1974 AMC Javelin-AMX With Rare “Go Package”

Like a lot of people who followed Chevrolet and Mopar performance in the late ’60s and early ’70s, I didn’t have a lot of time for AMC. That was the company that made Ramblers, right? An old friend of mine owned an ’81 or ’82 Concord and my collective friends used to refer to it as a Rambler. The owner couldn’t have cared less, he started calling it a Rambler too. Regardless, if he had owned a Javelin AMX like this 1974 example, located in Carrollton, Texas and available here on eBay for a starting bid of $8,000, we probably wouldn’t have teased him so much. Upfront, I’ll advise you to look at all of the images in the listing. They were not shot in full-frame so there aren’t too many really good comprehensive pictures. As of this writing, there have been zero bids tendered.

The Javelin was AMC’s 1968 entry into the pony-car realm. Along with it was a similar but shorter wheel-base, two-seater version called the AMX. In 1971, the Javelin was redesigned into a “fuselage” sculpted body design and the AMX became a performance variant of the Javelin. Of particular interest was the “Go Package” upgrade which this Javelin AMX possesses. Included in the “Go Package” was either the optional 360 V8 or the bigger 401 CI engine, “Rally-Pac” dash instruments and limited-slip differential and this is on top of the fiber-glass, cowl induction hood found standard on the AMX version of the Javelin.

This Javelin is equipped with the optional 401 CI V8, rated at 235 net HP, which was respectable for the time. I’d like to show you an image of the engine but none of those included in the listing are usable. I know many knowledgeable readers like to see specific details so I decided to include the body tag so that it can be deciphered for legitimacy determination. Moving along, the seller tells us that the engine starts right up and runs strong with just a bit of smoke on start-up. The seller details other issues like a bypassed heater (probably a rotted core), an electrical problem that affects the gauges, non-working AC (but the parts are present) and a rich running carburetor. The gearbox is a three-speed automatic transmission.

As for the interior, what can be spied looks pretty good. The seller tells us that the carpet has been replaced and there is some obvious discoloration with the underside edge of the dash cap; the fit looks off too. The vinyl upholstery is claimed to be crack and tear-free.

The body on this Javelin looks pretty sound. The old finish is faded but the body appears to be straight and aligned. The seller tells us that there is a 4” rust spot on the rear driver’s side panel (quarter?) but there is no image so I can’t tell you how extensive it is. The hood stripe is pretty well kaput but apparently there is a new one included in the sale.

While many car guys (and gals) consider AMC’s to be the “Quirks from Kenosha”, Javelins have some serious performance credentials as it was the model that won the ’71 and ’72 Trans-Am series championship. Additionally, AMC-produced cars have very devout followers, enthusiasts and owner’s clubs. That should be insurance enough to keep a ’74 Javelin AMX like this example running for some time. So, my question is, if you were interested in a  pony-car from the halcyon years of ’65 to ’74, would you want to stay with the better-known models from Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth, Dodge, and Pontiac or would you consider this AMC Javelin?


WANTED 1949-1952 Dodge Club Coupe Must be in mint condition. Contact

WANTED 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Looking for parts for this project. Especially seats Contact

WANTED 1973 Dodge Challenger Wanted – 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye or 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS (must be reasonably rust free) Contact

WANTED 70 to 73 Dodge cuda or challenger looking for a driver , small fixer upper if required Contact


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  1. IkeyHeyman

    Great example of how AMC was reaching out to the younger generation with this model. I really like the color, hood stripe, performance goodies, even the vinyl roof, but this is a tired-looking car, I hope somebody gives it the love it needs.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Who’s reaching out to the younger generation today?
      NO more domestic 2 doors under $24999 (2 of the 3 over that have useless back seats).
      Base price ’74 javelin $3,299
      I would like to take a real good look at the front & rear bumper systems to see how they met 5 mph standards, compared to the battering ram ones on the ’74 camaro & pinto, etc. What if someone hits you on the corner of the Javelin bumper?
      & compare the weights!
      Odd no numbers on temp gage, but there are on the others.
      I like the horseshoe shifter.
      No hidden wipers EVER on any import & as for AMC, only on the Matador 2 door & Pacer! odd.

  2. slickb

    Shouldn’t the “GO” package be green? cause red is for the “STOP” package…..
    bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha :) :) :) :)

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  3. PaulG

    Purchased a ’74 Javelin AMX in 96, in AZ it’s entire life. trunk leaks and plugged drains in the lower quarters caused the rear rot. Easy fix…Car was 304 / 4 speed, A/C red with black interior. Nice cruiser.
    Ironically I have a new in box heater core and fan shroud for it. Wish I still had the car!
    This could be brought back and made nice for a relatively small investment. Not a fan of the vinyl top.

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      Hey Paul, let me know if you want to sell the heater core and shroud.

