More Info Please: 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

There are times when cars appear on the desks here at Barn Finds, and the owner provides a wealth of information about that vehicle. Then there are times that an owner will advertise a car and give you the minimum of information. Barn Finder Christopher B spotted just such a car, so I have to thank him for giving us all a tantalizing glimpse of a truly iconic car. Located in South Carolina is this beautiful 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. You will find the Daytona listed for sale here on Facebook.

With only one photo provided, and with little information supplied in the advertisement, there’s really not a lot that we know about the car. It is finished in Spring Green Metallic, which looks to be in quite good condition. It is a numbers-matching car, and while we know that it is fitted with an automatic transmission, it is unclear whether the engine bay houses a 440ci Magnum, or whether it is the mighty 426ci Hemi. The owner also doesn’t specify a price for the car and says that if you have to ask, then you need to do some research first. That’s all well and good, but the ultimate value of the car will be hugely impacted by what lies under the hood. A Hemi-equipped car has a significantly higher market value than an equivalent Magnum-equipped one. However, if it is a car that really sparks your genuine interest, it appears that the owner is willing to supply more photos to anyone genuinely interested in the car. Do we have any takers?

Note From Editor – We messaged the seller, who responded quickly to confirm that this is a genuine Daytona. They stated that it is one of 503 built, which would make it a 440 car and that they are asking $250,000 for it.

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  1. poseur Member

    dunno….the whole “I KNOW WHAT I HAVE!” attitude is pretty putoffish with classifieds. i mean, i can see it if i just randomly ask somebody about their ride but, hey….YOU are the one that listed if for sale, buddy! unless you just love to answer questions, how ’bout listing which engine (gotta be the 440 rather than one of the 70 Hemis), how many miles, whether it’s been restored, and what the heck, maybe what you’re shooting to put in your pocket in exchange?
    i guess i just ask to much from people sometimes

  2. Capriest Member

    No doubt, poseur! These particular cars are soo notoriously expensive that he shouldn’t really be worried about dreamers blowing him up with stupid inquiries, but providing bare bones info and no price certainly isn’t the best path to staving off the time wasters. If anything the high and mighty approach is more likely to scare off the serious collectors. They know what they have too, and it’s cash! In most cases they didn’t accumulate it by making blind purchases.

    The lack of upfront info/pics is certain to lose the attention of those other potential buyers who simply have too much money, and just buy things like this because they can or for status as well. To a lot of people this is just the Joe Dirt car, but the Joe Dirt car with a matching numbers Hemi is worth far more than this seemingly pristine example if it’s got a 440 out of a 76 Winnebago under the hood.

  3. poseur Member

    Contacted Seller & requested info on engine, miles, condition, price, etc & received:
    “”It’s the Charger Daytona. Only 503 made. Asking in the region of $250,000.”
    Good to know. That explains the wing thing hanging off the tail end.

    • NotSure

      If you’re serious about selling a $250,000 car do you really post it on Facebook or is really just bragging to your followers what you have (and they don’t!)?

  4. NotSure

    The Offerer (not Seller yet) seems to be a little bit shirty about this offering. Maybe it’s a case of “Honey I listed the car but got no takers”? Or perhaps it is his/her inheritance from a relative and they just want to cash out? I definitely can read a lot of bitterness into his/her words! Evidently they know little about the car or just aren’t that interested in parting with it. I will say that I really love that color!

    • Sandy Claws

      I read the FB ad, doesn’t seem too snotty to me. Obviously trolling for a big number, but a quarter a million, too big. Maybe if it was a hemi four speed, I see maybe half that here, but all in all, good profit for something that was prob picked up in the 80s for 5 or 10 grand, plus a little paint and polish. I saw a pristine really low miles blue one in the summer of 79 on a road trip through Ashland, Wisconsin. Service station owner had just got it in southern Illinois for 3500 bucks if I recall correctly. Said he always wanted one and got a great deal. (remember gas was rapidly approaching the unheard of price of a dollar a gallon) He also recalled getting in a traffic jam in 95 degree heat in Chicago and it almost over heated. These had crummy cooling and stop and go traffic was just not their thing. I really wished I could own something like that, but by then I had more important responsibilities and guess what, those responsibilities all turned out real well. I may not have a garage full of pristine muscle cars, but the many many many dollars spent putting three kids through college and graduate schools, have really paid off. (Now, maybe they should all get together and buy me this!)

