1st Hemi ‘Cuda! 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda

Are you a trust fund baby? Or, maybe you just sold a few thousand shares of Google or Apple stock, or just sold your business? If so, this 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda may be for you. This low-mileage original can be found in downtown New York, New York on Craigslist with an asking price of a mere $3,000,000 or best offer! Thanks to Doug for submitting this find!

I don’t know about you, but any time that I sell a car for $3,000,000 (or, $3,000) I like to detail the heck out of it and take thee best photos possible. I must be different than this seller, who seemingly just drove the car through a field and didn’t even bother to clean the tires, let alone vacuum the interior. The term SMH (shaking my head) was invented for just this sort of thing. I guess, when a person is selling numero uno, as in the first E-Body Hemi ‘Cuda ever made, they’re pretty confident that such frivolities as actually cleaning the car go out the window. Someone will buy this thing, probably somewhat close to this price. Prices have dropped for Hemi ‘Cudas in the last few years, but the first example made is always a good buy at almost any price. Actually, as a clarification, this car was the 3rd example made as the VIN shows, and it was never intended for sale to the public, supposedly.

See what I mean about the tires? And, the cut-off camera-phone flash photos?! Come on, this is a $3,000,000 car, or thereabouts, give it some love, seller! We want to know that you care about this car and the rest of your vehicles. At least bring in a tech-college photo student and pay them $500 for some decent images of this thing. For $3,000,000 I expect to see someone lying on the floor with a toothbrush and a box of Q-Tips going after this car. Galen Govier must be spinning in his.. wherever he is, just knowing that this car is out there somewhere. We should all take up a collection and get this for him! Who’s in?!

1970 was the first year of the smaller-but-wider E-Body Barracuda and, as always, the first (or, third?) car off of the line is the one that you want if your father owns several skyscrapers and/or a national construction business and sent you to an Ivy League University. Or, better yet, if you made your own fortune and you paid for your own college like I did, other than the fortune part.

This car checks pretty much every box other than not being a convertible. The first E-Body Barracuda/’Cuda must not have been a convertible, though. The wrinkles on the driver’s seat and the wear on the silver dash/gauge trim seem to show more mileage than the 17,800 that’s shown on the odometer. Age has a way of messing with things, as anyone over 47 years old will attest to. I have never experienced as much disappointment in the quality of photos for such a high-priced vehicle before. I truly do not understand what was going through the seller’s mind on this one. But, this won’t be a buy-sight-unseen-and-use-PayPal car, the next owner will fly in and spend a day or two checking this one out personally. Seriously though, at least have someone vacuum it out before taking photos.

Hagerty lists a #1-concours 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda as being valued at $323,000. Ha, that’ll get you exactly one ride around the block in this car. This same car was for sale in 2011 for $3,200,000 but whether it was with the same seller at that time or not, I don’t know. They say that it was a prototype never intended for the public. Mecum sold a 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda convertible for $2,675,000 back in January of 2016 – 1 of 5 produced in 1970 – so prices can get up there for rare models. The 425 hp 426 V8 hemispherical engine is, of course, what all the hype is about. This isn’t the 198 or 225 slant-six that were available in the base Barracuda, this thing screams. Whether it’ll scream off of the showroom floor is another thing. What do you think about this car? Is it worth even close to $3-million in today’s market?

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  1. Bmac Bmac Member

    I don’t know about you guys, but if I was listing a car for 3,000,000.00 smackers I at least vacuumed the carpet. And I wouldn’t list it on Craigslist.

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    • gbvette62

      I agree, the heck with the dirty tires, dirty carpet and poor photography, who puts a $3,000,000 car on Craigslist, even if it is Craigslist NYC?

      Back in 70-72, a guy in my neighborhood, had a blue 70 Hemi Cuda. I knew people who put SS396 badges on 307 Chevelle’s, and 428 badges on 351 Mach 1’s. This guy went the other direction, and put 340 badges on his shaker scoop, because no one would race him when he had the “Hemi” badges on it.

      I’ve been told that the car is still here in South Jersey.

