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24k Original Miles: 1970 Triumph GT6+

The GT6+ was an important vehicle for Triumph. It took the original GT6 concept that had generally found favor in export markets and blessed it with rear suspension upgrades that tamed the wayward nature of those original cars. This 1970 GT6+ is a stunning survivor that would seem to need nothing beyond a new home. Its presentation is superb, and it is difficult to find much to fault with this classic. If the thought of parking it in your driveway is too strong to resist, you will find the Triumph located in Edgewater, Maryland, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. This amazing survivor could be yours by handing the owner $25,999. Barn Finder Pat L has once again demonstrated the uncanny ability to spot some gems for us, so thank you for pointing us towards this one, Pat.

When an enthusiast hits the streets searching for a new classic to park in their garage, there’s nothing wrong with seeking the best example of a particular model that money can buy. That appears to be what is on offer with this Triumph. It is a multi-award-winning vehicle that presents superbly. The owner admits that it has received a single repaint in its original Signal Red, but it isn’t clear when this occurred. It holds an impressive depth of color and shine, and any defects that might be present are small and difficult to spot in the supplied photos. The panels are laser straight, with no evidence of dings, dents, or prior accident damage. The owner keeps the car stored in a climate-controlled garage when it isn’t in use, and it has never seen rain or snow. That makes its rust-free status no surprise. The little Triumph rolls on a set of custom-cast Minilite-style alloy wheels, but the beautiful original wire knock-offs are also included in the sale. The external trim sparkles as impressively as the paint, and there are no visible flaws in the glass.

While the original GT6 owed a lot of its underpinnings to the Spitfire, Triumph attempted to endow the car with some performance credentials by shoehorning the 1,998cc six-cylinder engine from the Vitesse under the hood. This brought some welcome improvements in a straight line, but it also exposed some suspension weaknesses that made the GT6 a wild and wayward beast in the wrong circumstances. When Triumph introduced the GT6+, it tweaked the engine to provide more power, but it was the changes to the rear suspension that transformed the vehicle into a much more predictable sports car that possessed handling to match its power. That little six should be producing 104hp, which finds its way to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. With an overall weight of a mere 1,900lbs, the GT6+ was a lively performer when it was new. It could storm from 0-60mph in around 10 seconds before winding its way to 112mph. Its ability to produce a sub-18-second ¼-mile ET made it more than a match for its natural competitor, the MGB. The owner has recently put some time and effort into refreshing the engine and detailing the engine bay. He says that the vehicle has a genuine 24,000 miles on the clock, and even though he doesn’t mention it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he holds evidence to verify this claim. He has recently installed new plugs, plug wires, radiator hoses, a brake master cylinder, shocks, boots, and a water pump. It appears that this gem is mechanically sound and ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.

There’s a lot to like about this Triumph’s interior, and not a lot of which to be critical. The black upholstered surfaces have no major issues, with only a couple of tiny rub marks visible in the supplied photos. The timber veneer on the dash looks flawless, while the gauges are clear and crisp. There are some minor flaws in the dash recess on the passenger side, but addressing these would be the type of task that an enthusiast could tackle in a home workshop during a quiet weekend. The wheel isn’t original, but it suits the character of the interior well. I suspect that there might be a modern CD player hidden somewhere because I did spot a set of newer Pioneer speakers in the rear cargo area. Otherwise, the interior appears to be unmolested and as spotless as you might expect in any car with multiple show trophies and awards under its belt.

The Triumph GT6 broke cover in July of 1966, and during its production run that continued for more than six years, 40,926 buyers were willing to hand over the cash to park one in their driveway. Of those, a mere 12,066 were the GT6+ variant. This one is a tidy classic that seems to have no immediate needs, and the asking price seems to be in the ballpark for a car in this condition. Interestingly, I found a prior auction listing for this car from earlier this year, and it was passed in with the bidding at $22,000. I think that the owner might have been wise to hold out for a higher figure, and I won’t be surprised if he achieves it. Will you?


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    She is a pretty girl, I can’t drive a stick yet, otherwise I would be a player. My best to seller and buyer!

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  2. Derek

    I like GT6s, but I got stuck into a ditch in one by a pal (still a pal) who lifted…

    I was in the back seat.

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  3. Eli

    They are certainly fun cars. I’d take one over the standard Spitfire all day long for the looks and the extra power. I had a few of these during my used car dealer days in the mid and late 70s. What I wasn’t thrilled about was the rattles and unsettling ride due to the body on frame set up. It was something to get used to from the cars of that era. Looks like a great example. Good luck to all as you don’t find these every day.

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  4. A.G.

    There’s reason to be skeptical about this TR with a claimed 24K miles, a repaint, re-chromed bumpers, and a refreshed engine.

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    • TouringFordor

      And why paint the rocker cover red? It’s supposed to match the air cleaner.

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    • Jay

      First off… You can’t make a negative comment if you don’t even know what the car is. It’s NOT a “TR” but a GT6+!

      I’m the seller here and can confirm the original mileage as she has had lite updates like 1 respray and rechromed bumpers to keep her looking fresh and beautiful!

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice car. The GT6s are on my “fab five” list of great looking cars.

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  6. Martin Horrocks

    Not sure what a GT6+ would be. In UK this MK2. It has better rear suspension than the MK1 which was a widow-maker. However, I think the last MK 3 version was better still.

    Despite similarities, not many people considered both GT6 and MGB GT in period. The GT6 was more sporting, less room. The MG was easier to live with as a 2nd car.

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    • Andrew S Mace Member

      The GT6+ was simply the North American version of the Mk2 sold elsewhere. Oh, and by the way, horsepower on the “Federal” version was stated as 95 (emissions compliance, you know!), compared to the 104 of the home market version.

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    • JMB#7

      The GT6 was at the top of my list back in the early 80’s. Most of the examples that I found (in Dayton OH) were pretty rough, but fairly priced. Around 85 when I lived in N.C. I found a few that I still regret not buying. At 6’1″ I found that I fit just fine in a GT6, and much preferred the handling of it over the MBG GT. I would agree that the Mk3 had the best suspension, but the Mk2 was probably the most appealing to the eye.

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  7. Frank

    Its hard to fine this model. Most were rust buckets. Great SCCA car!

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  8. Quidditas

    I nearly bought one, Two days before the transaction took place, the owner decided to have a dice with the newly introduced Mazda RX-7 and promptly destroyed the gearbox.

    I was most disappointed and bought a Renault R8 Gordini instead. I even saved money. And the R8 was a much better car to boot, but I still love the GT6.

    I sold the R8 for what I thought was a good profit but if I had kept it, it would now be worth some $USD 45K. And then I discovered Alfas.

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  9. Miminite

    This car was just on Bring a Trailer. It bid to $22K but didn’t meet reserve.


    Just a FYI. I didn’t look at it close, but it looks nice in the ad. Dunno what the real value is, but just so anyone considering has more information.

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  10. chrlsful

    really loved stylin on these, all over the vert, many other Brits, near close to the Italians of da day.
    i6 my fav motors, not sure on this as I never followed them. 2L sure peps it up. Worth the ask? Not sure on that either. Lub all the lill jewels like this tho, just no room for a 2nd car…

    Y can’t I have all the cars I want? There’s only bouta dozen…8^ )

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