19k Original Miles? 1973 Ford Mustang Grande

If you wanted a Mustang with a little more pizzazz in 1973, you may have opted for a Grande model. I don’t know if that’s what the original buyer of this one was looking for, but they and subsequent owners used it sparingly. It can be found here on Facebook Marketplace in New Bloomfield, Missouri. The seller is asking $14,000.

As far as 1973 Mustang hardtops go, I think the Grande is the most choice. The simple change of the color-matched mirrors gives this Mustang a much better look. Ford built 134,867 Mustangs for the 1973 model year – just 25,274 of those were Grande models.

This Mustang appears to be painted in Ivy Glow and looks to have held up well. The white vinyl top also looks good and offers a nice contrast that emphasizes that Grande feel. Magnum 500 wheels were off the options list for 1973, so these wheel covers were what you’d get from the factory. Even though it’s not correct, I think a set of Magnum 500s would completely change the look and feel of this Grande. The seller tells us it needs new tires, so this would be a good time to do that wheel swap. With 19k miles and the seller’s claim of it having ”been very well taken care of,” their description of this Mustang being a “really nice car” appears accurate.

The Avocado interior looks exceptional and appears to have been very well cared for. The front high-back bucket seats are in excellent condition, as are the back seat, carpet, and dash. It looks like there may be some minor wear on the console, but I don’t see any other blemishes. According to mustangspecs.com the Grande included such luxuries as “plush interior with deluxe cloth high bucket seats, electric clock, interior trim panels with molded pull handles and armrests, and deluxe two-spoke steering wheel.”

Powering this Mustang is a 351 cubic-inch V8 that produces 177 horsepower. Power is sent to the rear wheels by a console shifted automatic transmission. Since it has just 19k miles, I’d hope nothing beyond regular maintenance and replacement of wear items would be required. We don’t know if or when it was mothballed, but with this being a Facebook Marketplace listing, sellers are typically easily accessible, so hopefully, they’ll be able to answer some questions on the running/driving condition.

I’ve never noticed much of a following of these 1971-1973 Mustangs, especially the hardtop version, but maybe they’ll earn their spot in collectors’ garages as clean, original, low-mileage examples like this one hit the market. I also see this as a simple, tidy car for a newcomer to enter the classic car hobby. What are your thoughts on the Mustang Grande?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    A pressure washer on the engine compartment and some decent wheels would do wonders for this car. Good condition and a decent price does wonders for it too.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    A nice example and the price seems fair. Same color as my ’72 Galaxie 500, too. Under the hood is a bit of a disappointment but it gives the new owner something to do over the winter. That and going over all the mechanicals to freshen up whatever is needed. The A/C is a plus though no info on whether it works or not. The interior looks to be in excellent condition. Not crazy about the wheel covers, I’d probably go with something chrome, maybe some Centerlines. Seems like a good deal.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m with bobhess and FordGuy. A set of sporty wheels would really wake up the looks of this nice Grande. Then do an underhood detail and any other needed work. You would end up with an attractive cruiser.

    I had a Pinto with this same color scheme, Ivy Glow with an avocado interior. Can you imagine that on a new car today.

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  4. Gary Haas

    I bought a 73 Grande’ back in Dec 1984 in dark blue metallic and light blue halo vinyl top similarly equipped. I added dual exhausts to make it breathe better, yet a 351 Clev., a 2bbl isn’t going to knock you back in the seats. This is not my fav color but to find one with 19,000 miles is amazing at $14,000. Love a seller that’s not greedy.

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  5. jeffro

    Looking at the color of the interior reminds me to pick up avocados for the guacamole/chips this weekend.

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  6. Jack L

    My first car was a 73 Grande in 1979, it had a 351c 2v automatic and did 129 mph flat out many times, got it with 38000 miles and blu the engine at 61000, I was 17 in high school at the time, i was the king back then lol. Loved that car, saw many females in it over the years, Used it on my honeymoon 1986,Took my first born daughter home from the hospital in it 1988. Parked it in 1990, sold it in 2004 needed to be restored. I still see it around once and awhile. It was a great car. I just drove the hell out it.

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  7. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Some cars, the minute you see that first pic you just know; two pedals.

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  8. Troy s

    Yea, Magnums or Torque thrusts for wheels, maybe those are played out a smudge too much, but they look good and can change the whole vibe of a car,, like the ’67 390 GT today. The wheels and tires on it now, especially the last picture up there, look too small on a big pony like this. But I get it.
    This ‘Stang was just a nice car for basic commuting, looks like my aunt and uncles Grande but their interior wasnt that color of green. It had the 351 C two barrel, which was adequate for them. I had other ideas and with a smile,’ No, young man, you can’t have it.’

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  9. Mark

    And they call Buick an old man’s car.
    Don’t know what Ford was thinking….a serious slide from the previous generations of Mustangs. To each his own.

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  10. Jcs

    Looks to be a lot of car for the money, good looking too.

    I would be surprised if it is not already gone.

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  11. Bob C.

    Yes, these last of the big Stangs were good. The Mustang II? ACK phhhht!

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  12. K. R. V.

    This just might be the deal of the day, if it’s still available. Glad to see no greed creeping in. All the car needs as a good detailing, take a page from any high performance catalog to the engine compartment and exhaust. Then a nice new set of Keystone Classic in Wheels, with white outlined BFG GT’s and a set of very good shocks. Then drive it, a lot! If there was ever a Mustang that was a bonafide Luxury Car? This is it!!!

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