24k Mile 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit Sky Bird!

The Firebird “color bird” series was an attempt by Pontiac to capture buyers that would not typically have considered parking a Firebird in their driveway. Pontiac made no secret of the fact that the “Sky Bird” was firmly aimed at female buyers, which sounds pretty sexist by today’s standards. However, people did buy them, along with the subsequent Red and Yellow special editions. This 1978 Sky Bird is in excellent condition and has a genuine 24,000 miles on the odometer. The 87-year-old owner is suffering some health issues, so he has decided that the time has come to part with this Pontiac. Located in Eveleth, Minnesota, you will find the Firebird listed for sale here on Craigslist. All you need to do is to hand the owner $19,500, and you can be driving away in a tidy classic. I have to say thank you to Barn Finder Ikey H for spotting this beauty for us.

The Sky Bird Package was a creative piece of marketing and was only available on the Firebird Esprit. The option would cost a mere $418 if the buyer specified cloth seats or $391 with vinyl. It didn’t bring any performance improvements, but it did include a significant number of cosmetic enhancements. These included Lombard Blue paint, with a Code 58 Blue lower body highlight. Buyers also received alloy wheels with Lombard Blue highlights, unique stripes, and distinctive “Sky Bird” decals on the rear pillars. This Sky Bird retains all of those features and is in impressive condition. The owner believes that the paint is original, and if it is, it has held up well over the past 42-years. Rust is not an issue, with the owner describing the condition as being excellent. All of the stripes and decals are in good condition, while there are no visible issues with the glass.

This Sky Bird features blue cloth seat upholstery, the correct blue-rimmed Formula wheel, and the blue custom seat-belts. The theme of immaculate presentation continues when we look around inside the vehicle. The seats have managed to avoid all of the wear and staining issues that can plague this upholstery, while the plastic pieces are faultless. There are no apparent issues with the carpet, and it looks like no-one has ever sat in the rear seat. As well as the previously mentioned items, the Pontiac comes equipped with air conditioning, cruise, a tilt wheel, and an AM radio.

Pontiac’s record-keeping during this period wasn’t the greatest, so there is some question as to how many examples of the Sky Bird were built. The general consensus seems to be that around 4,000 cars were produced, but this number varies wildly from one source to another. What is generally accepted is the fact that only a limited number were built with a V8 under the hood. That is what we find here, although it is anything but a fire-breathing monster. This is a 305ci V8, producing 145hp. The vehicle also features a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. Performance figures are all that you would expect with that sort of power onboard. The ¼ mile journey takes 18.9 seconds, while the Pontiac will wind its way to 119mph. With such low mileage, the Firebird could not be considered to be worn out. The owner has recently treated the vehicle to a full service and a new battery. He states that it starts easily and that it runs and drives perfectly. It does appear that he holds documentation that verifies the mileage claim. He also claims to have other paperwork for the Sky Bird, including the original Build Sheet.

If this 1978 Pontiac Sky Bird presents as well in the metal as it does in the listing, then someone could be onto a winner. The limited build numbers mean that they do appear on the market from time-to-time, but those cars are rarely of the caliber of this example. It is hard to find a lot to be critical of with this classic, and the low mileage makes it more desirable. When low-mileage vehicles do appear, it is common for them to command prices over $20,000, with $25,000 not being out of the question. The price for this one makes it well worth considering, and I won’t be surprised if someone snaps it up pretty quickly.

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  1. 8thNote 8thNote Member

    That is sharp. I am not generally a fan of this generation of F-bodies, but the I like this.

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  2. Big_Fun Member

    The last picture in the ad says it all…rekindling youth, enjoying fruits of labor, etc.
    Not every Firebird needs 400 cubes to be enjoyed …

    Like 17
  3. ace10

    Sold for $19250 (all in) at Mecum in 2018.

    Like 4
  4. Blyndgesser

    California cars got the Chevy 305 because Pontiac’s 301 wasn’t certified to meet California emissions standards. Everyone else got the 301, or the Buick V6.

    Like 2
    • Blyndgesser

      Actually, I was wrong about that, in 1978. It was true for some model years though.

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      • Bob C.

        They also got the Olds 403 instead of the Poncho 400 for that same reason.

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  5. Steve Bush Member

    Very sharp low mileage Firebird but $20k for a 305/auto with no pw/dl is nuts. There are lots of better options in that price range. Don’t see more than $10-12k for this.

    Like 3
  6. Jcs

    Very cool and rare bird considering the equipment, low mileage and apparent stunning condition. Plus the cool backstory. While the ask is just a tad high, someone is going to get a great Pontiac in which they can have a great deal of pride.

    The proverbial “if only I had the room for one more” she would be a worthy and welcome addition to my collection of Pontiacs. …..

    Like 4
    • Miguel

      You can always rent a warehouse.

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  7. Gus Fring

    Needs a 455/T400 and a 3.73 Posi…keep it bone-stock in appearance but, build the s#!+ out of the drivetrain.

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    • John Q Public

      You have mistaken needs for wants. In my opinion, this needs nothing, but a new owner willing to cough up the cash. Why burden this with too much HP? If you do, you will need a whole new suspension and breaking system, plus the wheels/tires will need to be wider. Keep her as she is, a quiet cruiser with ample power to get the job done. Too much HP is for kids, maturity knows better.

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  8. stan rakowski

    Nice to see a Sky Bird on line. I own a Yellow Bird, with the small v-8 Pontiac of course. No power grabber, but I enjoy it. Has 43,000 miles–no T-tops, but has a lot of other options.

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  9. JoeNYWF64

    I’ve never seen a t/a type engine turned dash panel with 2 of the big gages missing.

  10. Miguel

    The marketing worked.

    My grand parents bought a similar car to this for my late to life aunt when she was young.

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