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    • Clint

      There is so much wrong with this car if you know mopars. It’s missing the from hood pin extensions, the shaker bubble should be argent not black, it’s missing back bumper extensions between valance and bumper, missing cuda fog lamps, brake components painted wrong color, aftermarket hose clamps, rad cap, wrong color hood hinges….too much wrong from quick glance it probably has a lot more items wrong when seen in person!!!!

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      • Tommy D

        I want you inspecting my next purchase!

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      • Cary A Gay

        Sence it the first Hemi Cuda, it could be a pilot car.

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      • Mountainwoodie

        Arguendo you know of what you speak, the seller doesn’t . In which case the worn out condition of the dash etcetera speaks to more mileage .

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      • Felipe

        Not to mention the speedometer cable has probably been disconnected for the other 40,000 miles. hahaha

    • Cary A Gay

      There’s leather in that there HEMI!

  2. flmikey

    This has scam written all over it…

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  3. Poppy

    Did they drive it through mud just for kicks?

  4. Jay E.

    It does seem off that someone is selling a car with pretty significant historical significance as though it was a slant six Valiant. The first Mustangs are cherished and treated with kid gloves, whats up with this guy, its like he hates his car. Perhaps he paid 4 million for it and has realized the market has popped and is just trying to cover his shorts. Worth 3 million? I have absolutely no idea. I turned down a triple black Hemi Cuda with a broken valve spring for my 340 Duster in 1982 so I am the LAST person to know values.

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      Probably had more fun in the duster, I know I would of!

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  5. Pa Tina

    Craigslist? In my next life if I have a car I think is worth $3,000,000 I very much doubt I would list it on Craigslist. I don’t think I would even list it. I would hire a broker and let them do all of the work from start to finish. It would be worth the fee paid.

  6. nessy

    No comment except for this…. Think about what else you could do with 3 million extra dollars…. A big house, maybe a vacation house by the beach, a boat, a number of nice collector cars with a big garage for them all, some top pick motorcycles, a nest egg put away, something for your kids future, help out your family and close friends, or…. A cargo van white plain ugly Plymouth. Nobody will pay 3 million dollars for this car.

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    • flmikey

      The person who pay 3 million for this car already has all the items you mention…plus much more…

      • nessy

        Ah, I knew a comment like this was coming. You seemed to have missed the point flmikey..

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      • Superdessucke

        Point is a filthy rich person doesn’t view 3 million like you or I do.

      • glen

        I guess I missed Nessy’s point, also, because I agree with you.

      • Mountainwoodie

        Yeah…and a compete lack of sense if he or she pays 3 million for this cuda………then again when your’e a guy and you get to a certain age those expensive cars (usually bought at an auction) do serve a purpose.

  7. joeinthousandoaks

    A little internet searching found the true story on the car:

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    • Pa Tina

      Nice job. Is this a recent article? Same photo as the “Craigslist” ad.

      • joeinthousandoaks

        The article is from last November. I’m pretty sure the craigslist ad is a fake though.

    • JAKE

      I know Gary and the car. The car has never been well-detailed. Last time I saw it the headliner was sagging a bit. The bad photos etc are typical of his efforts. Normally, Gary just flips cars for extra cash outside of his barber shop.

      He paid $3500 for the car in the early 80s. He actually asked my dad to check it out for him. My dad advised him based off the VIN and it’s options that it was a big deal.

      This car was a pilot car, preproduction, and has some options from the Gran Coupe (rather than hemicuda) like overhead console and a silver valence (at least it did originally).

      It was somehow was sold through the factory program car auctions to a local dealer, Poinsatte ChryPly in Ft Wayne, Indiana, and still resides in a museum in Auburn, IN at last check (regardless of what Craigslist city page the ad is listed).

      • Ron Member

        I have also seen the car a few times where these pictures were taken. These were taken at the NATMUS museum in Auburn, Indiana. It was still there in the Spring of this year.

      • JD

        I’m from Fort Wayne, while I haven’t been to the Auburn museums in ages, I don’t recall this car. But at the time I was there I was more into Mustangs. I do have friends who frequent the museums. I’ll check with them to see if the car is still there.

