1950 Cadillac Superior Station Wagon Ambulance

When you hear the phrase “Cadillac ambulance” most people probably think “Ghostbusters!” Well, this 1950 Cadillac ambulance pre-dates that one by about nine years, but it is still really cool. The seller states it has been off the road since the 1970s and they have a California title but it currently resides in the town of Conrad, Iowa today. Found for sale here on eBay, with a current bid of $4,500, the reserve hasn’t been met yet. I’m not sure what the future holds for this car, but it would definitely be a big project! Take a closer look.

The driver’s compartment looks fairly standard and original. You can see numerous switches on the left side of the dash to control the lights and siren.

The rear portion of the ambulance still has the original cabinets and jump seat. The body for this ambulance was made by Superior Coach Company which made specialized bodies like this for decades. Nearly every Cadillac hearse, limousine, and ambulance body was made by Superior.

The seller doesn’t provide much information regarding the engine. You can tell it hasn’t run for a while and will probably need to be rebuilt or replaced. A big, heavy car like this one might benefit from a diesel swap. What do you think?  Put this body on a 2wd Duramax chassis?

Overall, this is a BIG project, literally and figuratively. Hopefully, this classic ambulance gets a new lease on life. It would be a fun parade car or show car. What do you think about these oddball classic cars? Would you rather have this car or a “standard” 1950 Cadillac sedan or convertible?


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  1. stumpwi

    Were they two toned? looks like the red was sprayed on as an after thought

    • redsresto

      IIRC I’ve seen some older movies where the ambulances are all white. Could be that they added the red at a later date to update the department paint scheme.

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    • Will Fox

      Superior painted these in any color combo a customer wanted. If two-toned, usually the roof was white while the body was some color; usually bright red or white.

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  2. Rick

    With the built-in cabinets, this has ‘shop truck’ written all over it.

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    • David W. King

      Apparently, you have never ridden in an ambulance.

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      • Rick

        Apparently, you don’t know me and my vehicles…

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  3. Pete

    The perfect dog car

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  4. Rodney - GSM

    Not in any hurry to be a horizontal passenger in this but, the twelve year old in me wants to turn on the lights and siren and scream down a long smooth asphalt highway…

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    • 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

      Hell, the 64 year old in me wants to do that!

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  5. Robert White

    This is just yard art with an engine and seats n’ tires.

    Paint it with two coats of flat black primer and leave it out in the yard for art’s sake.


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  6. Ben T. Spanner

    I car sat a 1953 combination hearse/ambulance and drove it every day. It was black. It had Dynaflow, as the Hydromatic factory had burned. Many were painted red and/or white and used as ambulances; especially by small volunteer fire departments. Requirements for a higher level of care meant more equipment, and more space tahn a Cadillac could provide.
    The one I drove was mainly a hearse and had red lights in the grill, and an under hood siren.

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  7. Rick

    It seems that most cars on thus site are missing the air cleaner.People do not seem to realize that all sorts of interesting stuff can be sucked in through the carburetor. That is why cars have air cleaners.

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  8. dogwater

    Just not worth bring these old things back to life, days gone by, hundreds of man hours and dollars.

  9. Ron S

    I like idea of the Duramax chassis but I’d like to drop the body on a Suburban 4×4 chassis with an LS.
    Paint it in camouflage and go.

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  10. Glenn Hilpert

    Interesting to find out where the unit was in service somewhere in Calif. Cannot make out the wording above Ambulance sign on rear door.

  11. Ken Vrana

    I remember being on the rescue team and riding in a car exactly like this, but all white, at the once-famous Bridgehampton Race Track, in Bridgehampton, NY. It was a beast but cool nonetheless.

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  12. Rod

    It could be done up as a party wagon…!

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  13. Allen L

    Rocky Mountain Race Week (RMRW) vehicle!
    Flat clear coat the patina.
    Install a beefy drive train, four link rear end.
    Look up the S**tbox of Doom driven by Aydan Bailey, with his father, the famous Tom Bailey, of Sick Seconds Camaro fame, in the recently completed RMRW.

  14. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Nearly every Cadillac hearse, ambulance was made by Superior.
    Come on, I know you are more knowledgeable than that. Back in the day there were several companies, mainly in Ohio who made rigs out of Cadillac chassis.
    Miller Meteor (M&M) Scoville &Scoville (S&S), and then, just like businesses today, they started to combine and you ended up with company names like Superior Meteor and such.
    I’m surprised Miguel hasn’t chimed in. He seems quite knowledgeable of hearses.

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  15. Paolo

    My next home!

  16. HC

    Wow what a big project. Maybe someone with Jay Leno bucks can take it on. Havent done any googling but wonder what size engine that is in it.

  17. Glenn Hilpert

    The motor size I believe is a 331Cu.Inch.

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  18. Darwin fletcher

    I have a 526 ci big block blown that would look sweet in the back seat

  19. qcvltd

    This one’s headed to our shop in Cincinnati. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet but I’d like to preserve the original paint and go from there.

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    • Alex Dixie

      I have a 1950 Miller version. Mine is a combination hearse/ambulance. Have a long way to go on the restoration.

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