1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe

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This 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe was stored for years, only to have it’s engine used for a Continental convertible restoration. It appears to be a rust free car, needing only an engine to live again. The sale includes lots of the bits you’ll need like a windshield, skirts and radiator. Even a newly rechromed front is included. What could one do with this? There’s room for about any engine in that huge engine bay. The asking price of $4995 here on craigslist seems very reasonable. It would seem like a huge waste to see this elagant old lady go for parts.



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  1. Ceezy

    I know some might disagree, but I say put a modern fuel injected drive train in it, clean it up and use it as a daily driver.

  2. DREW V.

    Leave the body untouched but swap inA late model F.I. 460 with an AOD tranny and an after mrkt A/C unit would make for a hellova cruiser while not altering it enough that it couldn’t be restored at a later time when a period correct V-12 becomes available…

  3. moosie Craig

    Yep, Drew V. & Ceezy,,,,, my thoughts exactly. Bring the running gear up to the 21 Century, give it a few creature comforts and let it fly.

  4. Dolphin Member

    I think the seller is right when he says there are adaptors to mate various V8 engines with the transmission in this car. I remember seeing them in hot rod catalogs back in the day, and I’ll bet that some are still sitting in garages or basements today. The tranny in this Continental should be OK with V8 power provided you don’t do burnouts with it.

    If putting a modern V8 into this old lady would save it, that’s the way to go. It’s so clean underneath that I can believe it’s a California car, so I don’t think you could go wrong doing an engine transplant. I hope somebody does it and that it shows up at a Show ‘N Shine near me.

  5. krash


    you read my mind….I was amazed when I saw the condition of the undercarriage…this is definitely a worthy cause for some ambitious soul…love the design of the instrument panel

    … is it a regular trunk, or were these equipped with a rumble seat?

  6. jeff6599

    Remember that these V12s only had 125 HP; a number easily reached by a souped up Flathead V8. Bolts right up to the existing transmission. All these drivetrains were designed for the popular torque output of the day, about 150/175 lb ft. Even adapting a 350 to this transmission puts the transmission at risk unless driven softly. A different modern trans. will not easily feed the torque tube rear end so that would have to be changed out for a Ford 9 or a GM 10/12 bolt. If you do that, there is the buggy spring rear that fits the Lincoln rear and provides a marginal ride. Go to parallel leaves.
    Then up front, that I beam axle with wishbones is archaic….
    So on and on it goes. Better and a lot less expensive to buy a V12 (lots of them still out there). Keeps the car stock, easier to sell as an investment car for occasional use. Once a changeout motor is adapted, you go to 12 volts, possibly A/C, disc brakes, rack & pinion, and unless you enjoy DIY, it will cost far far more than the purchase price of the car.

  7. jim s

    first time i saw one of these, in person, we were on toll road, stopped at a howard johnsons that was on the down side of a steep hill. one of these was parked there also for the same reason we were, overheating. what a long hood it had. i do hope it gets saved. great find

  8. George

    Put in a Viper engine and 6 speed? Boy do I wish I had the cash. The sale price sounds fair especially with the condition.

  9. Ed P

    What a well preserved example. It is a shame that someone saw fit to strip the original working (supposedly) engine. Also, why would old Henry scrimp on the suspension of a luxury car? Transverse leaf springs were as antiquated as the old man himself by this time.

  10. waynard

    I had the identical car a few years ago, but with a 352 Ford in it. It was common to swap out the V-12’s in the 50’s as they were underpowered and complicated. Mine had a matching Ford tranny in it. As this has no motor “swapping” is no big deal. Put in what you want and you’ve got a nice daily driver.

    Being this clean, this is a bargain at this price, assuming he really has all the parts he says he does. Some original parts are getting to be unobtanium.

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