Fuelie Find: 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Project

Buried in this garage in East Setauket, New York, is a project car that is worth some serious consideration. While there remains some work to be completed, a huge amount of the heavy lifting has already been done. It is hardly surprising to find that this is a car that has generated plenty of interest since it was listed for sale. Not only have there been 16 bids submitted on the 1964 Corvette “Fuelie,” pushing the price along to $30,000, but there are also currently 157 people who are watching the listing here on eBay. The good news is that with the reserve now met, someone is about to get the chance to complete a pretty special restoration.

The first port of call with this car is the frame. Not many issues with that. It is as clean as a whistle and looks to have been very nicely restored. The owner has gotten it back to a rolling state, and while it was dismantled, he has taken the time and effort to replace all of the fuel and brake lines, along with the fuel tank itself. The body of the Corvette, which was originally finished in Satin Silver, is complete, but it is going to require a fair amount of work. It is demonstrating all of the wear and tear that we have come to expect from a 55-year-old fiberglass body. I mean, it isn’t horrendous, but there are a few spots that will need to be attended to by someone who really knows how to work with fiberglass. The good news is that all of the external trim, chrome, and glass is present, and it does appear to be in good condition.

This is as close as we get to a shot of the interior, and once again, there will be some work ahead for the next owner. The black seats are said to be good, all gauges are present and correct, while all of the chrome components from the dash and console have just returned from the plater’s. That appears to be the extent of the interior trim and components that are present, so the next owner will have a fair shopping list ahead of them on this car.

I really think that the time has come to get ourselves back to the good news. Powering the Corvette is a numbers-matching 327ci fuel-injected V8, which sends its 375hp to the 4.11 Posi rear end via the original 4-speed, close-ratio transmission. Even better is the fact that both the engine and transmission have been freshly rebuilt by very reputable Corvette specialists. That means that the next owner shouldn’t have to spend a penny on the mechanical side of the car. In addition, the owner is including a 3.70 Posi rear end if the buyer wants the Corvette to have slightly longer legs. The vehicle also rolls on a new set of steel wheels and new tires. The car is fitted with its original metallic brake shoes, but the drums have been machined, and the wheel cylinders have been replaced. While the Corvette was apart, the flywheel was resurfaced, a completely new clutch was fitted, as was a new 2½” dual exhaust.

The person who buys this 1964 Corvette can be certain that they will be buying a car that is both structurally and mechanically sound, and where the needs are purely cosmetic. They will also be getting their hands on 1-of-1,325 cars built in that year that featured the fuel-injected engine. With values on these cars continuing to climb steadily, they will not only become the owner of a really nice and potent car but one that should represent a pretty sound long-term investment.


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  1. Classic Steel

    It will be a nice car when completed.
    I am restoring a 63hardtop and finally running again. All numbers match etc etc from drive train to master cylinder and carb etc.

    A plus engine pro restored . Mine was four grand etc.

    I see much work left to be done on reassembling the car. I am always leery on a car apart as missing pieces occur and one does not see how the smalls bolt up or wire up.
    Just remember a vette is get the 100 dollar bill out for ever item bought .

    The interior will be 350 seat covers, 350 carpet, door seal metal inserts 750. (Flimsy lil metal pieces on door frame area that go against rubber seals etc )
    Paint 10 grand (because they can charge it)

    I hope this fuelie gets to be restored soon.

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    is it me, the ol grey hair?? Here’s a cool and rare car, up to 30 large, and the guy cant clear the junk off it, and around it?? Geezus. On the positive side there is no reserve and somebody will buy them selves a fuelie fast back. Good luck to the new owner, I promise I will cut back on the caffeine. I have no time for lightweights.

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    • Classic Steel

      I am with you. Make it presentable and show all areas in and out of car👍👀

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    • Roy Blankenship

      You guys assume a lot. I am only 69, but I was partially crippled 8 years ago, I can’t even clean my own room. It very well could be the owner is in ill health, and they are just trying to do what they can do….

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  3. ruxvette

    Gaspumper, make that 3! I’m confused as it appears to be sitting on a frame. Perhaps it is rusty/damaged.

  4. dogwater

    Here you have a lot of time and money to this point why not finish the project
    you are not that far off probably 15k in body and paint drive it.

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  5. TimM

    This to me is the kind of project that will nickel and dime you to death trying to get the details right!! $30,000 for a corvette in boxes to rich for my blood!!!

  6. 65 Fuelie

    Love reading your comments guys…they are dead on right. I am currently doing a 65 fuelie coupe and it was a barn find I found about 10 miles from my house in 2017. Expensive to restore and I am doing a frame off presently…I haven’t seen the ebay listing for this car…one of my questions is does he have the original air cleaner and metal S tube that bolts to the core support…that runs about $4k just by themselves. ..they only repro a plastic S tube and no repro on the air cleaner…Classic Steel…good luck with the 63 Coupe. ..sounds like you know your stuff

  7. Jim in FL

    I’m with GasPumpChas…
    Even if seller was totally disabled, could have paid a kid 25 bucks to clear off the crap before pics were snapped.
    Presentation is everything!
    Especially when going for the big dollars.
    Just sayin’…

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  8. Comet

    I wonder what the story is with the frame the body is sitting on? Is that one the original?

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  9. Lowell Peterson

    Step up or stay on yer porch! One of VERY FEW real American ‘collector cars. Last to go down in value and one of the first to go up. Ok? Leave your cas at the bank and stay home in your trailer. I prefer to have some fun while investing.

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