      • PaulG

        Steve, let me gather up the parts and I’ll shoot you a pic. Email me at:

  4. MB

    I don’t believe cowl induction hood was available in 1974, even with GO-PAC cars. This car does not have cowl induction hood or the correct air cleaner top. Other than that, it’s a nice car, that could be driven as is or lightly refreshed with paint and interior parts and touch-up.

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    • Jim ODonnell

      It was according to the 1974 Javelin sales brochure.

      What’s the raised portion of the hood at the base of the windshield (lead picture) for if it’s not cowl induction?

      • Jim ODonnell

        I stand corrected – it was discontinued after ’73, I read the wrong sales brochure. Thx for the correction.

      • Brian

        The hood on the 74 was slightly different than the 71-73. They all appeared the same, but the rear of the cowl on the 74 was blocked off and the air cleaner was just the standard lid and snorkel setup. In previous years, the hood was open in the rear and in Go-Pack cars, the air cleaner sealed to the hood for the cowl induction.

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    • PaulG

      The same hood was used on all Javelin AMX’s whether or not it had the optional cowl induction. It’s a really nice piece, all fiberglass…the optional air cleaner to hood system was the primary difference.

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  5. J_Paul Member

    Neat — This is the same color combo as the AMX driven by Nacho in the show “Better Call Saul.”

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  6. Gunner

    I really dig these fuselage Javelins. Always have. Unless there is excessive rust hiding, 8K is not a bad price for this ’74. In looking at the horrible pictures, it looks to be fairly well optioned, 401 included. 65-74 classic Detroit muscle is pretty hard to find for this price that is complete and in good running condition. I would have someone inspect it however prior to bidding. Nice find

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  7. Michael

    I knew a few people that worked for AMC. While I liked the MAX and Javelins. I was told workers would show up drunk. Drink on the job, and throw the empties into the doors, and other body work on the cars. Also was told a lot of sleeping on the job went on too, and that at times. Certain things that were suppose to be done weren’t. Which made for many trips to dealers for repairs. Also a lot of theiving of tools, and other parts were going on as well. Might be part of the reasonn AMC had a hard time making a go of it. It does make one wonder.

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  8. jimmy the orphan

    In 1974 I went out with a girl whose father owned the AMC dealership in Port Angeles Wa. She had a new AMX just like this one same color too. It had the 401 engine but that was 46yrs, ago and although I drove it quite abit I can’t swear it had that hood on it or not. I don’t think it did but…………………..Later JIMMY

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    • theGasHole

      Yikes! The weather out there in P.A. an Sequim must have eaten that Javelin alive in under five years.

  9. Kim

    Back in the day, I spent many hours behind the wheel of an AMX. Of course it was sitting on the show room floor but I dreamed of a car that was still beyond my $1.75/hour pay. I never got the car and instead went another direction and have been a European sports car man. No not Jags, just Fiats Alfa’s and Austin Healy’s. Still have them and love them but there’s a hollow spot still void of that Javelin.

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  10. MB

    I had 2 1973 AMX’s, one I bought new. 360/727/3:91 Posi. It ran 15.0 stock ( still have time slips) Later I installed shift kit in the 727, re-curved the distributor, , Hooker headers and the intake manifold from my 1970 Rebel Machine. That changed the whole personality of the car. Elimination of the EGR circuit, free flowing exhaust and the increased torque from the intake. I knew a guy with a 1974 401 AMX with 401/727/3:54 and Edelbrock Torker intake, same Hooker headers. We raced 3 times, and I beat him all 3 times, 2 times from dead stop, once from a roll. The roll was close, about 1/2 car length, but from a stop, over a car. He was surprised, but so was I. Also later ran into a 1969 AMX 390/4speed car. Beat him same way. I was double surprised as my car weight was a couple hundred pounds heavier. Sold both AMX’s to get married, dumbest thing I ever did. This one is tempting me….

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    • FrankY Member

      What was dumb? Getting married or selling the car??

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      • MB

        Both… LOL, Should have kept the car and ditched the bee-otch. In either case they are both long gone.

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  11. Hotroddaddy

    If i had the time, garage space and money I would bid $5,000.00. Hagerty says that a #3 car with the go package and automatic tranny is worth about $18,750.00. That would leave enough difference to refurbish anything needed and still come out ok. Alas, no time, money or space!

  12. Jasper

    Sweet ass looking Javelin. I would call this a true survivor. A great and ideal example of this model. I can even appreciate the checks in the hood stripe. I’d replace that missing door strip, get a set of re-pop wide ovals and enjoy while preserving.


    AMC -alcoholics making cars

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  14. Troy s

    New Mustang buyers back in ’74 looking for performance, bewildered by the all new Mustang II, wonder if they would have considered one of these…no way a Ford guy would consider a Camaro..maybe a Trans Am. Ha ha!
    Really sporty looking car here, I give AMC a medal for keeping the breed alive.

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  15. TimM

    It’s in nice shape for a car it’s age!! It’s been taken care of most it’s life!! Its much better than what we’ve been seeing!!!

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