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1967 Chevy Camaro Super Sport

left front

This 327 4 speed Camaro Super Sport is listed on craigslist in Holland, Missouri for $13,000. It looks complete and original, the seller claims it’s been off the road since 1976. It has a nice interior and runs and drives nicely, but the underside has the usual rusty bits. It’s had a respray and bodywork at some point. If it’s in decent shape and one could repair the floors and trunk reasonably, would it be worth it considering the steep asking price?


  1. A.J.

    Depends on the rust. If not bad, then not a bad deal.

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  2. Dan

    1967 SS Camaros came with the 350-295 horse engine….then later the 396 was available..

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  3. Mark E

    I grew up near St Louis and had to check the ad, wondering where Holland, Missouri was.


    It’s Holland, MICHIGAN!

    Have some coffee or go to bed! ^_^

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    • Mike

      There is a Holland, Missouri it is in the boot hill near the Arkansas state line, which have very mild winters, like no snow but maybe twice a year, and it is usually gone but lunch time, and for some reason they will use sand on the roads instead of salt, because it is so much cheaper to use and it is everywhere down there because the boot hill has such sandy soil, which is great for rice farming, but if you look close those are Michigan plates, which means rust on this old beauty. I also think that it is a replacement motor because that year did not come out with that motor, either that or the owner has just listed the motor wrong?

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  4. chris

    Not only was a 327 not an available engine for any ss Camaro, the car has the emblems in the location of a 68 . I would look at this car as base model Camaro with now extra credit for it being an ss .. that more than likely is not.

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  5. Jeff V.

    In ’67 my late great uncle retired from the steel mills, divorced his wife and went to his buddy who worked at a Chevy dealer, he wanted the first year Camaro! Unc had always been a motor-head and wanted a hot set-up. They had a ’67 RS/SS on the showroom floor w/350 4bbl, Unc had it a week and took it back, 2 slow he sd! They then put a 427/390hp in it, a 400TH auto, beefed things up and it had a VIN change (factory). In ’71 he came up fm OH to WI and picked me (13yo) up 4 a trip to CA. & back, a ride I’ll take 2 the grave. In ’74 when I got my license I wanted that car! I found out Unc traded it in 4 a first year Mustang II, SHIT! I kicked the dog and beat up my sisters bf! lol….It was exactly the same color/vinyl roof as this one, memories! ;)

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    • Jeff V.

      I do remember the hood being raised a bit in the middle, the scoops were the vented ones. And he had hood locks on it!

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  6. Mark E

    Were the hood vents/scoops standard or part of the SS package?

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    • dj

      Yes the hood vents were on the SS cars. The base V8 was the 327 or the 307, which was not in the SS package. So this is just a base Camaro.

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  7. Tom Member

    couple things here to consider. I have owned a 67 RS SS 350 and all be it that there are some things that are not exactly correct, unless I missed it, no one said the 327 is original. therefore it could have been a 350 true ss. IF a true SS, the hood pins could have been a factory option. I had a 67 Firebird 400 that had documented factory hood pins in it that EVERYONE said they were not original, sorry, they were on the long option sheet & PHS documented. I don’t believe the spoiler is correct for a 67, that was an option in 68. need to crunch the numbers on the car on this one. at any rate, it is an RS, unless someone went through all the trouble of switching out the front clip and the rear taillights and adding the back up lights to the rear valance (which are unique to the RS) which nice all by itself. My bet if the 327 is original to the car, it is an RS someone added the SS hood and badges to which were the only aesthetic things. the SS was all about drivetrain. Still a decent car to invest in for sure. if the rust is not a major issue this is a good deal in my opinion.

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  8. Vince Habel

    The 307 did not come out till 69

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    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      Actually, the 307 was available in 68.

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      • GeeBee

        Either way, it was an under performer, lol

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  9. JW

    If you don’t care about matching #’s and are handy with a welder I don’t think this is all that bad of a deal. The bucket seats look pretty wrinkled to me but not a big deal. Fix the floors & trunk then use it as a daily driver.

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  10. The Chucker

    I agree with others that this is not a bad buy if the rust is manageable. Given the current 1st gen Camaro market, finding one that’s relatively solid and drivable at this price point is reasonable.

    I also agree with Tom in that this was likely born an RS and the SS hood and badging was added somewhere during it’s lifetime.

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  11. Rick

    If that Camaro was on Craigslist in Seattle at that price, it would’ve lasted about 10 minutes (unless the whole underside is rusted clean off) Too bad no rust photos. Heck, I’d just drive it as is, looks totally presentable.

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  12. Dan

    My brother ordered a new ’67 RS and with disc brakes, F-41 suspension, and a 327-275 horse engine with a powerglide, spoilers were optional and the ’67 and ’68 were the same, the ’69 spoiler was longer. Early ’69’s came with the shorter ’68 spoiler and inch or so short on each end. I knew a dork one time that put a ’69 spoiler on a ’68. It stuck over the end of the truck lid, looked really badly…..lol….

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  13. boxdin

    At what point does repairing rust compare with just buying a new body from Dynacorn? Isn’t every part needed produced and available!

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  14. Matt

    I was the proud owner of a true SS non RS 1967 Camaro. The non RS had the SS badges, SS350 on the gas cap, front fenders, and grill and no hidden headlights, the 350/295 4b was the standard equipment with the 396 being the upgrade. I am not sure if it was available on the early 67 models. The 67 hood had the raised section, the vent was ribs running front to back and not functional, The hood on this car has the square openings and I believe they were functional and definitely a 68 SS hood or the trim. the spoiler was not original on any 67’s but was added by about everyone (including myself) and optional on the 68’s, I believe standard on the 68 SS and rare 68 Z28. The wood grain dash trim does not look right for a 67 either, but i could be wrong on that. My 67 SS was purchased on 10/10/73 and rolled over in Clay County MO on 10/12/74 one week before i turned 17. I found the ticket/ juvenile court summons a couple of years ago when cleaning out my mom’s house. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!! Still an awesome find and a great looking car!!!!!

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    • Jeff V.

      My Unc had the ribbed vents running front to back (non-functional), I remember a small (3?) gauge cluster and 427 emblems on the fender.

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