1962 Mercedes 190SL: Parked And Forgotten



Update 6/9/15 – This rust bucket reached a winning bid of $47,100, but either the buyer backed out or the seller decided they wanted more money, as the car has been relisted. Now it is being offered here on eBay with a BIN of $47,500.

From 6/3/15 – When I first came across the pictures for a 1962 Mercedes-Benz 190SL here on eBay, I was mesmerized. There it was, all these years, hiding in the woods. And when the trees and brush were cut away, pulling that old girl out of the shade – well, what an experience that must have been. Heck, just getting the call that there’s an old convertible Mercedes languishing away, ready to be picked and you’re the only one that knows about it, has to be damn near euphoric! This increasingly valuable convertible is already past $30,000 in bids with the reserve unmet. It is not a project for the faint of heart, but the white over red color combo is one of the best and this example truly does appear all-there despite needing a total restoration. I’d love to know more about the original owner and why his or her heirs felt dumping the car in the woods was the best option, but that’s a story for another time. What do you think the final price will be?


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  1. jimbosidecar

    These were never very good cars to begin with so I really can’t understand the prices they are going for nowadays.

    • MikeH

      I remember when you could buy these for next to nothing. As used cars they were slow, expensive to repair and, compared to the new 240-60-80s, really ugly. I don’t think any of that has changed.

  2. RayT Member

    Judging by the photos, I can only say that if I had found this, I’d be putting it on eBay in speedy-speedy time, and hoping someone would offer me a ton of money for it….

  3. MikeG

    With the ravages of weather having thinned that sheet metal down to tin foil, this 190 has achieved ‘Superleggera’ status.

    • Josh Staff

      Haha good one MikeG! I’d say that’s the best comment of the day!

    • francisco

      Good one, Mike. I like your sense of humor.

  4. MH

    Price will be 50K or more. Looks to be another car behind this one in the woods. I wonder what it could be.

    • John

      The car behind it is an old Mercedes SSK, but it’s top is gone and SO hard to find parts for those. Better stick with the 190 Superleggera.

      • John

        On second look. It’s a Blower Bentley. I think.

      • The Walrus

        It’s a Blower Omni … ’86 Shelby GLHS.

  5. 365Lusso

    Being an owner of a 280SL and having at least a little common sense, I genuinely don’t understand why these slow and ugly cars are considered so valuable. Is it because they look somewhat like a 300SL roadster? Nostalgia of some kind? Why are they so coveted? I’d really like to know what the deal is with them…..

    • Jason

      “Is it because they look somewhat like a 300SL roadster?”

      Yes, and because people couldn’t afford the more expensive one. (And soon won’t be able to afford these!)

  6. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    A very good friend of mine sold one of these last year on eBay. MUCH worse than this one, barely looked like a car. He asked me what I thought he’d get for it, I told him 5-8k on a really, really good day. Brought 23k.

    I don’t get it either.

    356’s, early 911/912, 190SL’s. I’m actually thankful that hasn’t happened to my Triumphs…that way I can still afford them :-)

  7. Horse Radish

    Everybody , including the un-knowledgeable and the un-witty are trying to get in on the band wagon and join the 190SL bubble.
    Word has gotten out that these are big money.
    There is no rhyme or reason, just like the California Real estate market until 2008, just the “near” certain hope to make more money.
    Pure greed and speculation.
    Actually this borders on insanity……coming from a Mercedes fanatic.

  8. David Frank david Member

    I believe the expression is “all boats rise with the tide”. As the 300SLs became absurdly expensive and people could no longer afford them, the 190SLs that folks had ignored began to rise to crazy money as well.

    And, of course, 280SL prices are also going up. A few of years ago you couldn’t get 10K for a nice 280SL. Now, even 280SE 4 door sedans are at least 10K, 280SE Coupes for go 20K+ and convertibles for 75K. Speaking of slow and ugly, even my old finback is appreciating some.

  9. don

    it amazes me that these cars are out there hiding, bidding up to 33k!

  10. skloon

    Im sure assisted suicide is cheaper and less painful

  11. Chris A.

    Late 50’s-early 60’s country club sporty car. My 1958 Borgward Isabella TS was probably just as fast, sat four and had swing axle IRS just like a 190SL. This 190SL in a real world is a parts car, not a $30K restoration project. The Mercedes Classic Center parts manager must laugh alll the way to the bank when part orders comes in for one of these.

  12. Wiley Robinson

    One of the other cars with it looks to be a Plymouth Horizon (or maybe even a Yugo GV!). What an odd couple!

    • Horse Radish

      sticker on rear hatch says “Shelby Tur…”

    • The Walrus

      Car in back is an ’86 Shelby GLHS. It’s an Omni (or Horizon) but would have been titled as a Shelby (not Dodge) when new, as it’s final assembly was at the Shelby facility in Whittier, CA. There were only 500 (numbered) cars, so it’s technically much rarer than the 190. It just hasn’t hit it’s bubble yet. It actually indicates the 190 was parked sometime since then, however.

  13. RIC Parrish

    I drug a rusty one of these out of the woods back in 1974 when I lived in Pittsburgh. They had a unibody that would let water inside an enclosed area that just rusted them to nothing. Mine fell on me when a jack punched through the rusted body. (Oh, I was on a creeper and grabbed the rocker panel and flew out from under it as it fell.) I barely made out on it, selling it for $1500.00

  14. bcavileer

    Better cars out there for way less money. Will cost a fortune to bring back. Speculation ,greed and flippers have RUINED this hobby and love of the projects. THANK all the ‘reality’ shows on Velocity for putting the final shive in all our backs. I am finishing my last restoration and quitting this game after doing it for 30 years. It WAS fun. Its just business now. What a load of …rust.

    • Horse Radish

      That’s exactly what I have been saying.
      I got into it because it was fun.
      Now I just have people asking me to “help me get rid” of my cars on a daily basis.
      I play the game along, just to see how far they will insult my intelligence……..

  15. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Played with a couple of these when younger.

    Anybody who thinks these resemble the 300SL obviously can’t drive, the white cane banded with red should tell you that.

    They were underpowered. We put a 220S engine in, the one with the oval Solexes.
    It went better but the tinworm was working it pretty good after the original undercoating fell off. The jute underpadding that sucked and held water didn’t help.

    Second one bought had better floorpan and minor body issues but motor was toast.
    Engine and rear suspension pulled. Wire-wheeled floor pan and trunk floor inside and out, then sandblasted had very little perforation. Chopper gun was then used to spray polyester and glass on the floor pan and trunk areas, inside and out.

    The 220 engine pulled from first one was installed in the second one albeit somewhat more professionally as previous problems encountered were not a surprise.

    Enjoyed the car, though it had gained some weight, sold it on and still see it from time to time. It’s had three owners since myself and current owner was thought the floors were new metal, the knot of glass in the passenger outside footwell tells me that’s unlikely.

    I do metal fab now.

  16. grant

    So, you fiberglassed the floorpans of an old Mercedes? I did that to a Datsun in high school. It’s still around too but that doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do…

  17. Jeff Staff

    I’ve asked the seller to provide any details possible on the GLH Turbo. Would love to find out what happened to that car.

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