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1967 International Relisted For $1,850!


This 1967 International Harvester 1100B Pickup might look familiar and that’s because we’ve featured it once before, but the seller has lowered the price enough to get excited. They are now asking $1,850?! Yes! And, it runs?! No!..  This is a nice winter project for someone who likes these IH pickups, which I think most people do. This truck is listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $1,850 and it’s in Richardson, Texas.


There will obviously be work to do on this truck, unless you’re just looking for something to use on the farm or ranch, then who cares if there’s a green tailgate. The seller bought this one a year and a half ago, drove it home 60 miles to his house, and had big plans for it. But, like a lot of our plans in regards to restoring vehicles, time and other pursuits got in the way and now this truck is in the way, just sitting there taking up space in his driveway.


The 1100B Series designates a 1/2-ton pickup and the “Bonus Load” pickups had a little bit bigger box, hence the bonus load name. You can see where this one has rust, or where it had rust and now has body-filler. It looks straight, though, other than the usual pushes and pulls on the bumpers.


The interior is pretty fancy for an IH pickup! A padded dash, that’s posh. It looks pretty good in there and that stick shift is about as long as they get!


Here’s where you’ll be doing the majority of your trouble-shooting. This 266 cubic-inch V8 isn’t currently running. It would have had around 155 hp but now it has 0 hp. The seller mentions that it doesn’t seem to be getting any gas but there’s gas in it so your checklist shouldn’t be too long. I’m pretty sure that most of the Barn Finds fans could have this pickup running perfectly in a few hours if even that. I have always wanted a “real” pickup like this one, just something to actually use and one that I didn’t have to worry about being nut-and-bolt restored to perfection and then I’m afraid to drive it. What do you think could be wrong with this one not getting any gas to the carb? Is it worth $1,850 in non-running condition?


  1. Howard A Member

    Doesn’t get much better than this. Since it’s already a non-runner ( and not too efficient if it did) there’s so many other ways to go with this. Personally, I’d want an in-line 6, with an O/D. These were the last of what I considered the “good” IH pickups. Good deals are still out there, and this is one of them.

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  2. Larry K

    Kind of reminds me of a lost puppy. Needs tires with more aggressive treads.

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  3. Fred W.

    Nothing crusty looking about that engine, leading me to believe it will come to life with a little spark / gas detective work.

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  4. Sorted Corty

    An International V8 – one of the last independents to offer a V8. Would be neat to have a collection – last Packard V8, last Studebaker V8, AMC, the other GM divisions, etc… Would make for a cool museum (in my dreams).

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  5. Another Bob

    If it were closer, I would be the new owner.

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  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    That’s how I like them, usable. You would never notice another Wisconsin beauty mark on her. And she has the dog dish hubcaps! Try a little starter fluid down the carb. Pretty easy.

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  7. Rustytech Member

    Yep another nice old truck, nice price too. Is shipping free?

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  8. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this auction ended but no word if the IH was sold or not.

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