  8. Sam

    East Coast “take it or leave it” attitude. Payment in cash…unmarked $20’s and $50’s.

    • Pa Tina

      Fuhgedda ’bout it! And it would be a real shame should something happen to this fine automobile!

  9. Pa Tina

    If these types of cars are such wonderful investments, how come Bill Gates and Warren Buffet types don’t buy them?

  10. sparkster

    So a Smart barber owns this ‘ Cuda’ lol


    I wouldn’t go near this guy to cut my hair. He can’t even vacuum a car or run it through a wash, imagine what his haircuts and shop look like?

    • Pa Tina

      I am assuming he is a pretty good barber and he sure is smarter than me. He certainly “cleaned up” when he bought the ‘Cuda.

    • Machinehead

      Craigslist, huh?
      If he wants to give you a haircut first, and you see blood all over his white jacket……….RUN !

  12. Steve Bell

    Lord PLS do not let 3 million green backs come into my hands or that will be one hemi cuda that’s gonna get thrashed with in an inch of it’s life.

  13. Pa Tina

    This guy was getting hammered on Chrysler forums when he tried to sell it with a promise to donate a $1,000,000 to the Super Storm Sandy victims.

  14. michael streuly

    Not worth 3 million dollars.

  15. John M.

    It maybe the 1st Hemi powered Cuda ever built but I’d expect the interior to be more tidy before I’d even consider ponying up the 3 million Georgies for the car.

  16. angliagt

    If I had $3 million,I’d buy a nice place with lots of acreage,
    & probably start another car collection.
    Then again,maybe not,as we’ll be moving cross-country,
    & I have to sell off a ’60 Anglia 105E & ’78 Datsun B210 projects,
    not to mention the ’78 Bonneville cycle.

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    • BMW4RunninTundra

      You moving East Cost to West Coast? West Coast to East Coast?
      You going to list these vehicles here, so “The Family” can have first dibs?

  17. Mark Hopper

    Ok guys, I need some advice! I am down to either buying this car for $3,000,000.00 or going for a car collection instead: 1967 Shelby GT500, 1967 Corvette 427/435hp, 1967 Hemi GTX, 1969 Hemi GTX convertible, 1970 Boss 429 Nascar, 1963 Corvette split window, 2000 Ferrari Maranello, 1967 Jaguar XKE convertible, 1970 Buick GSX, 1969 AMX, 1937 Supercharged Cord Sportsman, 1949 Jaguar XK120 roadster, and plus 7 other nearly identical 1970 Hemi Cudas in assorted colors! Please help me decide before it’s too late…

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  18. LAB3

    Guess I don’t get it, if it really is the first one what makes it worth $2,650,000 more than the rest? Now I realise that status symbols are important to some folks and in some strange way help people to set lofty goals but man, all I can say is I’m glad my tastes hover in the four to middle five figure range when it comes to vehicles.

  19. Jun

    I’ve seen this viecle last week in the museum in Auburn.

  20. CCFisher

    I have a hard time assigning so much value to the “first” of anything. A moderate premium seems reasonable, but an order of magnitude strikes me as outrageous. For my imaginary three million, I’d much rather have something in a high-impact color (In-Violet, Lime Light, Moulin Rouge, or Lemon Twist would do), loaded up with options (who wants to spend so much and have to crank windows?), and maybe even a mod top (for that bit of added pizzazz).

  21. John

    OK, say you have a pallet of $100 dollar bills laying around collecting dust.
    Figuring in inflation and the shakiness of the dollar, that pallet is quickly deteriorating into a stack of toilet paper.

    IF you had a stack of toilet paper would you trade it for this car?

  22. joeinthousandoaks

    Since a pallet of toilet paper is worth a couple hundred bucks right now, yes.

  23. Jack

    The article says he turned down $2 million offer 10 years ago. Amazing that he would turn that retirement plan down.

