17K Miles! 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Old vehicles are really more about memories for me rather than actually owning them. I have owned and currently do own a few old vehicles but seeing a car like this 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille brings up some great memories. This beauty can be found here on eBay in Dallas, Texas and the current bid price is $520, but of the course, the reserve isn’t met.

1977 may be a little “new” for those of you who prefer Cadillacs from the 1950s or 1960s, or even those older than that, but this is the era that I grew up in, or was a teenager in when I started to drive. One of my first jobs as a teen was parking and washing cars at an indoor, heated parking garage in a big medical building. One of the monthly parkers had a car exactly like this yellow Coupe DeVille and it was such a nice car – it still is. The opera lamps were a $60 option, cool.

The fifth-generation DeVilles were downsized and restyled, losing around nine inches in length and several hundred pounds. I can still hear the incredible horn on these cars, it sounds pretty similar to my ’84 Seville but there’s something about a DeVille, especially a Coupe DeVille that gets to me. The seller doesn’t mention rust but they show the underside and it looks rock solid. This car cost $11,486 in 1977 which is “only” $48,539 today. You can hardly get a minivan for that now let alone a Cadillac.

Yep, the interior is the same as the car that I remember from around 1980 at the Medical Arts Building garage. This car is incredible in that it only has 17,385 miles on it, according to the seller. The back seat looks great and other than maybe some dirty or faded carpet in the front and/or the carpeted floor mats, it looks nice inside.

The engine is Cadillac’s 425 cubic-inch V8 with a 4-barrel carb – according to the VIN – which had 180 hp and 320 ft-lb of torque. The fuel-injected model had 195 hp and I’m sure was much easier to start and didn’t smell like gas all the time. Hagerty is at $7,700 for a #3 good condition 1977 Coupe DeVille and this one sure looks like it’s in at least good condition. Have any of you owned a fifth-generation DeVille?


  1. grant

    Went to high school with a girl who’s dad gave her one of these to drive. Those are some roomy seats…

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  2. Sam61

    Brings back memories for me as well. Our family’s new 77 Delta 88 sedan was $7,000 from Dill Olds in Chesterton, IN. Crank windows, AC, AM/FM, rear defog, 350. One of my uncles had a brown 77 sedan deville with plaid fabric seats as a demo from his employer Mancuso Cadillac in Barrington, IL.

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    Indeed…I see a 8-10K sled here.
    This would’ve been “The preacher’s wife’s” ride in my neighborhood back in the day. The preacher would have the Fleetwood 4 door. And then they had the Suburban for hauling the kids around.

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  4. DadofTwo

    My mother had a ’77, then a ’78 and then a ’79. She had a lease deal with the Caddy dealer that she had to turn the car in every year with less than 10,000 miles. ’77 and ’79 were Coupes and the ’78 was a Sedan de Ville in silver on silver with a padded silver full vinyl roof. To this day, her ’78 was my favorite car ever.

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  5. dirtyharry

    We had one come in to the shop, just out of warranty (overheated). It ran poorly and made no power. The Old Man bought it on the spot, as my Mom’s new car. We put in a new set of valve springs and Mom then drove the wheels off it. She thought it “sporty,” getting out of her 73 Fleetwood. I was totally impressed with how smooth and quiet it was. A true pleasure to drive. It had the best AC and would freeze you out on a 100 degree day. Wasn’t R12 great?

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    • Fred W

      All cars back then used Freon 12 and larger compressors, compared to modern (ozone safe) refrigerant and more efficient compressors. Nothing you buy today can cool the car down as quickly or achieve as low a temp. You gotta love ’em!

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    • Chris R. Member

      Wow, what a beautiful time capsule! As I remember, the so were a very comfortable car and you didn’t feel as though you were driving a boat!! Very nicely preserved, unmolested, original car. Best of luck with the sale!

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  6. 993cc

    My Grandmother bought a new two door Cadillac, always green, every few years from the end of the war until she stoped driving in 1983. She bought a 1977 CdV after she drove her 1975, which she swore she would never replace, off an embankment.
    She called her ’77 her “toy car”, and it did seem to improve her driving. It was in turn replaced by a nearly identical ’79 (different tail lights and steering wheel), her last car, which ended up in my parents’ driveway.
    Christmas of 1982, after finishing my last final exam, then taking an overnight train to get to her house, I drove her from her place in Niagara Falls to my family’s home in central PA. Being used to a VW Rabbit, I expected her car to be a barge, but was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to drive, which was fortunate, because I was exhausted.

