10k Original Miles: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary

For the Pontiac enthusiast who is on the hunt for a classic that they can simply climb into and drive away, this 1979 Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition might be a car worth a bit of a look. This is not a car that has been restored. What you see here is a low-mileage and original survivor. It also comes with an incredible array of documentation that traces the car’s history right back to “day one.” The Trans Am is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently hovering at $22,200, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

It’s pretty hard to find much to fault with the appearance of this 40-year-old classic. The paint is said to be original, and the comprehensive selection of photos supplied by the owner shows that there are no rust issues with the car at all. Some components on the underside of the car are showing surface corrosion, but this is all pretty much par for the course with a Trans Am of this era. The aero-style wheels on the Pontiac look to be in good condition, as does the T-Top. If this car is as original as has been claimed, then the fact that none of the decals or stripes have shown any sign of either lifting or fading would tend to suggest that the car has been kept in a pretty reasonable sort of storage environment when it isn’t in use.

Powering the Pontiac is the 403ci Oldsmobile V8, and as was standard with cars featuring this engine, the transmission is a 3-speed automatic. The car is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. The owner claims that the Trans Am has only covered a genuine 10,299 miles, and judging by the significant collection of documentation that will accompany the car when it sells, I’d be willing to bet that he can verify this claim. In spite of the car’s limited use over the years, it is said to have been maintained meticulously. The transmission has undergone a recent service, and the car runs and drives perfectly.

In keeping with the rest of the car, the presentation of the interior is also extremely nice. I have been studying the photos carefully because I can’t work out whether the top of the dash is faded from UV exposure, or whether it is just a trick of the light. The interior remains completely original, but interestingly, an aftermarket CD player has been mounted in the trunk. The distinctive grey leather seats look just about perfect, and everything inside the Trans Am is said to work exactly as it is supposed to. This includes the air condition, factory radio/8-track player, power windows, and cruise control. In addition to the leather upholstery and T-Top, the vehicle also has the obligatory tilt wheel.

The Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition is a classic car from the 1970s with a value that has continued to increase slowly but steadily over the past 3-years. Good examples equipped with the 403 engine tend to sell for around 20% less than those fitted with the 400 engine. Still, prices for the 403 can push up into the high $30,000 mark, and even prices above $40,000 are not unusual. The record sale price for a 10th Anniversary was set in 2016, and that car sold for $187,000! This particular car is nowhere near that territory, but it is still a nice, low-mileage example that comes with plenty of paperwork. It would look good in any driveway, so is this one that you would consider?


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  1. Otis

    Always liked these, but it seems like it was a rough 10,299 miles.

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  2. MemphisMike

    I owned a 403 10th Anniversary T/A and still have dreams about it to this day. I loved that car and hated parting with it. So beautiful!!
    The yellow is from the ttops. Just the color on the interior side.
    One day I will have another one.

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  3. CanuckCarGuy

    I remember building this as a model kit in my youth…very sharp looking car, much to like here. Perhaps sacrilegious, but I do prefer this colour combination on a T/A over the black/gold.

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  4. Arthell64 Member

    The 403 Oldsmobile engine and automatic kills it for me. I have owned both a 403 and a w72 t/a and the Pontiac 400 is the only one I would buy. But I guess some people wouldn’t know the difference. But this is a nice car.

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  5. JOHN Member

    I prefer the early 70’s T/A’s but that silver leather interior always made an exception!

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  6. ccrvtt

    Full of scoops and flaps and bulges and decorated with an over the top bird of death – what’s not to like? The build quality wasn’t the best and the performance left a bit to be desired, but I LOVE this car. It’s in my top 10.

    I believe Jim Wangers said that there were only two kinds of t-tops on the Firebirds – those that leaked and those that had never been opened.

    Prices are crazy for what you actually get but where else can you find silver leather upholstery? This car is as American as it gets. Makes me proud.

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  7. Bob McK Member

    Beautiful. Wonder what the reserve is.

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    • Frank J Capparelle Member

      @Otis I have spent hours with this car, and I am not sure what your looking at that is rough. Its anything but rough. With that said these cars were not constructed with the best of accuracy or care. I think GM was just thrilled they were selling, and obliged to build as many as they could as fast as they could.

      @Bob Mck call me and we can talk if your interested. I think I am fair.

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      • Otis

        As long as you and your buyer are happy with the car that’s all that really matters. No expert, but I have owned a couple of the ’79 TATA’s and the paint issues shown on this are by far the worst I have ever seen, especially for a 10k mile car. Easy to say factory build quality is the problem but I’m going to disagree. Still a nice looking car.

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      • Mike

        Have to agree with Frank on this one. Otis, is what you are seeing where the pinstripes don’t line up well on the rear spoilier, or near the mirror on the driver’s door? The front cap where the headlights are literally melted on most of these cars, and silver paint in 1979 was the worst. And yes, build quality was an issue even when new. All that said, this is one nice looking T/A, outside, inside and underneath! Many of these cars didn’t look this good 2 or 3 years after they were new.

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  8. 433jeff

    Although we all want the 400 4 speed, Scotty let me use his brand new 403 auto for a week while he was on vaca, it was a great setup all the same, i think it was Golden anniversary, i forget now 81? Was a ling time ago now, it was new!!! Do tou remember new!?! These were great , i loved the dash, how about the big birds on hood and door panrls, well done poncho for haveing a classier car than its counterparts.

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