Original Paint: 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Survivor!

Update 11/15/19 – After getting bid up to $45k, this Corvette has been relisted here on eBay for some reason. How high will it go this time around?

From 10/30/19 – If you like original paint survivors, this one’s a gem. Painted in Honduras Maroon which was a very popular color for 1962, Chevrolet sold 14,531 Corvettes. While a few areas of the paint look thin and chipped, it’s still very presentable for 50+ years of wear and tear. The latest owner has had it for the past 30 years in Franklin, Massachusetts and now it’s up for auction here on eBay with a starting ask of $35k. Looking cleaner dressed up in less chrome also helped with sales, as the ’50s were quickly disappearing in the rearview. Note the lack of shiny bits around the coves and headlights. Also, the contrast color painted coves went away with trim removal. Another relic of the ’50s binned. Transition to the Stingray was just around the corner.

1962 also saw the introduction of the 327 C.I. engine, a displacement increase from the ’61 283 C.I. mill. Horsepower ratings ranged from 250 hp to 360 hp with the fuel-injected powerhouses. No mention in the ad which hp this engine is, though it’s probably the 250 or 300. The higher performance engines had the aluminum valve covers, but this also has a cast-iron intake manifold. So…?  All the ignition shielding is intact, as well as the aluminum radiator and overflow tank. Looks like the fresh air hose is missing, though easily sourced from someone like Corvette America. It is said to run and drive great showing 32,242 miles.

The black interior looks somewhat worn with splits on the seats and some warping on the dash. It has an AM radio, original 4-speed shifter, and carpeting. A good detailing and light rework would really help here. The big 17″ steering wheel frames the cascade of gauges that dominates the dash. Very cool, though still another leftover from the previous decade. This is where I would spend some money to make it shine like the no-hit exterior.

The bumper chrome looks good as well as the wheel covers and aluminum rocker trim. This is also the last Vette with a proper trunk. Having the two tops made all-season driving a little easier if this was your only car. The white convertible top (see ad) looks very clean and functional if original. The chassis is also claimed to be nice and clean, although no underside pics are provided. Would you go all crazy NCRS on this or aim for the Bloomington SURVIVOR class that recognizes Corvettes that are “worn in, but not worn out”?


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Now that you bring up the aluminum valve covers Patrick, I wonder if Corvette owners put chrome covers on back in the day? There sure is an abundance of the finned covers floating around. I have the early and later style hanging in the garage somewhere. Anyone know the story?

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    • Bob S

      Yep, I put the cast covers on my 64, 300 hp Corvette. They were very reasonably priced at the parts department of the local Chevrolet dealer.
      I think it was a matter of whether the person who owned the car was interested in dressing up the engine.
      Bob S

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    • Bob

      The base engines had painted steel covers, the higher performance engines had finned aluminum covers.

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  2. doug

    In the early ’70’s I think I paid $15 for a new pair at the dealer. Might have something to do with them being everywhere.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks Doug, I knew they would be for sale over the counter, but that seems like a deal back then. Still got them?

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      • Patrick S Patrick S Staff

        I think they look great on small blocks. I can see why a lot of folks put them on. Lot of bang for the buck. I understand it’s hard to find mint,correct steel ones for the early vettes.

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  3. benjy58

    Leave it alone and drive it.

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    Right car, right color, right condition. Nice!

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  5. Arthell64 Member

    Appears to be a nice car

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    I’m with Benjy58- unless you really couldn’t live with the color, drive the nuts off it as is!! I would say if the underbelly is good it probably worth someplace around the 35 large they are asking. Goood luck to the new owner!

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  7. Will Fox

    Well, it’s Chevy, so I guess that automatically makes it worth $1M, right? Just for being a Chevy? (eye roll)

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  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    All I can say is Nice.

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  9. les

    I chromed my cast ” corvette” covers

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  10. Buddy Lewis

    I can’t definitely say because it’s been so long ago but I recall something about the number of fin’s on the valve cover having some indication

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  11. KevinLee

    This Vette is all I want for Christmas!

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  12. Tort Member

    If I would have ordered one in 62 this would have been it. Would not touch anything and just enjoy it as is.

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  13. Del Gray

    Nice car.

    But Christine is still faster 😈

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  14. TimM

    This car is stunning!!!

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  15. Gaspumpchas

    Sorry the guy had to relist, probably ebay BS, I had a (really rotten) 67 camaro that was bid up to 6500. Winner disappeared. went back to the second and third Hi bidders and got no response. This BS happens all the time. Between this and cars that are shown as pristine and turn out to be a POS, this sure is taking the fun out of it. Guess the old fashioned way of showing up, looking at the car and doing a deal in person is still the only way to be sure, bet this car doesn’t go for 45 large the second time.

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    • Edsel Al

      I’m with ya ….gone to too many adresses only to find NOT what was advertised….do the inspection and have cash in hand….$5k in hand will buy a $10k car every day….

      Edsel Al

  16. chrlsful

    my favs have the “I-talian” rear ends (’56-60) & , silly me?, I’d have the Blue Flame motor (’53/4) w/the side draft YHs.

  17. bing

    Gaspumpchas, I have bought four cars on e bay (over the last 15 years as the second bidder).
    A 60 Vette, still have
    63 vette coupe, had it 8 years,
    a 36 ford Pheaton, owned it 8 years
    and a 28 Ford roadster pickup, had it six years.
    Also I never bid on a car that I did not buy if I were the high bidder.
    Don’t know what all this means, except the deal is done when the cash moves.
    Last note, I have bought about 25 cars on e bay over the last 20 or so years. Only did not like two, and I relisted them and fortunately got my money back.

  18. DaveN

    The ’61 & ’62s are to me at least, the best-looking examples of the C-1 series; that is unless you like shiny chrome-on chrome.

  19. Gaspumpchas

    Bing, Glad you have had good luck on ebay. I never bought any vehicles that were more than a couple thousand, and have had great luck with them. Also sold some very rusty but desirable cars that I had constant dialog with the buyers during the process so there is no misunderstanding. Everyone needs to do their homework and inspect every prospective purchase. your philosophy of never buying a car where you were the first bidder is a good one. Another great thing about BF is folks like us sharing experiences, and learning from them!

  20. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nice car…..and a guy near here that has a lot of early stuff for sale – does have a pair of NOS valve covers in the box.

  21. Del

    Yes. probably a lot of No Show bidders on any platform, not just Ebay

  22. roamic

    I’ve sold 5 cars on Ebay with no problem. I listed a 40 Buick for a friend and a guy from England “bought” it. He wanted my friend to buy 5 new whitewall tires for it as they were hard to find in England. Which My friend did do.

    Then, after the auction was over, he had it inspected and refused to pay for it.


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