1962 Ford Galaxie Sunliner 390 Convertible!

Don’t be fooled for one minute by the appearance, because this 1962 Galaxie 500 Sunliner appears to actually be a pretty promising project car. The owner doesn’t do himself any favors by photographing it surround by encroaching undergrowth, but the next owner can soon rectify that little problem. Located in Middletown, New Jersey, you will find the Sunliner listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has only reached a mere $701 at the time of writing, and it should be no surprise to learn that the reserve hasn’t been met.

Originally finished in Corinthian White, the Sunliner has added some grey and a coating of surface corrosion to that over the past 57-years. For all of that, the owner says that the car is actually very solid. He says that there is no rot in the car, which suggests that the floors and frame are good. This is actually something of a surprise given the fact that the car appears to have been sitting out exposed to the elements for some time. The soft-top is now a distant memory, although the frame does appear to be in good condition. Some of the external chrome and trim looks a bit sad, but this shouldn’t present any great dramas, as a full set of trim and bumpers is included in the sale.

Let’s face it, that interior is a mess. I also don’t like the look of the foliage growing under the rear seat. However, given the previous “no rot” claims, it might not be a problem. For those who find the idea of restoring the interior trim to be daunting, you don’t need to sweat on that at all. Included with the car is a complete XL interior, which is another step in the right direction. While there are no photos, we do know that the car sports a 390ci 4BBL V8 and Cruise-O-Matic transmission. It isn’t clear whether these are original, but the owner says that the condition of the engine is unknown. Even if the worst has happened and the engine is locked, it may still be able to be revived.

If the claims that the owner makes are true, then this 1962 Galaxie Sunliner shows a lot of promise as a restoration project. I’m not going to try to kid you that it will be an easy restoration, because we can all see that it is going to need a fair amount of work before it turns a wheel in anger again. With Sunliners now selling for anywhere between $26,000 for a good one, and $40,000 for an immaculate example, this could be a good project if the price is right.


  1. Fred W

    I’ll bet anyone on BF could find rot in this car in 5 minutes.

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  2. Dovi65

    Good grief, another lazy seller. If they’re serious about moving this forlorn Sunliner to a new home, the very least he/she could do is clear away the junk that surrounds it, maybe even drag it out of the weeds. Pictures showing the engine, as well as the condition of the floors, & frame would go a long way

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    • Will Fox

      Simply moving that cardboard leaning up against the driver’s door would’ve helped alot. (Who’s going to make an offer based on seeing so little of this? I wouldn’t!)

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      • don

        I think that “cardboard” is actually two car hoods leaning on the Ford . Probably used them to hold the blue tarp on the sides of the car .


    I like it…but nobody’s gonna come even remotely close to the “reserve” with such hideous pics.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Do you know what the reserve is? The auction has 10 bids and 5 bidders so there’s at least a few people who want it.

  4. Boatman Member

    Curious as to what took the paint off the fender and part of the hood. Battery fire perhaps?

  5. Governor

    Comes with factory Rotunda Weed Eater Accessory Package.

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  6. Del

    Very well presented.

    400 dollar parts car

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    • LARRY

      I agree with dovi65..are they afraid to move the car? The weeds in the back seat are not a good sign..and is it that much of a problem to open the hood? I bet they want top dollar though

  7. Kurt Member

    Are after market floor pans available?

  8. Rustytech Member

    It took me about 3 seconds to see there is no floor under the rear seat, weeds visible between what’s left of the upper and lower cushion.

  9. Ken Carney

    Yeah, it could be saved, but you’ll need some deep pockets to do it. Best place to start would be the frame and floors.
    My advice would be to look ’em over good before you buy this car. My Midwest experience with ’62 Ford’s tells
    me that these cars are rolling rust buckets from the factory even with the
    Ziebart undercoating. First place they
    rusted was the quarter panels just ahead of the rear tires. Sorry folks, but I see
    only a parts car here and nothing more.

  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Nice car, hole e grail for back seat, beautiful paint, engine must be something special if you could only get it running. Check out those tires, hardly any wear. Boy, the new owner sure will be surprised at the immaculate driving experience this chariot will provide.
    God bless America

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  11. Mike

    Strike one – Criag’s List quality picture taking.
    Strike two – Only 9 pictures and 3 of them are the same angle.
    Strike three – A bad sign is when the tarp has disintegrated on the car.

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  12. TimM

    Not for me!! I’d be filing cardboard boxes of rust and taking them out to the dumpster after this one sat on the floor of my shop!!!

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  13. Mountainwoodie

    There ought to be a law against allowing a car to rot like this.

    • Kurt Member

      Right you are. There are millions just like it (or, were, until the local government forces them to get hauled away and recycled).

  14. Mike Scott

    I have a 62 ford Sunliner with a thunderbird 390 and the colored checkered board flag and yes it has rust issues but the car is a car that I will be willing to go all out on my car was a test pace car for Nash car I have driven it top out at around 170 with 20″by 9.5″ wide LITE weight wheels on it handles like a DREAM the motor is making about 435hp estimated hp maybe more or less factory cruise-o-matic transmission in Factory rear end so if you can find one in decent shape jump on it and don’t complain about the car this one you guys are looking at is not a bad one some what up motor in it because of the side emblem with a flag in the 390 so think no one is given a car away mow a days

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