  5. Bob

    A little suspicious. Why would a car like this be on Facebook not Hemming’s ?

    • grant

      Going along with what others are saying, who sells a car like this on Fakebook? Seriously?

      • Mike W H

        who sells ANYTHING on Facebook?????

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Facebook Marketplace is quite popular, it is the modern day equivalent of Craig’s List. I’ve bought and sold plenty of stuff off of it over the past year. Much easier to message a potential buyer / seller than CL too.
        Stuff sells much quicker too.

  6. Den Member

    Come on people !! He’s looking for attention, he wants people to message him, probably a old pervert trying to get young ones, yes, probably either or, you know, trying to contact him. Just another person wasting others time.

  7. Retired Stig

    I have to agree with the sentiments expressed above. If I had won the lottery, so the money wasn’t my own hard earned cash, and was looking for one of these to buy (which I would be), I’d sooner pay more from a reputable, decent human being than this clown with his bizarre attitude.

  8. Joe Machado

    499 Daytonas actually made. Not 503. 40 were Hemis. Not 70. F6 is the paint code. This is a 440 Daytona. Without seeing serial, bet it is early. 355xxx or 356xxx. A lot of early Daytonas were F6 green.
    When I get more, I will pass it on.

  9. H5mind

    One reason to offer an overpriced vehicle in a free classified is with the hopes of snagging a buyer with more money than brains. If the basis for the deal is deception, what else might they be hiding?

  10. Keith

    No worries, there will be a Mopar freak who will be willing to pay his asking price, that’s why he is so smug.

    • Chris

      Ahhhh, don’t you know it Kieth!!! Those incompetent Mopar freaks!!! Can’t fool you can they!?

      Oh wise one!

    • Sandy Claws

      Ahh Keith, Yes, now I am sure of it. Your girl ran off with a guy whose Dodge also beat your Chevy at the street light. Am I wrong here?

      • Chris

        Probably not far off. My guess is Kieth is the proud owner of a worn out Pacer.

      • Sandy Claws

        Chris, I tended to like Pacers, at least if they had air conditioning. Not so sure about Keith. Oh, I am sure he is a good guy, just seems kind of bitter about Chryslers and might not be fun to have a cold one with talking cars.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Chris, you’re wrong, he is proud of his Fiero. Seriously.

    • jeff

      MOPAR CRAZY x 250,000

  11. mainlymuscle

    Overpriced by $100k.
    Hey Joe,what’s the deal on your Nascar winged car ?
    I saw it at Dr.George’s show a few weeks back.

    • Joe Machado

      Who dis iz? Wat ka U have to hep me fin who U iz

      • mainlymuscle

        You have hauled cars for me through Dave B @ EG

  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Whenever I see an ad like this, I think that it is from someone who stole a single picture of a car and then posted it either as a joke or as a con.

    If you’re a serious seller, why stop at that one photo and obvious crappy attitude and super high price?

  13. Joe Machado

    Mainlymuscle, good morning.
    Which car was it?
    At Dr George show we brought 6 cars. The red Daytona I bought in 1971, the 69 Gold Charger RT/SE, sunroof. The wind tunnel Daytona. The red 1960 Dodge Polara D500 Ram Induction convert. And the factory Pink, 70 Barracuda convert, 4 speed, now runnin a 426 Hemi. This is my daughters pinky.
    And one on my regular drivers, the number 06 Daytona. Joe

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