  24. George

    This Looks Like The Car Museum In Auburn Indiana

  25. PatmanSeven

    I had to laugh. I saw this car and the correct story when I visited NATMUS classic car and truck museum in Auburn TODAY. The story is that it is the lowest serial number SOLD. It is claimed that 1 and 2 were disassembled to verify assembly/finishing techniques.

    • George

      I Thought the Place Where This Cuda Is At Looked Familiar

  26. Jim

    Maybe he promised his wife he would try to(but not really) sell it. So why not put it on Craiglist and say that he tried(unsuccessfully) to sell it.

    • John

      I know a lot of gun collectors who do the same thing.
      They may have invented the ruse!

  28. John H from CT

    This cuda is worth well over $3Million as it runs without even needing battery cables ( see engine pic). 🤔

  29. Mark

    Regardless of the asking price I promise you he will get the following C’list responses…….
    “What’s the least you’ll take for it?”
    “I’ll take it. I have cash. Let me know when I can come pick it up.”
    “Interested in a trade for an ATV?”
    “I’ve got a brand new PS4 system and things that go bang.”
    “I’m a little short….would you take $100 now and $100 every two weeks?
    “Willing to trade my Mustang. Interior needs work but it’s been lowered and has new subs”.

    • Mountainwoodie


  30. Rocco

    I just don’t have words.

  31. Dan

    Scam! Scam! Take this down! This car is in the NATMUS Museum in Auburn Indiana. I can’t believe the scumbags opened the hood. Thieves! Photo from May 2017 during my visit.

    • J. Patrick

      Dan, did you consider that this car is on loan to the museum and is owned by an individual? Seems to me to be a low-cost way to store a rare muscle car.

  32. Steven Duffy

    Naw, I like the Cudas of this era. No way that car is worth it. Dream on. I know a Dude who restored valuable Chrysler cars and he sells them all over this earth. No way this is worth it. He has a Wing car a Plymouth that will maybe get $200,000.00. Not going to look like this one. He really knows those late 60 early 70’s cars. This Guy here is in Outer Space…

  33. angliagt

    He only put 30 miles on it in the last 29 years?

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  34. RoselandPete

    I wonder how those powerful engines perform with today’s ethanol/gas mix instead of the 100% gas that was sold back then?

    • Jack

      Government Control

  35. Tom D

    This is no longer a car, it is a piece of history, investment grade, valuable, but apparently someone could not resist a run in the mud…I probably couldn’t resist either.

  36. JD

    Its confirmed that this ad is faked.


      Who confirmed it? And how? Please provide the evidence to support your statement.

      • LAB3

        Fake news! Maybe we’ll see a tweet about at 4am.

      • JD

        Its in a Museum. Would you like me to visit it and put up a picture of me holding a newspaper?

        People have already posted recent pics of the car. I went to high school with this guy’s niece. Its still in Auburn.

      • CATHOUSE

        No need for a photo, I believe the car is in a museum in Auburn. The car could still be sale though. Just because it is in a museum does not mean that it can not be sold. Many cars in museums are on loan from private owners. I will agree with you that having the car listed on the NYC CL site does raise a red flag. It could just be the owner trying to hide where they are located but given that the story of the car has already been published I do not see the point in trying to hide.

  37. Rocco

    Did anyone see the fuel lines to the carbs? I’ve seen better and done better fuel lines (with tubing like this). I can’t believe Ply/Chrysler couldn’t figure a more cosmetic route for 2X4’s. It looks like someone hand bent the lines going to the carbs. Well back then, Chrysler wasn’t known for their quality control.

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  38. David

    The Bigger question I have is this. Why would the seller put this HEMI CUDA on Craigslist @ $3,000,000? The CUDA if it was it says why not put it the Biggest Car Auction araound in Barrett Jackson, then Mecum’s Auction’s, or Sotheby’s?? 1st or 3rd Built if the Documentation is there and I’m not saying it isn’t who knows where the real Price is or will go..

  39. W9BAG

    Nice car, but it “ain’t all that”. For that kind of money, give me a new Ford GT., with change to spare. It’s not all about looks, IMO.

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