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  7. Kenneth Carney

    Should’ve bid on this one last night when it was only $588! Almost bought a
    ’77 Sedan De Ville from an elderly gentleman who lived in one of the condos I used to deliver papers in at the time. His was silver grey with a padded vinyl roof and opera lights. It had 25K miles on it then and he was asking
    $2,500 for the car. I tried to get the deal done, but I couldn’t convince my late wife on board to close the deal. Well, here it is, 16 years later, my wife is gone, but now it’s my SIL saying no. Hate to tell her that it’s still on my bucket list. I owned a ’66 Calais 4-door HT as a young man and loved it!
    I’ve told my SIL I want one more Caddy before I die. Besides, there’s the kick that I’ll get out of handing my niece the keys and letting her drive it–after I tell her not to scratch it!

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  8. Douglas Potts

    I prefer the ‘79 over the ‘77 because I had a CDV and loved that car. We also had a ‘79 Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance that was triple platinum. Both cars were easy driver and as both were carbureted engines, they NEVER smelled of gas and had effortless starting. The FI cars always seemed finicky because of the 70s tech available.

  9. Remembering...

    My parents almost bought the exact same CDV but settled on a blue one instead. I have always thought this was a striking color. I wish they offered it again. I’m so tired of only black, white, silver and grey Cads…..

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  10. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member


    You can keep the crappy 77 CdV.
    I’ll take your Mom’s old 73 Fleetwood.

    I’m not happy with any Cadillac de Ville after 76. Too short, too narrow, too cheap, too ugly. I loved my 76 Coupe de Ville.

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  11. Del


    Nice .

    Love the color.

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  12. ACZ

    Some people won’t like the idea but I’ve thought for a while that it would be nice to refit one of these 77 and up D cars with an LS to get some performance. They already handle and ride good. Just need bigger stabilizer bars and wider tires and wheels. Adding some power and economy would make this a really great project.

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  13. nessy

    What is here NOT to love about this Caddy? The triple yellow, the leather, it’s a coupe. Has everything going for it.

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  14. John Oliveri

    Ah, my Disco days, everyone wanted one, when we the younger guys were driving Grand Prixs and Monte Carlos the older guys had the sunroof Cadillac w Vogues and Spokes, New York in the 70s folks

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  15. Fastwhlz

    Here in the south the Vogues were referred to as ‘mustard and mayo’s’ due to the colors. It slays me how in one FB group the comments are “these cars are huge and lazy” etc, but in another group the same guy is crying how “they don’t make them like they used to”. The true auto enthusiast respects the evolution of classics into modern machines. You can’t have it both ways. That said, I enjoyed the restyling of Cadillac in 1980 with the more crisp roof line of my Coupe De’ville, but I also appreciated the former.

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  16. Bill Hall

    I had a 67, 73 Devilles and and a POS 80 Seville. I have always lked the late seventies Cads. To me the 73 was an UGLY BARGE. I just wished I could have finished the restoration on 67, that was THE BEST,

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  17. DonC

    So tempting…..currently at $5,305. But “reserve not me”, so you have to wonder what the seller has in mind. Seriously low mileage on this car!

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  18. Ken

    When a ‘63 CdV comes up, I’ll take notice.

  19. Mark Lindstrom

    Love the car my father had almost the identical Cadillac. The only problem I have with the claimed 17k milage is the interior wear, looks more like 117,000 miles. Even the door cards look well used. Still would love to have it.

  20. Michael Gregory Member

    I’d like a closer look at the door arm rests. They cracked fairly soon. I had this same car in copper with a tan velour interior. After spending my entire childhood wanting a Cadillac I owned five before I was 30. The only one that didn’t have major issues was the ’63 Fleetwood I bought for less than $200 in 1973. My Coupe like this one would die at the same intersection every morning due to a cracked manifold, which was a common problem. It was my last ever Caddy, and I only bought one more American-built car after 1990. It was an even worse LeBaron convertible. But in spite of all that, I would still buy this yellow car because it is the color combo I always wanted. Go figure.

  21. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Mr. Gregory

    We should talk. I’ve been a Cadillac enthusiast since I was 4. My aunt and uncle next door had a 56 Coupe de Ville and that set my love of Cadillacs.
    I had a 56 Fleetwood when I was 13, then a 68 CdV, 75 Fleetwood, 74 CdV, 76 CdV, 75 Eldorado convertible and my last one was a 92 Eldorado. All before I was 40. I have never had a problem with a cracked manifold on any of them. Maybe you just had some bad luck with your cars.
    There are two more I want to get. A 58 Fleetwood and a 69 de Ville convertible.

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