there wasn’t enough juice in the battery to seal the deal. There is TorqueFlite automatic with floor-shift present and an aftermarket tachometer, but nothing was modified to install it. The car has been off the road for 10 years and has had some tinkering done from time to time. The seller has the factory air conditioning unit that would go under the dash but doesn’t know if it still functions. A lot of time and money equals the reason for selling this Dodge. Anyone up for a Mopar restoration?

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  1. Steve R

    Great color and graphics combination. Buff it, replace the seat covers and carpet, if needed. Drop in a relatively mild 340-360, make it mechanically and drive it.

    Steve R

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  2. Kevin

    Worth fixing up,I like it,some demons actually only had a slant 6,even non-sizzler models, could of had an orange one with a purple door in the 80s for $50 bucks,slant 6 smoked so bad it was embarrassing,…passed on the car,was total beat to death beyond beater, needed to be parted out and scrapped.

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    • Howard Kerr

      If I knew about this model I must have quickly forgotten it. Not mentioned here is that the Demon name lasted only 2 years.
      Out sold by the Duster by a 4-5 to 1 margin.

      • DON CULLEY

        Dodges version of the Duster “Twister”

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  3. jerry z

    Oh yea the “ran when parked” comment. Body does look good for the money. White with red int is a great color combo.

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  4. Mutt

    All Sizzler, No Steak.

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    • Burt

      Sizzler. Candidate for worst car name ever.

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      • 370zpp

        It least they didn’t call it “Ponderosa” or “Golden Corral”.

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      • bone

        Sizzler because its “hot” – its a Demon
        Twister because its a Duster – Tornado

        A lot better name than Probe !

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    • Dave

      No, no, no…it’s sell the sizzle, not the steak.
      Or…is it drive the Sizzler and get some steaks?

      Hot Wheels had its own Sizzler line of cars. They were slightly larger than the die-cast cars and were powered by a rechargeable battery. The charging station looked like a gas station and took D batteries. I had a Boss 302.

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  5. George Mattar

    What Steve R said.

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  6. tian647

    Won’t have to take her skinny ass out to a fancy dinner…

  7. Steve Clinton

    No way will he get $10,500 for this.

    • DON

      I wouldn’t be so sure with what cars have been selling for lately . Demons are very desirable ; it needs paint , but the body looks really solid so right off the bat you have a good starting point. The 318 is no slouch, but a 340/360 block would slide right in if you didn’t want to go 100% original. The interior is a mess , but the orange seats and door panels are rare and are being reproduced and would really pop against the white/black combo .

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  8. George Louis

    I do not know where you get the idea that the Sizzler Package has a quote “MORE RADICAL GRILLE” this package came with the same grille that appeared on all DEMONS and Dart Swingers for 1971. The 1971 grille featured the black painted vertical fins vs. silver paint on the 1970 grille. This ride probably had a sticker price of around $3300.00 new. The asking price is too high for the condition it is in now. That shifter lever is not a factory piece either..and you have to replace the radio antennae. no telling what lurks in the trunk either.. Dual exhaust set up is not factory as well.

    • DON

      He may be thinking about the Duster “Twister ” package that had the ” sharktooth” grille like the 340 Dusters had.

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