August Fun: 1965 Citroën Ami 6 Berline


We haven’t featured any good oddball cars for while, so here is one for you. This is a 1965 Citroën Ami 6 Berline and we doubt that few of you have ever seen one. Citroën actually sold a ton of them in France when new, but few made it to our shores. This one was imported in 1999 and has had some work done to keep it on the road. It is offered by a knowledgeable seller on Monterey’s craigslist for $6,950. A big thanks goes to reader Robert J. for sending this in.


If the 2CV wasn’t unique enough for you, you could get one of these. With its reverse slanting rear window and interesting lines this sedan looks like it is moving even when standing still. It is bound to get more looks at the grocery store than any Ferrari or Lamborghini ever would. The best part is, you can adjust headlights from inside the cabin after loading the trunk up with bags. Don’t expect to get home fast though.


These cars were based on the 2CV, so power was never their strong point. This one has undergone an engine swap at some point to give it a few extra ponies, but we are still talking under 30hp. Fuel mileage is good though with the seller reporting over 35mpg. And yes, it can go over 55, but not by much.


The exterior may make the interior look tame, but it is actually crazy in here too. A simple gauge pod is made interesting with hefty stalks and a single spoke steering wheel. The shift knob sticks out of the dash and there are just enough switches and knobs for the basics. It may seem a bit utilitarian in here, but it keeps things simple and clean. Something we haven’t seen in cars for decades.


There are other cars you could get for $7k, but we doubt any of them will provide as many smiles as this one. It has been well sorted and is ready to enjoy. You might want to check with the seller to see if they could hold it for you until August though because this Ami would make a great entrant in the Concours d’Lemons!


  1. dim.isetta

    This is NOT a lemon! Its just a cool and bizzare looking European Classic. I wish I had one of those! they are rare and they really stand out

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    • Jesse

      We agree, it is not a lemon. The Lemons show is just a fun event for obscure classics and since the car is already in Monterery, we think it would be fun to pick it up and attend all the happenings during auto week. We will be there and hope to see someone driving this car around.

      • Cameron

        I Could get one from Europe and drive it back to Britain through the channel tunnel, It would probably work out cheaper too, Alternitivly I could Invite the seller (in Europe) over for a stay and pay for his ferry ticket back, that’s the beauty of living here, so many beautifully classics so little time

  2. niels kroon

    I love these! :D here in Europe they are much more common :)

    The asking price is right on the money.

    • Cameron

      I wouldn’t mind owning one actually, it looks like it would be fun to own

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  3. 2vt

    Citron = Citrus = Lemons = LeMons

  4. paul

    Wow how cool is that, nope never seen one, but I do recognize the trademark steering wheel & no doubt the liquid suspension that has the back up.

    • Jean Lecointe

      The AMI6 has no hydraulic suspension but the 2CV system with inter-connection between the front and the rear wheels. I did have one of these in France, we had a lot of fun. It is slow and bounces on the road. The price asked for this model is the same as the one you could find in France, it does look very good but check the corrosion, the metal is very thin and there are a lot of hidden places where it can grow un noticed.
      This model has been imported by the owner, the front license plate shows a french registration.

  5. Jeff

    This is my Ms. Daisy, she has been a lot fun to have around town. She’s looking for a new home. Could you handle all of the attention? A very fun alternate solution to the complicated automobiles we see today!

    • Cameron

      It seems to be Frances answer to the Morris Mariner and the Golf

  6. Laycock de Normanville

    Pretty wild…side view looks like it’s been rear ended. Is it yet-another French hydraulic suspension system like in the big CItroens that gives it that unmistakeable stance? And I’m glad the French engineers realized that you will need to adjust the headlights after some passengers get in it. The engine transplant is a Godsend though…you’re gonna need the extra power that 26hp gives you in modern traffic. Love it. I’m close to Monterey but I don’t dare.

  7. Randy Rush


  8. Charles Gould

    Nope, no hydro-pneumatic suspension on the 2CV derivative cars. Just the ingenious interconnected horizontal dampened suspension system which allows the front wheel compression to preload the rear suspension for the impending impact of the same bump. Very simple and effective.
    In my opinion, this one does not sit right. It should not be so high the back but I could be wrong. I just found one of these with a blown engine in pieces in the trunk. The type M4 engine is unique to the Ami and is not interchangeable with other 2CV derived models. The Ami engines are fragile and will self destruct if not pampered and properly serviced, but perform well if maintained and not abused.
    Cranks and engines are tough to find, even in France. I was fortunate enough to find two NOS crankshafts and brand new cylinders and pistons but it was a lengthy hunt. I may have a spare crankshaft wheni I finish building my own engine.
    Fabulous, weird, wonderful, wacky cars. Fun and interesting. More smiles than cars costing loads more!

    • Jean Lecointe

      If you have problems to find parts for 2CV or AMI6, just send me a mail.
      Nearly everything is available in France or Germany.

  9. stigshift

    It would take corrective surgery to get the smile off of face if I had that for a daily driver.

  10. Jeff

    Charles, the Ami is parked on a slight down grade making the rear of the car appear more raked. Normally sits the same as my previously owned wagon model know as the break.

    • Charles Gould

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the response. that does explain the stance, and makes perfect sense. I also have an Ami which I have to rebuild the engine on, and a seriously patinaed Ami Break, as well as two 2CV’s, and a Truckette. I have owned DS and CX models as well, and I also have a Renault 4CV, and a Dauphine. I LOVE these tiny French cars, and would love to add your beautiful Ami to the colection. Can you please contact me at or by telephone at (617) 965-4848 if it is still available?

      • Jeff

        Charles, I’ll contact you. She is still available although there have been several inquiries. I’m hoping a Citroen enthusiast will take her home.

  11. joe howell

    Mon Dieu !!!!!!!!! That thing was beat with the ugly stick twice.

    • Horse Radish

      Funny, and that IS what makes it so BEAUTIFUL !

      • Horse Radish

        oohh, and also: it is 50 years ahead of it’s time !
        Compare to ALL THE CARS they make TODAY !!!

  12. Dolphin Member

    For once I don’t know what to say.

    OK, I have something:
    I like cars that you don’t often see coming down the road toward you.

    Sooo, I guess…I, ….I, …., Oh, W.T. heck, I like it!

    • Larry

      You almost had me there Dolphin, but then I knew you would think of something to say. :-)

  13. webby

    Ugliest car ever made. I feel sorry for the sheetmetal, being tortured into that grotesque
    Epic body roll too. For a nation that likes “chic” the French- Renault & Citroen in particular have built some P-I-G ugly cars.


  14. Dave Danielson

    This has to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen! Cool!

  15. AMCFAN

    Looks like an early 60’s Rambler…only a baby. It is cool. OK I am in

  16. Kman

    This looks like one of those fancy old baby carriages that you used to see.

  17. Rancho Bella

    How friggin’ cool is this car……………I am loving it………..
    Parts problem?

  18. Larry

    What a strange looking car. Doesn’t it look like the front melted :-)

  19. Steel

    Really like the front view. This is something different and should find a new home really quick

  20. Bruce

    It’s like the ugly dog syndrome. So ugly, they become cute!!

  21. mtshootist1

    I forwarded this article to my brother who used to live in Paris, he wrote back with a photo of Citroen stationwagon that his French wife’s grandparents gave him to drive, said he was never so glad to get rid of a car in his life, my brother has discerning tastes, he likes Audis and has a number of classic vehicles, including a 58 Chevy Impala he found in a barn.

  22. Jeff

    The Ami has sold and is moving to its new home in Madison, Wisconsin

    • Jesse Mortensen

      Thanks for the update Jeff.

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